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New Zealand Trip: Day 1: 13 hours flight > YHA Hostel > Viaduct Harbour

Hi, its been few months I have abandoned my blog
but don't worry, this time might need around few months for me to finish my recent travel trip
I guessed I will try my very best to update my trip articles as soon as possible whenever I free.

and yes, you did not see wrong, 
I just came back from NEW ZEALAND, one of the country I was craved to go since few years ago
and this year I have fulfilled it and tick it Yes, I have went to New Zealand !

The flight duration from Malaysia to New Zealand will be around 13 hours including transit at Gold Coast, Australia.
If you followed my blog quite a long time, you should know that I am a budget traveller
and yes my flight was AIR ASIA again.

It cost around RM 1528.48 including 12kg of luggage checked in per person
As we want to save cost, we bought 60kg of luggage (5 pax) checked in only when going (equally 12kg per person)
But we bought 100kg of luggage checked in while we backed from New Zealand (equally 20kg per person) , as you know we need to shop and bring back our shopping items from travelled country right. haha

Queuing for Checked in Luggage at KLIA 2 

Thank god my seat was located at the end of the plane and is only 2 seated at the side of the plane
Quite convenient for me to in and out from the toilet as 2 seated is super convenient indeed

13 hours flight was quite long you know
and the sun rise view from the plane is awesome

This view caught my eye as I was reaching to Gold Coast soon.

Once we reached Gold coast, we had to let their security team to scan our bags and individually
Then you just have a little time for toilet pee and refill your water again after a long queue
and yes, once you refilled your water, you have to board to the plane again
The time for us to stay at Gold Coast was around 1 hour but the time used on queuing up for security scanning and refill water had used up the one hour just like this. But is okay, is not too rush for me, the timing was like just right on time.

Luckily we still able to capture a nice family photo before boarding at Gold Coast, Australia

For your information, the time zone difference between the local current time in New Zealand and Malaysia is 4 hours , therefore, New Zealand is 4 hours earlier than Malaysia.
When we reached New Zealand, the Auckland International Airport, 
the sky at there was getting dark and the sun set soon.

By the way, I was happy to see a different sky view at here, 
their sky is awesome beautiful !
Look at the color, is pink color when their sun is set.

Oh ya, when we arrived at Auckland International Airport, 
we were looking for the car rental company which named APEX
(We had booked previously before we arrived)
Then the APEX company will fetch us to their nearest branch and make payment and finish the registration process

Since three of my friends came to NZ also, so we decided to travel together for the first 3 days in NZ
The company provided van for us and it was big enough as we had total of 8 person
The car rental cost NZD 47  ( RM141) for 2 days in Auckland

While on the way heading to the accommodation we stay, we passed by a happening street
which was full of Chinese restaurants along the road.
so we decided to stop by and had our dinner at here,
supposing should be our lunch in Malaysia but the time at there was 7pm already
so we considered that meal as our dinner as well.

We tried Mc Donald first, I tried this chocolate pie
It cost NZD 2 ( RM6)
I think apple pie would be better XD
The chocolate pie taste weird thou.

While heading to the restaurant, I was attracted by a car appearance 
and I praised the car : Wow, this car is super pretty !
Then my friend told me that: Is your dream car what , Maserati !
Omg I didn't even realized it was MASERATI 
I was so excited that I met my dream car in NZ and asked my friend to help me capture with it.

Our gang split to two for dinner to save the time consume
and yep I followed my 3 friends and we had the warmest dinner on that night

We walked into a Chinese restaurant and waited for almost 20 minutes to get our turn

Egg Fried Rice

Spicy Mushroom

Sour and Spicy soup

Fried Egg with vegetables

Spicy House
Address557 Dominion Rd, Mount Eden, Auckland 1041, New Zealand

Open today · 12PM–4AM

The first 2 nights we stayed in Auckland YHA HOSTEL
It is super clean and convenient hostel which situated near to the city area
They provide big kitchen utilities for the accommodates to cook and seasonings too
Sometimes, the accommodates will leave their food here and put at FREE FOOD ZONE
so we can use the FREE FOOD to cook to avoid any wastage of food at here

Example like, you need butter to make a pancake
and FREE FOOD ZONE did left butter at there,at the right time we just use the butter from there and put back to the FREE FOOD ZONE after used so we not need to buy any butter purposely for a pancake.

