Monday, June 10, 2019

Seoul Trip Day 3 : Ganchon Rail Bike/ Nami Island/ Petite France

The third day in Seoul, we have planned to visit outside of the city. 
The first place we were heading was Rail Park.
The place is actually quite far from the city, we went out very early that day
just to avoid too crowded to sit for the bike but end up the bike supplies is more than the visitors.

How to reach Ganchon Rail Park?
Take train to Yongsan station and change to line 1, dark blue line to Gapyeong Station , the journey took around 45 minutes to reach. From Gapyeong station, change train to Gimyujeong station and walk around 2 minutes to reach the rail bike park.

I have bought the ITX ticket to Gapyeong station earlier before I fly to Seoul.
The ITX ticket can book through the link as below :

To avoid queuing up for the rail bike, I also bought the rail bike ticket from Klook website too
But that day was low season as the view is nothing much to see.
I think it is better to come during spring and fall season. 
I believes the view will be 10000% nicer than the view I saw.

There was a person in charge at there who speak mandarin well
and she helped us take picture too before we started our rail bike journey.

Okay, as you see, the view is nothing much can see.
No flowers, no orange maple leaves, no green view, nothing at all.

Okay, the river somehow caught my eyeball, as it is the nicest view along the whole journey. 
That's why, trust me, don't come during starting winter.
But the rail bike is fun, you have to ride like a bicycle or else the rail bike will not move at all.
I take it as a morning exercise as well. LOL

Besides, I dropped my T-money card when I was riding the rail bike.
The money within the card is quite a lot too as I am kinda kiasu people and don't wish to keep top up the money so I straight away top up RM100 within it and end up it flew away when the rail bike was ongoing, what a big loss to me T.T

After finish our rail bike journey for around almost 30-45 minutes, 
we went out of the rail park and looking for some food to have,
Thank god that we found a Chinese restaurant in Korea.
(Super obvious to find it as their sign board is quite big)
But I ordered Korea food at last, not much choices inside the menu.
The whole restaurant were male customers and we were the only female customers.

After finish our lunch, we headed to the main attraction of the day - Nami Island.
 To reach Nami Island, we need to take a ferry at the terminal.

How to reach Nami Island ?
We took the train back to the Gapyeong station and took a cab to reach the jetty. 
It is easier to find people to share the car fare with you, the only matter is you need to speak with the strangers and ask for sharing taxi together.

The jetty is super near to the Gapyeong station if you take a car ride, 
so the fare is not an issue to anyone at all especially you decided to share the cab fare with others tourists at there.

Remember to buy a ferry ticket at the jetty counter before you boarded.

If you like to take thousands of picture at Nami Island,
you should put this place on priority as it is super crowded at noon. 

But Nami Island is worth to come especially during Fall season
I think I will come again for the another season 
Winter season has nothing to see with but the trees are magnificent at there as they are huge and tall.
The trees are grown at a super straight line between the walkway, I am impressed. 

Nami Island is a huge place where you must carry a map (map provided at Nami) along to avoid you miss out the main attraction places.
Let me spam my pictures through here :

After Nami Island, we continue our schedule as planned to the Petite France,
That time was late afternoon and we afraid Petite France close in 1 hour after we reached,
so we decided to take a cab to Petite France, 
If you are not rushing, advice to take their shuttle bus which is in economical way.
The journey from Nami jetty to Petite France took around half an hour to reach, 
the cab fare is expensive but we don't wish to miss out the place since we were already around this outskirt area.

Unlike Nami Island, Petite France is a very small place which their buildings are similar with France.
It is somehow same like our France village in Malaysia, LOL
A peaceful yet warming place especially Christmas was coming. 
Allow me to spam my photo again :

We took the shuttle bus back to the one of the station and headed back to the city.
It took almost 1 hour to go back to the city area,
maybe I was starving and tiring, it was a super long journey to me.
We stopped by at Dong Dae Mun to serve our appetite.

Randomly walked into a restaurant which is full of people 
Their food is the best among all others restaurant I have tried with.

Potato Pancake

Okay, time to sleep
and going to post for Day 4. 
Stay with me.

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