Monday, August 14, 2017

New Zealand Trip: Day 7 Wanaka > Mt Iron > Wanaka Tree> Queenstown

The 7th day in New Zealand, we were at Wanaka
and yep, we explored the Wanaka town early in the morning
Wanaka is a great place to have a hike of the mountains here
there were many choices of hiking location you can choose to in Wanaka
Since others hiking area took 4 hours and above to complete,
we decided to choose the lesser hour one to hike on

Yep, we choose Mt Iron
Mt Iron took almost 1 hour and 30 mins to reach the peak
we did not hike to the peak at last due to the foggy weather on top of the mountain
and we have asked the local one that coming down from the peak.
they told us nothing to see at the peak due to the foggy weather which covered the sight of the view

so end up we hike until half way before reaching the foggy cloud
The picture below shown the foggy cloud on top of us before we reaching it.

Family photo with the Mt Iron sign XD

PS: Mt Iron is the steepest to hike in Wanaka, 
It is not easy to hike especially the road is quite slippery with sands

We headed to Glendhu Bay Track for a walk just after our hiking at Mt Iron
There was many tracks which surrounding the Wanaka lake,
but it is time consuming if we choose to walk every tracks in Wanaka,
so end up we just choose one of the track to visit 

The main reason we choose this track is because of the Only Wanaka Tree
I will show you the Wanaka Tree later as you scroll down below
By the way, the view at here is fantastic and the trees, 
ya the trees are super tall and you hardly see this kind of trees in Asia country
Love the grass, love the dry leaves, love their trees
and love the air at here, New Zealand is a lovely place to travel

Look, the Wanaka Tree at there !
can you see that?

The winter trees
tall but calm, 
dull but magnificient
The only way for me to describe about them

The main reason to come here is because of this Wanaka Tree,
The only tree grow in the middle of the lake,
of course, the water is lesser during winter time so we can able to see the bottom part of tree
But during others season, 
you can see the tree is inside the water instead of looking like this,
guess it is because of winter season,
I saw the tree was in the water from others traveller picture taken

Ladies with the Wanaka Tree

From Wanaka to Queenstown took one hour of car journey to reach
and queenstown will be more convenient for us as
there are many things to eat and buy at here
Of course, supermarkets sufficient too.

The accomodation we stay was Colonial Village Motel
which situated facing the lake and mountain 

[Colonial Village Motel]
136 Frankton Road, Queenstown City Center, Queenstown, New Zealand, 9300 

Let me show you the room.

The kitchen equipment is sufficient for us to cook meal.

The bedroom 1

The bedroom 2
Sorry for the mess,
I should take picture before I mess it up XD

Overall, the motel is okay for me as the price is quite cheap
and the room which facing the view of the lake is super fantastic 
However, there are cons also, 
example like the toilet is semi transparent
means you can see through the shadow inside of what he or she doing

The toilet does not has any window or fan for air ventilation
But anyway, since it is a motel and the price is low
we can't complain any much more,
I remember the price per night was NZD150+ (RM550) for 5 persons

Okay, time to stop again
I will tell more about queenstown city in Day 8 post
stay tuned.

Monday, July 31, 2017

New Zealand Trip: Day 6 Mt Cook > Blue Lagoon >Tasman Glacier >Twizel> Wanaka

New Zealand is a peaceful country
especially in south island 
You can't see much people walking around at here
Since it is a must take picture on the road
(as I saw many travellers did that)
so I m took a picture on the road with the mountain too

On the way to Tasman Glacier in this early morning is a great moment to take picture
as NO CAR and NO HUMAN around
Let me tell you,
MT COOK is the best scenery ever among the whole journey in NZ
Mt Cook is a must visit place if you come to NZ

Look at my background,
The view is super great !

Never missed to take Family Picture too
By the way, that day was minus 2 degree celsius only at 7am morning
and we took picture like this in such freezing weather. XD

There is no one else hiking at here except us
Guess was because of too early in the morning
or else was because of the weather was too cold
But we were traveller, time is gold,
so we have to hike following our itinerary

It took 20 minutes of stairs climb to reach Blue Lagoon
I can't see any blue here but the lake was freeze to an ice rink area
and it was green in color.

