Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bangkok Trip Part 2

SUNDAY 6/1/2013

Early morning that day, we woke up early to plan to go to temple.
GRAND PALACE is a very famous temple in Bangkok city.
You will see a lot of people walking at there,
Even thailand people also will come to Grand Palace and pray to the god always.
So , how we go to Grand Palace ??

First , we took BTS train to ASOK
which is the station that interchange to MRT.
Then we took MRT to Hua Lampong,
which is the last station in MRT.
But after you reach the Hua Lampong station , 
you still have to call a cab or DuDu to fetch you to Grand Palace.
It was quite a FAR distance to there but at least you not need to pay so much on cab money
since the distance from Hua Lampong to Grand Palace is nearer.

So this is the front view of Grand Palace.

Grand Palace is not just a big building ,
but inside the Grand Palace ,
there is many temple building built inside 
and we have to visit one by one.

Before you want to visit it ,
you have to pay RM50 for entrance fee per person
SUPER EXPENSIVE to me and my boy.

Can you see the crowd behind me ?
A lot of people came to Grand Palace also.

 We bought the ticket and this is our attire that day. Please notice my skirt before I go into it.

Then , we bought the ticket and prepare to go in .
The guard stopped me and told me my legging is not allowed.
My excited mood affected by her, why so strict on this ?
At least I never expose my skin colour.
But still, I have to go queue up and rent or buy a long skirt to cover it.

So I have to cover my legging with this long skirt in the picture.
RM5 for buying this skirt and that make us allowed to enter the temple finally.

 Since we can entered this temple ,
let took a picture for cheering back again. 

My boy told me I look like a type of people who are really going to temple and pray sincerely.
Okay , means I m sincere enough by this dressing.hoho

God water !!
The water that can wash off our unlucky matters and stressed things on us.
So , both of us tried this.

 Did he look cute ??
I told him to use that to spread on himself and he did so.
awwwwwwwwwww , he made my day. 

Then , here my turn , Lift up the lotus and prepare to spread towards my camera man.

Actually I was kinda enjoy to play with this. LOL

We took quite a lot picture inside the Grand Palace .
and we do prayed also.

The wall picture at there is very 2D , do u think so ??
I can feel the 2D by seeing this picture.

Nothing to walk around here to me, and is very hot.
We were barbecued under the hot sun.

Nothing much to do inside here ,
we just captured and captured.

Around noon , we said goodbye to our RM50 and Grand Palace.LOL

You can try to walk to the market opposite the Grand Palace .
We walked into the market and search for drinks and food.
But the dish we ordered was too small and it cost RM5 !
My boy told me is not full at all.

So , we took a DuDu to China Town to continue our hunting for food.
 At China Town , is a lot of people walking here and there,
we don't have time to take out our camera and took picture.
The cars there were jamming at there and people at the side street are busy walking.
If we stopped on the street , we will block their road to walk.
So we have to keep move forward.
Unless you wanna buy something at the roadside stall.

I bought Cheongsam at Chinatown .
and my boy's friend come and brought us to a small street which many people
stucked and walked inside there,
The shops there were full of people buying and bargaining 
It was because there are selling wholesale price,
so many shopping mall sellers come here and take stocks from them
But I can't walk farer because of my headache visit me again that day.

So , we finished our shopping time and visited a small temple.
After that , we have to said goodbye to my boy's friend
and we back to hotel for a shower and come out for dinner. 

Many people thought Bangkok is hard to find vegetarian restaurant.
Yea, is true that it is hard to find but once u know the place ,
u will keep choosing that restaurant since we have no time to explore more vegetarian restaurant anymore.

Out of my expectation , they provide vegetarian steamboat there.
So , we choose STEAMBOAT for our last dinner at Bangkok ='(

The vegetarian ingredient at Bangkok is quite different with Malaysia one,
you have to try if you come to Bangkok next time. xixi

He looks hungry that day. =)

Showing off our steamboat ingredients on our table.

After dinner, we took BTS train to MBK mall ,
Just took BTS train to Siam. 
Then walk the night street along the road.
Siam Paragon mall is a classy shopping mall which full of Branded shop.
Just like Pavilion and KLCC in Malaysia.

so here we are , MBK mall.

 MBK mall nothing to buy inside ,
everything inside MBK mall is more expensive than Platinum Mall.
I bought a hair curler at there. xixi

Try to notice what I am eating ?
Apple Pie ??

Look clearly at the cover of the pie.
I give you a chance to guess again.

Okay , time to reveal the answer.
I was eating a CORN PIE at Mc Donald Bangkok !

Malaysia ?? Just have Apple Pie =(
Corn Pie is nice . there still got vegetable pie and Pineapple pie.
But they don't have apple pie.Malaysia have =D

After tasting this corn pie , we went to PamPong 
that famous in Tiger show.
Many people always say tiger tiger tiger.. show.
But the real Tiger is means Thai-girl show. LOL

We didn't enter at last because both of us watch only 
will like a little bit weird to us.
I think we should watch next time when there is more friends to go together.
Recommend to you that you should bring your thailand friend  too
if not the Thai-girl show will charge you more expensive.
with a thailand friend , the entrance fee will be more cheaper.

We took Dudu from MBK to PamPong
Then took BTS train back to our Hotel.

Last Day 7/1/2013
This 4 days 3 night trip passed too fast to me ,
I was not ready to go back home work again ,
I wanna stay longer at Thailand and shopping more ,
But the cash money on us was getting lesser,
so that was just the time to go back ,
Our flight was 4.20pm ,
so we went to Platinum Mall Old Wing to shop again at morning.