The kitchen utilities are fully equipped and it is far more better than the kitchen utilities in an apartment we rent. 

YHA dining area and sometimes they used to read books at here

We booked 4 bed shared female in a room and 4 bed shared male in a room which total of 8 beds for 8 of us. 
The room is clean and toilet is situated at outside,
the toilet is categorized as female toilet and male toilet so we feel much more secure at here.

The price per night was NZD 38 (RM114/pax) 
Pre book cost higher than booking on the spot, when we ask the price on the spot,
it cost only NZD 31 (RM93)
You can choose others kind of room which cost a little more higher too such as private double room
but trust me, their facilities are sufficient for us and we can know more friends by staying here. haha
You know, social is quite important when we travel,
just ask anything we doubt about and sometimes their answers would help us to reduce our trouble.

We went to Viaduct Harbour at night
It is a place which full of pubs and bars and the local used to be socializing at here with their friends
It is quite similar to the Clarke Quay in Singapore

It was not as happening as in Clarke Quay as the population in NZ is small
But somehow, there was something that caught my attention at here
The lighting human dancing and entertaining at Viaduct Harbour

Their significant tower - SKY CITY TOWER
Since it was winter time, guess many people choose to stay at home instead of coming out
I found a good angle and let my camera to stand and yup
Took picture with the magnificent sky tower.

Yo, my friends ! 
still got one more friend to intro in coming post

Some advices for those who going to New Zealand :
1. Team up a gang to go instead of couple of 2
2, At least 2-3 of your friends who going with you know how to drive confidently
3. Don't pre book any entrance fees or day tours or even accommodation 

Maybe you will ask WHY ???  but let me explain to you in the upcoming post
STAY TUNED for DAY 2 in New Zealand.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Singapore Trip 2017: My Singapore Vegetarian Food Hunt

Whenever I travelled to Singapore, I will never missed the chance of trying their food
I enjoyed travel alone in Singapore as it is super safe and peaceful country to me
I took AIRASIA flight to reach here and my flight fare cost around RM350 plus for return flight

I have skipped my lunch Ramen as i did not take any picture 
I landed in Singapore almost the same time with my friend, Peggy
She brought me to somewhere nearby our hotel and we just had lunch nearby there
Sadly, I forgot to take picture of the Ramen
else I can show up the picture here too.
Too Bad =(

I know I must try HAI DI LAO steamboat when I was in Singapore
so I just reached earlier at 5pm and take number for HAI DI LAO
While waiting for the number, we had dessert first which outside the HAI DI LAO restaurant
Korea Bingsu Dessert
It taste awesome but you know you can have it in Malaysia I think

Happy Girls expression when dessert infront of us ?
I think Peggy looks happier and excited than me, XD

5pm queue is always faster than the later one
so we get our seats after half an hour only.
(Normally waited for an hour or longer)

You might wonder what to eat at here as a vegetarian?
To me,
the mushroom soup base is the best for vegetarian
and you can choose to order vegetables, mushrooms or beancurd in ur menu.

With Peggy

Hai Di Lao (313@Somerset) (海底捞火锅)

#04-23/24 313@SOMERSET, 313 ORCHARD ROAD, 238895

At the late night of 10pm, we hunt for dessert so we came to Bulgis here
The whole street is full of steamboat restaurants and it was so happening at here !
Look at the crowd behind me

I love their menu
as you see, there are many desserts for you to choose !
Oh my, I wish to try all but my stomach not allow me to do so.

