Sunday, April 28, 2019

Seoul Trip Day 2 : Gyeongbokgung Palace/ Bukchon Hanok Village/ Insadong /Hongdae

The second day in Seoul,
we bought a dozen of eggs for our whole week breakfast in Seoul
I bought a small bottle of soy sauce too for seasoning purpose XD
My healthy breakfast at second day.

The first place we were heading was Gyeongbokgung Palace.
 That day we was lucky enough that able to reach at good timing which can watch their Korean marching parade.

How to reach Gyeongbokgung Palace?
Get down at Gyeongbokgung Station, Exit 5 
or Anguk Station, Exit 3 (Seoul Subway Line 3), then walk a few meters away

We walked outside the palace and looking for a shop to rent for Hanbok
The Hanbok shop we chose was ABC Hanbok Rental
It was the nearest and biggest shop outside the palace
(We don't want to walk so far as we need to return back after few hours)

I remember Hanbok rental for  4 hours was RM80 something including hairdo 
They provide free locker for us to store our thing
and they provide free korean bag for us to match with our outfit.
Do come earlier to have more choices to choose with.

Hairdo process.

Luckily I came earlier, the crowd is getting more and more after 12pm

After dressing Hanbok costume, we went back to Gyeongbokgung Palace to take tonnes of pictures.
I look plump with this outfit because I was still wearing thick blouse inside Hanbok
The shop person don't let me take off the thick blouse as she said that day temperature will drop to negative 1 celcius. Okay, I have to wear it to survive in the cold.

While heading to Bukchon Hanok Village.
I open google map apps to reach there since it is near to the palace only.
But I was WRONG !
Google Map is not really accurate and not convenient at all.
We still have to ask the local for the direction.

Before we walked into Bukchon Hanok Village, 
Look what we saw !

OH MY GOD, is Isaac Toast !!!!
The one that is famous in Malaysia KLIA 2
I have tried Malaysia version one and felt that the taste is so so only.
So both of us decided to buy and try it again as our lunch. 

For vegetarian like me, 
I have ordered hashbrown with cheese toast.
By the way, the taste is totally different with Malaysia one.
The bread taste crunchier and the ingredient is quality too. 

We have passed by a stall which selling korea bites
and we bought this 2 bites for a try.
Conclusion: is somehow taste like Malaysia Chinese tradition kuih but 
Malaysia one taste much better and this one is tooooo oily for us.

Bukchon Hanok Village is a residential area which the local still staying inside the house
The village is popular is because of their building design 
Every street is a photo taking opportunity,
allow me to spam a lot of photos while I was wearing Hanbok costume XD

After Bukchon Hanok, we have to go back to the Hanbok shop to return the costume we were wearing. You know, that time was quite nervous as we have lost inside the Hanok Village.
We cant find which is the way to get back to the Palace area.
Luckily we met the tourist guide that standing at certain corners to help tourists which are lost in direction like us. LOL

That's the only reason I didn't take any picture after that as we were busy walking back to the Palace.
After returning the costume, we headed to Insadong.
A place that is full of korean culture, selling korea souvenirs and korea signatures..etc.

How to reach Insadong?
Take to Anguk Station, Exit 6. 
Once come out from the exit, cross the road and turn left to Insadong street.

We took our lunch-dinner at Insadong,
There are many restaurants along the street or inside those small lanes of the big street,
we found that every restaurants are selling the same food.
(of course the same, I was at Seoul, not Malaysia..)

So, end up we saw a restaurant that caught our attention,
mentioning "knife cut noodles" in mandarin wordings,
So, we chose this restaurant at last.
But I ordered a bowl of cold noodles. LOL
I still not used to have cold food yet, but the taste is acceptable.

After the meal, we were looking for a cafe named Osulloc Tea House, 
My friend told me that it is a must to come here to crave for their green tea stuff.
We found Osulloc Tea House along Insadong street,
crowded with local and tourists, the tables were full and thank god that we found a table.

We ordered Greentea ice-cream to have a try.
The green tea flavor is so heavy that I even told my friend that the green tea is too bitter for me but she replied me that it taste super nice. LOL,
I think matcha lover will love this. Trust me, as she is matcha lover too.

We continued our night hunt at Hongdae street.

How to reach Hongdae?
Train to Hongik Uni. Station and Exit 9.

Compare with Myeongdong, Hongdae is much more happening with local students,
The streets are happening as the students sang and dance along the street to gain Facebook and Instagram followers and at the same time to gain their popularity.

We found a cafe which is full of people,
believing that it must be popular one, 
so we follow the trend and enter the cafe to have a tea break. 

Cafe Peony - Must try their strawberry cake !

That's our second day at Seoul,
Upcoming post update soon.

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