Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Singapore: Marina Bay Sands Suite 3 days 2 nights

The day I went to Singapore was on October 
Thanks to my friend who purposely woke up and sent me to the airport early in the morning
I guess was around 4am that time. 

And of course this was the second time I fly alone again
I started to learn how to fly alone after my ex left me
and his leaving force me to be more independent and no longer rely to him anymore
Thanks to him that he taught me a great lesson.

Back to the topic,
Singapore is a developed country so everything in here is super convenient
From airport to Marina was super easy to reach
You just need to take MRT from airport straight to Marina will do.
and here I was.

Their significant SUPER TREE which collect sunshines to generate power for the gardens by the bay
I was quite impressed by their development of these super trees

Since I reached Singapore was 8am in the morning,
and was quite early to reach Marina Bay Sands
The time was not available to check in yet,
so I pay a visit to the Gardens by the bay nearby.

To know more about Gardens by the Bay blog post, please click the following link:

I guessed I was quite lucky that day
The check in system to the hotel delayed and end up they provided an upgrade for me
From Premier Room upgraded to Suite 
Super lucky right?
I always lucky to get a free upgrade on my room whenever I travelled
I still remember last few years I got upgraded to the largest room and the most expensive room 
in Taiwan theme hotel, and yes, super excited !

Same to this, I was happy too. 
Always love to see the existence of bathtub inside the hotel room. 

Meeting session ??
or dinner session??

It is big , super big, I would never ever forget the day I was here.
I was so lucky to stay here. Thank god.

The garden view from the balcony of my room. 

Their significant crowded infinity pool 

Wine session ?

Coffee and tea time too ?

My dinner for the first day was taken in the food court of  Marina Bay shopping centre
and this simple vegetable set cost SGD9.50 
is equal to RM30 when convert to Malaysia price. LOL

Enjoy the full facility in the hotel is much more relax than hanging around for the first day in Singapore. Thats how my first day spent at here. 

Came to LADY M ORCHARD CENTRAL to try their mille crepe cake
This cafe was recommended by my insta friend 
I came here alone by using the google map apps

Every shops and cafe in Singapore mostly open at 11am
so I was the second customer in this cafe
but before I left this cafe, there was a lot of customers enjoying their tea time already
I guessed I came in too early XD

My so called early tea time. 
and their best seller mille crepe.

Late noon, I came across at one of the restaurant to have my brunch. 
Since their set lunch is much more cheaper
so I picked the set lunch which suitable for vegetarian like me

I love this so much
Pumpkin Soup

Creamy Mushroom Pasta

When I back to my hotel room,
I was pleased to saw the little elephant with a rose and a card
mentioning that who was incharge to clean the room that day. 
This had made my day. 

Had a hot bathtub session before I rushed to Somerset to take number for my dinner. 

I thinked I was too late to reach to HAI DI LAO Steamboat 
end up I have to wait for an hour to reach my turn.
Since the small pot table was queue faster than the big pot one
so I picked the small pot one and yes, it taste so nice !
The soup did provide mushroom soup which is suitable for vegetarian 
and the menu was available for vegetarian too !
So don't worry about the food, just worry about the queue please..
This restaurant always crazy in queing part, so this was the first time I experienced it. 
and yes, definitely will come again as I love it so so much hahaha
I remember the bill I paid was SGD50 per pax
so convert to malaysia ringgit will be RM150

I just had one day of swimming session in Marina as it was always full of people
and I just go there for taking picture maybe ???

Thank god I came here early in the morning so that I can able to get a chair nearby the pool
Thank god.

I think I should not missed the part to enjoy my breakfast buffet in Marina 
So I chose to spent SGD48 per pax to get a entry to the breakfast buffet by having the pool view 
at the level of 57 in Marina Bay Sands Inifinity Pool here. teehee.

I always love to have breakfast buffet as you can eat whatever you want
and how many you want,
I love my breakfast so so much ! especially the egg benedict !

That's the great breakfast ever I had in Singapore at the level of 57 in Marina
I guessed I would come back again one day
That's how my 3 days 2 nights spent in Singapore
I hope my post did not bored you down. 


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Singapore 2016: Gardens By The Bay

Sincere apologize for being late again
I got tonnes of jobs and appointments after back from Singapore

Let me share my photos which taken in the Garden by the Bay
Took picture with this mini cute plant !

The entry price for non residents will be SGD28
including Flower Dome and Cloud Forest
Gardents by the Bay concept is built in environment friendly purpose
Even the air conditioner provided inside the place also generated by 
their eco friendly system concept, such a genius right !

Wonderful place 

Desert Plant ??

Kind of Cactus species ??

Many guys like this, I don't know why
so I took this too and please tell me why

I love flowers !

Gigantic Aloe Vera ?

I can spent whole day inside here as this place is comfortable and cold 
I think the kids should come here for a visit as to know all type of plant species in this world

Since when star fish come out from the sea and become a plant ?
looks similiar right ???

I am flowers lover !
I enjoyed viewing all these flowers 
Let me share my love for you guys

Next is cloud forest,
It was freezing inside here
especially the waterfall like design
make the surrounding cooler

Nice view !

The ticket will include the skywalk too, it was kinda high here
so some of the people who phobia with heights might not dare to look down haha


Alright, will post about the next article about Singapore overall trip for you guys soon

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