Our dessert on that night
It taste sooo nice !
I love chinese dessert as well.

The second night, I came again and I ordered durian flavour one
NICE ! must try if you like to eat durian .

Ah Chew Desserts (Liang Seah Place)


The next day, I had my morning swim in Carlton Hotel with Peggy.
so glad that she accompanied me to swim
and be my photographer too.

Thank you to Kong, he gave me a little surprise at noon
the lipstick that I hunted for so long
YSL Lipstick

Our lunch was Carbonara and this was too cheezyyyyyy

In the evening, I had earlier dinner with Kong before we enter to the concert of Jacky Cheung
Thank god we found a vegetarian restaurant at National Stadium here

Fried prawn with cereal
I think majority of Malaysians like this kind of food
but this dish had put too much cereal on it. LOL

My favourite too !
Vegetarian sharkfin soup.
Say no to killing sharks.

Vegetarian asam fish
Nom Nom , yummy !

Selfie is a must before start our meal. haha
so called : Joanne acting skill

Clover 8 Vegetarian Dining
Located in: Leisure Park Kallang
Address5 Stadium Walk, #01-40 Kallang Leisure Park, Singapore 397683
Closing soon · 11AM–10PM
Phone+65 6348 2077

Having a super great concert experience with Jacky Cheung
This was my first time too !
I never watch a concert before in my lifetime
and yes, I gave my first time to Jacky Cheung

The next day, Peggy had flied back to KL and I started my work that day
Packing all the stocks before meeting up with the customers
You know I took all this along with me and deal with them one by one.
It was not an easy job to carry so heavy items walk here and there
is SHAMPOO man , super heavy. duh.

Last day in Carlton Hotel too, going to check out soon after a morning swim.

After having lunch with one of the customer and passing stock to another one,
I came to this cafe to meet another one
and I must said this was my second time entering this cafe for high tea session
Their cakes are super nice !

Their choices on layered cakes are limited, just 3 to 4 flavours to choose,
I still prefer the original flavour by the way.
It taste super super delicious thou.

Lady M Confections 

Located in: Orchard Central
Address01-27 & 02-07, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Open today · 11AM–10PM

After I checked in Park Regis Hotel which located opposite to the Clarke Quay,
I met another customer again and we had dinner at one of the Clarke Quay restaurant
You know, Clarke Quay is a place which is for drinking and chilling at night
so all the food here is mostly western food
and thank god there was vegetarian western food for me here.

My favourite button mushroom and must dip with the fattening high calorie of mayo salad sauce
But anyhow, button mushroom taste good.
But anyhow, I had forgot the restaurant name
so I can't share where is this location at, so sorry :(

Late night, I had a chilling session with a friend from JB,
Thanks for his red wine
I had a good sleep that night

When came to the day to leave Singapore,
I had my lovely breakfast alone at Park Regis Hotel,
I added 30 singapore dollar for this breakfast buffet when I checked in on this hotel

I just realised I woke up too late
and the food almost left nothing much for me to choose.;(

Selfie inside Park Regis Hotel

Since my flight was 5pm, I was still able to catch up with a friend for lunch before leaving
so we had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant that I chose one
I still remember I had my birthday dinner at here before
and I came back again since their food taste awesome

My favourite as always
Vegetarian sharkfin soup
Oh my, I m hungry now when I saw this picture ! slurppp !

Fried beancurd with cereal
seems like the food I ordered is always the same flavoring. =D

My favourite vege ; Aubergine !
Aubergine is the best vege ever in my life
awwwwwww, I m craving for all these now.

Eight Treasures Vegetarian


Okay, thats all for my singapore food hunting trip
I hope you did get something you want from my articles
Stay tuned for my coming travel post ya


Thanks for reading and following me.

New Zealand Trip: Day 1: 13 hours flight > YHA Hostel > Viaduct Harbour

Hi, its been few months I have abandoned my blog but don't worry, this time might need around few months for me to finish my rec...