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New Zealand Trip Itinerary June 2017

Day 1: 13 hours flight > YHA Hostel > Viaduct Harbour

8pm : Enjoy the view of city at Viaduct Harbour

9pm : Drive around the city and look for any market to shop

7am : Start journey to Hobbiton Movie Set

915am : Matamata I-Site - Hobitton Movie Set Tour Started (930am)

1pm : Tour end - Lunch nearby

2pm : Heading to Rotoruo from Matamata (1 h 22 min (98.8 km) via SH 5)

5pm : Rotoruo Lake and Rotoruo Government Garden

Admission for Government Garden and Lake: FREE

6pm: Dinner at Rotoruo

7pm: Back to Auckland city

10pm: Reached Auckland

4pm: New Reagent Street

5pm: Christchurch Cathedral

6pm: Shopping at Westfield Riccarton shopping mall

8pm : Dinner

7am: Had breakfast 

8am: Checked Out Homestay

9am: Short Walk at Hagley Park

11am: Departed to Geraldine

1230pm: Lunch at Geraldine

2pm: Departed to Lake Tekapo

4pm: Reached Lake Tekapo

5pm: Checked in YHA Lake Tekapo Homestay

8pm: Dinner at YHA Homestay

10pm: Stargazing at Church Good of Shepherd

8am: Had breakfast

9am: Visit Lake Tekapo again

10am: Departed to Mt Cook

1030am: Visit Lake Pukaki

12pm: Reached Mt Cook

1230pm: Checked in to YHA Mt Cook

2pm: Lunch at YHA Mt Cook

4pm: Short Walk at Mt Cook Bushes

6pm: Dinner at YHA Mt Cook

7am: Had breakfast 

8am: 1 hour hike to Blue Lagoon and Tasman Glacier

11am: Departed to Wanaka

12pm: Lunch at Twizel Town

3pm: Reached Wanaka

4pm: Checked in Wanaka Homestay

5pm: Visit local market of Wanaka

7pm: Dinner at homestay

8am: Had breakfast

9am: Checked out Wanaka Homestay

930am: Hike Mt Iron

11am: Visit Wanaka Tree

1230pm: Departed to Queenstown

2pm: Checked in Queenstown homestay

4pm: Shop around at Queenstown

5am: Had breakfast 

7am: Departed to Milford Sound by coach

12pm: Reached Milford Sound

7pm: Reached Queenstown

8pm: Night walk around Queenstown Mall

8am: Had breakfast 

9am: Bought day tour at Queenstown Mall

11am: Cruise to Mt Nicholas Farm

1pm: Lunch at Mt Nicholas Farm

3pm: Back to Queenstown Mall

6pm: Dinner at Queenstown Homestay

8am: Had breakfast 

9am: Had Gelato at Queenstown mall

11am: Checked out Queenstown Homestay

12pm: Shopping at Supermarket

2pm: Flight back to Auckland

5pm: Checked in to YHA Auckland

6pm: Dinner at Korea Restaurant near to YHA

Next day : Back to Malaysia

Auckland > Hobitton Movie Set > Rotorua > Christchurch > Lake Tekapo > Lake Pukaki > Mount Cook > Tasman Glacier > Wanaka > Queenstown > Milford Sound

1.MT COOK分两条路,要分清楚你要走的路线才订酒店

✈️機票: RM1530 來回

✈️Domestic 機票: RM980 來回

🚗租車: RM600
打油: RM130

🏡住宿: RM1100 (11天10晚)

🍱餐費: RM600 (大多數自己煮)
入門票:RM240 (Hobitton Movie Set)

[Southern Discoveries Tour]
團票: RM600 ( Milford Sound)
RM84 ( Nicholas Farm)

總額花費: RM5879 (不包括shopping零用錢)

New Zealand Trip: Day 10 & 11 Queenstown > Auckland

Day 10 in New Zealand,
well, is time to fly back to North island on that day

Before we check out, we went to Queenstown mall again for last minute shopping war
I still remember it was around 9am and the shops were not open yet
But the ice cream cafe was open early in the morning that day
so we decided to have a dessert in this such early morning.

I have heard about Queenstown Mall is famous with their ice cream dessert
so we did not want to miss a chance to try the ice cream at here
Well, their machine impressed us.

There are so many flavour for us to choose and even toppings too
The price is not expensive if you choose not to convert to Malaysia ringgit. XD

Look at the color of the ice creammmmmmm,
they look so delicious and they are not made of colour flavouring
They are all made of natural ingredients.
Oh my, I am craving now by looking at these pictures.

My mom and I decided to order 2 scoops of flavour and share
By the way, their scoop amount is HUGE
unlike Malaysia, seriously, we took a long time to finish it
and this definitely value for money for such big scoop 

Look, it was HUGE

Happy girl I was when I know I am going to have taste that ice cream scoops 

The weather was not sunny and it was drizzling in the whole morning
We saw a rainbow in front of the hill and matching with the lake
The view is awesome pretty with the additional of rainbow.
How lovely it was.

The rainbow.

Since we had nothing to shop anymore,
we went back to our accommodation and prepared to check out.
A picture taken is a must outside my homestay where it was facing such amazing view 
No doubt, my background was not a drawing

Goodbye to Queenstown

As mentioned on Day 3, we had book return flight from Jetstar
which was Auckland to Christchurch and Back from Queenstown to Auckland
Just like you have to fly overseas to Australia and You have to come to KLIA even though Penang has airport also, that's the same theory, lmao.