By the way, never regret to come here as this was our first time experience the lake freeze to ice rink 
and we did stepped on it,

Then we continued to climb the stairs
and we realised that we were at super high altitude of the hill that time

I took this picture when I was climbing up the stairs to Tasman Glacier.
Looking back the lake we used to step just now
such an amazing view from the point I stand on.


To reach Tasman Glacier,
it took another 20 minutes to reach the peak point
and yes, we reached.

Let me show my pictures of that day with the amazing background view at Tasman Glacier
forgiving me for posting so much pictures. hehe

Leaving Mt Cook at 10am and heading to Wanaka for our next stay to visit.
I felt so regret that I should stay one more night at Mt Cook 
as Mt Cook is the most beautiful places I have been visited so far in NZ.
The sky was crystal clear that day and no more foggy weather after this 

From Mt Cook to Wanaka took around 2.5 hours of road journey to reach
and we have stopped by at Twizel town to have a quick lunch before we continue our journey

Twizel is a super small town and the population even smaller than Geraldine
I don't understand how the restaurant's gain their profit as there was no customer at all
at this peak hour lunch time 

We have entered a restaurant which selling Thai food and Western food as well
since we miss Asia food,
My mom and I have ordered a bowl of Tomyam soup and a plate of fried rice for sharing
But don't expect the taste can be compared with Malaysia one
as the western people does not eat too spicy 

My aunts ordered Pizza and they said it taste delicious.
well i guessed so, 
pizza always taste the best in western country 
as that is the place where it came from. XD

We even passed by HIGH COUNTRY SALMON
 where they sell salmon fish like supermarket did
and they even serve customer food too like a restaurant did.
The price of the salmon is super cheap indeed.
I mean, you can't find such a cheap price to get a fresh salmon in Malaysia.

The salmon fishes
The cheapest price of a box of salmon inside a tupperware cost NZD8.99
and the tupperware size consider big u know.

Walking through another door is an outdoor area where the lake was full of salmon fishes
They even provide the food for us to let us feed the salmon fishes
and the salmon fishes were too aggressive on competing the food
They even jumped out from the water and we nearly get wet because of them 
Sounds interesting ? and yes it did. 

We even passed by a farm where they feed Alpaca
It is hard to find Alpaca in NZ as we saw sheep and cows repeatedly but not Alpaca.
So we decided to stop our car and took picture with them.

2.5 hours journey is short for us as we kept stop by some areas for sightseeing and photo taking session
We checked in our homestay in Wanaka at about 4pm 
We were like, oh yes, we have our own apartment to stay, yeah !

The apartment is very new indeed, 
the bed is so clean and they even provide heater within each bed 
There was 2 bathrooms, 4 single beds and 1 queen bed in 2 bedrooms, 
The only issue we worry about was the glass door is straight exposed to the main road area
meaning to say, there are no fence for this house, 
outside people can come in just like this straight away if we left the glass panel door open.
But we believe NZ is a safe country even though we lock the glass panel still XD

Crn Macpherson Street & SH84, 9305 Wanaka, New Zealand 

Since the receptionist of the apartment told us that there was a market today in Wanaka and will be closing soon at the evening, we drove to the town area and had a visit of this market.

Seriously, it's been quite some days we never see so much people
Wanaka population is consider big as we see humans everywhere at here
and yes this place is quite happening and lovely.

You know, their western market is totally different with what we expected
We always expect market is a place that sells cheap food and vegetables or fruits
But we were wrong when we saw this market. 
They were selling soap, detergent, their handcraft, simple soup set with bread and others,
their price is selling higher than in the shop one, 
the people who queuing to buy is not much either

We had bought bread and soup for sharing,
the bread taste delicious ! 
Waited for around 10 minutes for this bread to be done from the oven
The size is quite large too.

Having my soup to warm up my stomach

Our dinner today is quite awesome too,
chinese traditional pan mee match with salmon and fruits
and wine too !
I fried two eggs for myself as my dinner too as I can't eat the salmon (vegetarian)

fried egg with rosemary herbs and spices

Our living room and kitchen of the apartment
and my lovely uncle too.

Okay, that's how my Day 6 been through in NZ
stay tuned for my Day 7 ya. 

New Zealand Trip: Day 7 Wanaka > Mt Iron > Wanaka Tree> Queenstown

The 7th day in New Zealand, we were at Wanaka and yep, we explored the Wanaka town early in the morning Wanaka is a great place to...