Singapore Trip 2017: My Singapore Vegetarian Food Hunt

Whenever I travelled to Singapore, I will never missed the chance of trying their food I enjoyed travel alone in Singapore as it is super safe and peaceful country to me I took AIRASIA flight to reach here and my flight fare cost around RM350 plus for return flight
I have skipped my lunch Ramen as i did not take any picture  I landed in Singapore almost the same time with my friend, Peggy She brought me to somewhere nearby our hotel and we just had lunch nearby there Sadly, I forgot to take picture of the Ramen else I can show up the picture here too. Too Bad =(
I know I must try HAI DI LAO steamboat when I was in Singapore so I just reached earlier at 5pm and take number for HAI DI LAO While waiting for the number, we had dessert first which outside the HAI DI LAO restaurant Korea Bingsu Dessert It taste awesome but you know you can have it in Malaysia I think
Happy Girls expression when dessert infront of us ? I think Peggy looks happier and excited than me, XD
5pm queue is always …

Japan 6 Days Trip: Budget Summary & Itinerary

Budget Summary (PER PERSON) :
Return Flight RM908  (Including luggage check in)
Pasmo Card RM320 
Metro Line 3 Days Pass RM60
Return Bus to Mt Fuji RM75 + RM80
Mt Fuji 2 Days Pass ( Bus+Ropeway+Ferry) RM95
Bus to Haneda Airport RM48
Meals  RM120 (Roughly) x 6 days = RM780

Airbnb Homestay
RM750 (5 nights)
Total Budget RM3116 (Excluding Shopping Expenses)
Seriously, shopping in Tokyo used a lot of money especially Malaysia currency is so low now. Be wise when you spent in Tokyo and bring more cash if you wish to shop in Tokyo
That's all for my whole Japan Trip , hope you guys enjoy reading it and get the info you want.  See you guys soon for more post.

Itinerary :

Day 1: Haneda Airport > Okubo Homestay

Day 2: Asakusa Sensoji Temple > Tokyo Skytree

Day 3: Hakone Day Trip > Mount Fuji

Day 4: Shinjuku > Meiji Shrine > Shibuya Crossing > BAPE Store

Day 5: Tokyo Imeperial Palace > Takeshita Street > Akihabara

Day 6: Tokyo Station > Shinjuku Station > Odakyu Department Store…

Japan Trip Day 6: Tokyo Station > Shinjuku Station > Odakyu Department Store > Haneda Airport

The last day in Japan was feeling like so emo and down  as you know you are going back to the country that is not as good as the country that you travel in
My breakfast was kinda awesome on the last day  (We ate bread and yogurt every morning for the past 5 days as our breakfast) We bought sushi at the day before and keep inside the fridge for the next day breakfast (Our homestay provided a medium size fridge)
I don't realized the sushi is good until I ate it  Look !
The Tamago egg is thicker than the rice ! I never eat this kind of sushi before . what I can say is : It is awesome delicious and the Tamago taste is so yummy ! I don't think Malaysia has this kind of sushi where the egg has bigger portion than the rice. Hmm ?
The last day is the most headache part in Japan as you know I am carrying a 20kg weight of luggage along with me since we have checked out from our homestay The most emo part was some of the stations did not have lift or escalator to go up or down so I need to…