My Lunch at Queenstown Airport before we fly.
I think is hard to eat this kind of quiche in Malaysia,
so fluffy and full of eggs and mushroom

Back to Auckland, we stayed at YHA Auckland Hostel again
It cost around NZD31 per pax (RM93)
The location of YHA is very strategic as it is near to the city central,
we just walked out and there was 10-20 restaurants for us to choose as our dinner that night.

At last, we chose to had dinner at one of the Korea Restaurant which their restaurant was full of customers that day,

Our food was satisfying and delicious. 

Vegetarian Chap Cai

This is the best kimchi I had ever !
I had refill 4 plates and it taste soooooooo nice !

Spicy Fried Squid

Kimchi Soup 

Next morning, we had a steep walk outside YHA Hostel,
we were impressed when we saw this road
I think this is the steepest road I have ever seen.
You cant even walk properly when you stand here,
It felt like you were going to fell.

Before we fly back to Malaysia, we walked around the Auckland City
Since we did not really look into Auckland city since at the first day we came, 
we just keep busying visit the place that nearby Auckland at the first and second day we came.

The toilet ?? I m not sure.

The city street

Our lunch that day was Japanese meal,
it was hardly to find vegetarian dumpling and vegetarian sushi like this in Malaysia
so I decided to try it in New Zealand before I leave.

Vege Dumpling

Miso Soup

My kind of lunch in Auckland

The another kind of city view in Auckland. 
it was so different with south island,
but they look nice thou

That's all for my 11 days in New Zealand, 
Do check my itinerary if you wanna have more info on that
The budget for the whole trip is around RM7k-RM10k
Depends how you spend and where you choose to eat.
Check out my Itinerary.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

New Zealand Trip: Day 9 Mt Nicholas Farm Day Tour > Queenstown Mall

Southern Discoveries Travel Agency had offered us a cruise tour around Queenstown on the next day due to the glass top coach to Milford Sound on a day before had change to a normal coach for us
So, for an apologise offer,
they gave us a cruise tour as free for the next day in Queenstown.

Since the cruise tour took only half an hour to finish,
we decided to add on a farm tour which cost NZD25 (RM75)

Group photo before departing 
We depart from the Queenstown harbour which is near to the Queenstown mall.

By the way,
the view is amazingly beautiful.

They provide free of charge of beverage such as coffee and tea for us inside the cruise
and yea you just need to request from the staff who stand behind the bar

Taking picture is my routine
and taking picture with the scenic view is my pleasure. 

When the cruise was going to reach Nicholas Farm
the captain will announce inside the cruise through the microphone
and yea, Mt Nicholas Farm was in front of me 

When we reached at Mt Nicholas Farm,
we been gathered in front of an old man
He brief us about the farm background around 5 minutes.

After the brief, we been told to on board to a van which provided by him
and his partner fetch us to the top of the hill

The view on top of the hill is incredibly mesmerizing !
The lake was so calm and peace
The environment is so lovely and peaceful
I think you would like to stay here if you hunting for peaceful and quiet life.
Lets enjoy the view.

After enjoying the view on top of the hill, we sat the van and back down from the hill 
This time, the owner introduced his pet, Dolly 
and Dolly is the only sheep that can walk freedomly around the farm
as Dolly is the owner's pet.
Unlike others sheep, Dolly followed him everywhere he go.

The owner ordered the shepherd dog by using his hand to direct the direction
and the shepherd dog run to very very very far till we can't even see it.
But then, the moment we wait for the shepherd to come back, 
we fed the cow with the grains that owner gave us.

The very first time I get so close to the horse 
and it is so huge that make me felt a little bit nervous when I touch it.

Okay, 5 mins after, the shepherd dog came back but it was not alone,
it brought the sheep came too

Then we moved to the place that the sheep rest,
when the owner was explaining the routine work he did,
I caught a chance to take picture with Dolly
Great shot I had ! They told me that Dolly turn its head at the right time, yea.

After that, we moved to a place with a stage that seems like we were going to have a show to watch down the stage.
Yes, the owner will show us how the sheep fur being shed off from a machine
Of course, the lucky sheep is not Dolly,
remember? Dolly is his pet. 

He was showing us the process of how the fur being processed to become cloth for human

After the tour end, we were been invited to a farmhouse to enjoy our light lunch
Oh ya, Dolly left by its own to the field after we reached farmhouse entrance,
the owner did not order Dolly to leave but Dolly know its job done and it back to the field to eat 
We were so surprise that Dolly know when the work be done 
That's why I said it is so smart.

By the way, this was our lunch they provide for us, simple yet lovely lunch

Our family group picture before leaving the Mt Nicholas Farm
By the way, the noon time passengers visiting the farm were quite a lot
It was 3 times more than the number of people in morning time.
So my best advice is pick the morning tour.

Individual picture with the cruise at Mt Nicholas Farm

Then the cruise brought us back to Queenstown was around 3-4pm 
We shopped at Queenstown Mall after we back from the tour.
Well, you should come and shop here if you love city travel
There are so many shops here for us to spend. LOL

The view at Queenstown Mall is pretty too
Don't mistaken the Mall word, 
even though we Malaysians always take Mall as an indoor 
building which located hundreds of shops inside,
But in NZ, Queenstown mall here is belong to outdoor one,
is same like how Malaysians always called as a Street. 

The evening view in NZ always was my favourite view
their evening sky in NZ is pink in colour
and matching with the snow covered mountain,
is like a drawing !

Stay tuned for my Day 10 and 11 post,
I am going to combine the post as one post for the next coming post

stay tuned

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