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Koh Lipe 4d3n Itinerary 2018

Hola, I am back after have been busying with works for almost 4 months. Gonna update my blog with my Koh Lipe 4d3n trip as well. I went to Koh Lipe on December 2018. It was considered as peak season based on the research I did on Internet.

Itinerary of Koh Lipe :

Day 1
Flight from KUL to LANGKAWI
Check in at Nadias Hotel Cenang Langkawi
Dinner at Palm View Live Seafood Restaurant

Day 2
Breakfast at Nadias Hotel Cenang Langkawi
Check out Nadias Hotel Cenang Langkawi
Grab car to Telaga Terminal Jetty
Reached Koh Lipe
Register at Kastam Koh Lipe
Check in Akira Lipe Resort
Lunch at The Walking Street
Explore The Sunrise Beach
Dinner at On The Rocks Restaurant at Serendipity

Day 3
Follow Tour Program A
-Koh Hin Ngam
-Koh Rawi
-Koh Adang
-Koh Yang

Day 4
Check Out Akira Lipe Resort
Jetty back to Telaga Terminal
Grab car to Airport
Flight from Langkawi to KUL

Day 1

I have took the evening flight from KUL to Langkawi since the ferry to Koh Lipe was another day of morning session. Therefore, I still can work at least half day before I headed to KLIA2. The flight I took was Airasia cost around RM125++ not including first row seat price.Once we reached Langkawi, we took grab car to reach our hotel. Grab car cost around Rm13 from Airport to Cenang Street. We checked in our first night hotel at Cenang Beach which was Nadias Hotel Cenang Langkawi. The hotel was 3 star rated and cost RM200++ per night.

Once checked in and settled all the luggage, we went out and hunt for food for our dinner
Cenang street is a peaceful yet calming place as the shops and restaurants are not as much as thailand one, the street is clean and quiet with few tourists like us walking around.

The photo I have taken below looks similar like thailand street, somehow like Krabi one.
But trust me, Krabi street more happening than here.

We decided to settle our dinner at here
Palm View Live Seafood Restaurant
The restaurant was full of customers, that was the reason that I came in too, wondering their dishes and choice selections.

Well, the choices are variety, definitely will let you fall in one of the dish here.
Vegetarian can be custom made too, super convenient.

Let see what I have ordered for my dinner.

Tomyam Soup - their sour and spicy reached my satisfaction. Thumbs up.

Sizzling Beancurd with eggs and mushroom.

The price is not expensive comparing to others tourist places. The food is delicious too and very appetizing, that's the reason why their restaurant always crowded with customers, I think so.
By the way, we bought a lot free duty snacks and biscuits along the street, don't miss out their free duty chocolate !

Day 2

Checking out from Nadias Hotel Cenang Langkawi and booked a grab car to Telaga Terminal. We have bought the ferry ticket via online before we came here.
To buy ferry ticket , visit

 Telaga Terminal 

While waiting for boarding up to the ferry.

Queuing up for stamping passport and board the ferry.

 I didnt take any photos inside the ferry, but you definitely must sleep inside the ferry or else you will get seasick easily, even watching the TV provided also will make me not feeling well.

The journey took around 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Koh Lipe, 
before our feet landed on to the beach of Koh Lipe,
we have to transfer from ferry to a longtail boat to reach the beach. 

My exciting face when I saw the blue color water, it called sea. 

It is not the travel time for you to start yet even after you have stepped on the beach.
Well, we need to wait for the custom staff to call your name to collect back our passport.
I have wasted almost one hour plus just to collect back my passport.

The passport collecting area.

Thank god that the hotel that we were going to stay did provide luggage carry service from the custom to the hotel, or else I am going to be exhausted, as you know, walking on the beach is quite tiring yet carrying a luggage on the beach will be a double efforts.

The hotel I stayed was Akira Lipe Resort.
Its location is very good, which facing the beach exactly and you can enjoy the seaview from the pool. There are 2 pools inside this hotel. Let me show you by scrolling downwards later.

The second pool which I mentioned from the above,
the pool access from every room. 

After settling down, we went out and hunt for foooooood.
Besides having dinner in the resort, the Walking Street is a street that you can find food, groceries, massage service, souvenirs,etc

There were not much crowded during daytine as most of the foreigners have went for snorkeling and diving at the sea during this time.

A must place to stop down and take photo with Aiwa 
Their signature oversize mannequin at Koh Lipe. 

One of my favourite Thai food - Pad Thai

Feeling new to see this scenario,
I guessed he wan enjoying too.  

A must shop places when you come to Thailand, their grocery marts.
I like to shop Thailand marts, especially the beverage area,
lots of choices to choose with.

I bought a hat along the street just because I cannot stand with the hot sun. 

My only favourite dessert in Thailand - Banana Pancake.
 Calories dont care, eat first and enjoy my life. 

After lunch, we called the tuk tuk to send us back to hotel as the distance is quite far from the centre of walking street to the hotel. (The fact is we are super lazy to walk back ).  The charges for one way is around 100 baht. ( If I not mistaken)

Back to the hotel, lets discover the pool which is accessible from our room.

Decided to have dinner at On the Rocks Restaurant where it located at the edge of the beach.
Therefore, we took tuk tuk again to reach this place.
Make sure you book for reservation before you come or else you have to come early for nice spot dining table.
We came early for the table and luckily the waiter told us to wait for 20 minutes to get the nice spot table.
During this 20 minutes, I have fully utilize the time on taking photos. haha

No doubt, there are a stair for us to get down from the restaurant to the beach.  

The beach is clean,nice yet peaceful and calm,
not much tourist swimming in the sea as it is considered as private beach
under the hotel property.

After spending half an hour at the beach, we get our beach view seat finally. 

The food is normal to me, but the view is superb. 
Make sure come early to get your preferred table as the restaurant was considered full house after 6pm. Come early to avoid disappointment.

After dinner, we took Tuk Tuk back to the Walking Street to have a stroll after eating so much.
By the way, the Xmas was around the corner, our resort looks so pretty with the Xmas tree,

Day 3

Bought their local snorkeling package and having an all day sea activities.

Before waiting for the person in charge to pick us up, we had our wonderful breakfast with the gorgeous sea view, oh, and Xmas tree too without the lighting.

We bought a private tour, which only US with the tour guide inside the boat.
He sails and he is a tour guide too. 
My mind came up with a bad thought that worrying whether he will harm us and throw us into the sea. LOL I was overthinking indeed. 

We chose Tour A, which will include the place of :
-Koh Hin Ngam
-Koh Rawi
-Koh Adang
-Koh Yang

Koh Hin Ngam, a place that is full of curse. 
They believed that if we take the stone from Koh Hin Ngam, we will get cursed and unfortune in the rest of your life until you return the stone back to the original place. 

My advice is, remember to wear shoes when you come here as the stone is receiving heat from the sun and your feet might get scald once you stepped on them.

For others attraction spots, belong to snorkeling activities. 
I am ready. 

Back to the island at 4pm and we hunt for some light meal.
so end up we ordered mango sticky rice and Tomyam soup.
Look at the mango, so big and it do taste very sweet.

Night time, we had Italian food as our dinner 
which is truffle pasta at Capriccio Restaurant

Day 4

Check out and back to KL.
Koh Lipe is a place that is very near to Malaysia and it is a best choice to go if you are craving for thai food while enjoying the sea view at the same time, Koh Lipe is a good choice to aim with.

Koh Lipe 4d3n Itinerary 2018

Hola, I am back after have been busying with works for almost 4 months. Gonna update my blog with my Koh Lipe 4d3n trip as well. I went to ...