Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Seoul Trip Day 4 : Gwangjang Market/ Ewha University/ Dongdaemun Design Plaza/ Nanta Show

Day 4 is the most memorable day in my life
God gave me the best gift on this day
It was snowing in Seoul 
I cant keep smiling towards the sky when I woke up with this surprise.

Never expect walking in the snow is quite a difficult thing to us
It is cold , nope, is super duper cold. 
The snow is consider big pour as it covered the ground within few minutes.

That's why we have changed our schedule on that morning to have a indoor walk first.
We went to Gwangjang Market early in the morning as our first schedule of the day

How to get to Gwangjang Market ?
Take Jongno-5(o) ga station subway and take Exit 8. 
Walk straight all the way from the exit until you see the market.

I think Gwangjang Market is one of the memorable place to me
There have varieties of food and drinks which attracted me
One of the drink that I favor to was Rice Drink, it taste so nice that you must go for a try when you come to Korea.

Korea is popular with snacks too !
By comparing prices with others places, I think Gwangjang market sells the cheapest one with the same packaging and size, 
luckily I never bought it at anywhere except here.
Do ask for free gift when you bought a lot from the stall, the korean seller is so friendly and lovely that they would free you some extra snacks to bring home.

There are almost repeated stalls selling the same food like this in the market,
but of course with different stall name.
We chose a stall and sat down for our brunch.

The price is not really cheap at all, but still can acceptable.

After the snow stop, we continued our next visit to Ewha University

I think Ewha University is famous just because it is a HUGE university.
Their building design is unique too.
Can you imagine the two sides of walls behind are the place of studying?

How to get to Ewha University?
Take Line 2 (Green) to Ewha Womans University and take Exit 2 or 3. 
Walk straight for about 10 minutes to reach.

There are a lot of shops and cafes along the road while we were heading to this university.
You can enjoy your shopping as well before you reach, the journey of 10 minutes walk to the destination is short with those shops along. 

It doesn't seems like the background is from Asian country
but the fact it is at Seoul.

It is suffering to play the snow with bare hands as I can't feel my hand anymore after that
freezing cold until my hands turn numb

We stopped by at Cafe Pera which is next to Ewha University for our tea session.
No doubt, their mille crepe is awesome nice.
The cafe is packed with locals, having tea sessions with their bunch of friends.
Us too, having our tea time with great crepe.

Late noon, we reached at Dongdaemun Design Plaza
I think this place is famous because of the UFO building design ? Maybe?
I m not sure, but this attraction is nothing much to see except the building curve.

To reach Dongdaemun Design Plaza,
Alight to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station and take Exit 1

There are 3 malls located opposite to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza
the malls are opened until late midnight, 
I went into the mall and realizing it is almost similar like the old time of Sungai Wang
Full of shops selling varieties of clothes and the price is not cheap compared to Bangkok Platinum Mall. haha

Peggy bought a snack from the street food outside the 3 malls.

Night time, we went to Myeongdong again as we have booked our Nanta Show !
Seoul is famous with this little strawberry dessert thingy,
The main point is, it taste super nice,
the strawberry is very sweet and it taste so yummy you know.
Must try this !
Myeongdong street is full of this kind of stall, selling this dessert thingy.

We had our porridge as our dinner,
One of their popular food is porridge too.
We stopped by at Migabon Restaurant, which selling varieties flavors of porridge

I am not a porridge favor person,
but their porridge taste delicious and I can finish the bowl of porridge by myself alone.
Seriously , it taste nice, matching with the side dish given, especially KIMCHI.

It is not easy to find the Nanta Show Theatre as there is no signboard showing it,
we have to ask the local person to get to the theatre,
do come early as they dont allow late comers to go in after the show start.

Nanta Show is quite memorable to me as I have been ask to go up to the stage twice
I am so lucky to have a picture with the actors !
Their performance is nice, they perform with their kitchen equipment, following with a story line.

I can't explain much, you have to experience it by yourself 
I think front row seat is better although the price is higher. indeed.

let's wait for my next post for Day 5.

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