Platinum Mall has 2 buildings ,
Old wing and New wing.
Before go to Platinum Mall , we stopped by at the Four Face Buddha to pray,

Many people were there but it seems quiet and peaceful ,
unlike others temple.

Trying to hand these flowers on it.
We didn't took any photo at Platinum Mall ,
so this was the last picture we took before we leave the temple. 

4 days , passed quickly .
Now , Chinese New Year is coming soon ,

I am expecting the next trip with him , Langkawi Trip.
We will go there during CNY.
By the way , I bought many shirts at Bangkok that I planned to sell 
since I bought too much , 
I will post another post about the things I wanna sell. xoxo

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bangkok Trip Part 1

I guessed my facebook friends know that 
I went to Bangkok last Friday,
and came back yesterday night. 
This was a wonderful and meaningful 4 days 3 night trip to me.

I expect this trip long time ago since the day my family went to there,
and this time I am so glad that my boy bring me go there.
We were so last minute to book the flight and hotel .
End up , the fare we get was quite expensive because 
AIRASIA does not worth that price to me =(

But is okay , at last , we can go finally !!
Early 6am have to wake up and found that I was still fever and headache.
Gosh , my mood affected because of this fever.
Luckily my boy took care of me in this whole journey ,
I wanna thanks him so so much ,
without him , I think I might not yet recover until now.

Lets took a picture with our passport before we sit our flight to BANGKOK.

 This was my first time sit flight and travel oversea alone with him ,
so I quite appreciate the moment we be together.
He always look active on taking picture on me. 
This picture took under the hot sun , 
thats why the colour of the picture look so nice. LOL
When we reached Bangkok , 
We took a cab to our Hotel ,
The cab driver really don't know English at all ,
We really cannot communicate,at last, 
we stop at the place very nearby to the Hotel ,
and ask the passengers around there and help us to call to the hotel ,
Thank god , WE REACH THE HOTEL. 

We stayed a very nice and great location hotel.
The hotel is very very near to the train station which they call BTS STATION.
The receptionist there is very friendly can willing to help us too.

After we took a short rest ,
we started our first journey art Bangkok at the first day.
Time for SHOPPING !
We took BTS Station from Phrom Phong to Chit Lom
to go to Platinum mall to SHOP !!

Platinum mall is a shopping mall full of clothes, shoes and bags.
The prices there are much cheaper than others shopping mall.
Unless u went to market , then the price more cheap than it.
Merry Xmas environment still happening at there.

The first day , we just visited Platinum mall due to my fever was getting critical that night.
Look at my pale face.
and the jacket cover on me ,
it was like I was at ENGLAND, not THAILAND , that what my boy told me.
That night , we keep finding vegetarian restaurant and ask many people ,
but they all keep pointing and pointing but we don't know really locate at there anot
because THAILAND less people know how to see English address.
They just know their own thailand word.
Additional with my critical sick , that I cannot even walk far anymore,
which they provide vegetarian also ,
but we knew the price was super expensive.
We just eat one dish and one miso soup ,
end up 500 baht , which means RM50. so expensive !!

SATURDAY 5/1/2013
The next day , my condition consider very okay after took medicine yesterday night.
Thanks for my boy helping me to made the chinese medicine to drink.
I only can recover so fast.
See , I look healthy and active already. =)

This day , we went to CHATUCHAK MARKET to continue our shopping again.
We took BTS STATION to MO CHIT , then we will reach chatuchak straight away,
I can't even walk finish the whole area on that day !
But the things sold at there is much more cheaper than Platinum Mall,
but the shirts and shoes there quite oldish style
that our younger teen not really will stop by and see.
But still will have some shop will get our attraction also , 
example like.. baby clothes and soap !

At there , there is no vegetarian shop at all ,
but we found a restaurant there and the menu inside contain a dish which is just vegetable,
so that the reason we choose there and eat for our lunch. 
Nice environment at there =)
Handsome boy like to see girls outside. I don;t know why.=P

When the dish came , we both said : WOW ! so big !
The fried rice is very big size. nice one.
guess the price and see , how much ?
RM28 ! expensive lunch =(
How can I finish this with my mouth ??

My tomyam noodles soup not bad also ,
just she put that onions make me no mood to eat much ,
Vegetarian people cannot eat onions as it harm our stomach,
so whenever I ate onion accidentally , 
I will feel not well or vomit. Gosh.

After lunch , my condition no good again ,
Headache , fever , feeling cold come to me again 
Maybe is because I get tired after the chatuchak walk.
Luckily I call my boy bought COOL FEVER and Fever pill for me , 
which make me feeling much better at that long night.

My boy got his friend living at Bangkok ,
so his friend is very good people ,
he brought us to eat vegetarian food ,
then he brought us to a temple for a walk.

This is the chinatown at night when we passed by here.
The temple at Bangkok is so beautiful at night ,
they did the lighting on the temple made the whole temple look classy and  elegant.

The 3 guys in front talking history about the man above them

After visiting a temple , they brought us to KHAO SAN ROAD ,
which was happening during at night.
You can see many people especially foreigner at there,
drinking beers and massaging in the public.
The whole street was happening , and is real night life =)
We stop by at MY DARLING Restaurant at there which open till next morning.

We ordered vegetarian pizza, Yummy !
Tequila , which is an alcohol. I didn't involve due to I m still fevering, hoho
So , this is mine , Orange Juice. for vitamin C 

It was 11pm at there and the restaurant still full of people ,
this was so happening ! 
We chit chat at there and took picture , 
we had fun that night , 
thanks to them , they are very good to us and friendly , we appreciated what they did.

SUNDAY AND MONDAY will be continue on next blog article part 2 .

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