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Cebu, Blue Water Sumilon Itinerary 6D5N Part 2

Continue back to Cebu Part 2, 
I am going to write about the EVERYTHING I have experienced in Blue Water Sumilon
By the way, the picture above doesn't look like me at all,
the effect of beauty camera is awesome. LOL

Okay, get back to the topic
I am going to start with the beach view.

The Beach View

My eyes can't get rid of looking at the gorgeous sea view.
 The blueness of the sea is the best color I have ever seen in my life so far.
Many people told me that Boracay Beach is beautiful ,
but I went before, Oslob beach is much nicer. Serious.

The Activities

The resort provide different types of activities for the accommodates and the activities will be updated everyday on the board of activities.

There are few activities to do in this island such as :

-Watching Baby Shark Feeding

Swimming in their best view pool

Jacuzzi with the sea breeze.

Snorkeling around the island 

Hope on to their provided boat and follow the tour guide, they will bring you to explore the undersea world around the island.

Enjoying the sunset

There are 2 beaches in this island, the behind beach is more to sunset view.
The front beach is more to snorkeling and swimming.

Kayaking with their bottom glass kayak

I can see the fishes and coral clearly through the glass of the kayak as the sea water is super clear and clean at here but this special kayak, the resort only have one.
What I suggest is, book early as fast as you can.

Visit our little friend Whale Shark at Oslob

The tour for this whale shark watching have to paid to in charge organization and remember not to apply sun shield as it harm the creature. This activity is not under Blue Water Sumilon incharge, we have to back to Oslob to join this activity.

The Room

We were like playing room hopping in this island,
we have experiences all types of room at here.
From the basic one to the luxury one.
Of course, the best still fall to The Villa Room.
as my favourite bathtub is provided in Villa Room.

The Food

I am a non meat consumer, but I still can find a lot of choices of food for me to take as my meal during the days I stay at here. The food buffet for breakfast and dinner is included when you book the stay, only lunch is not provided. My best suggestion is, eat more during your breakfast buffet so you can skip your lunch. We had lunch in our room by calling room services, the price is same as you have at their restaurant  

Honestly, I am a big fan of breakfast buffet. I am quite happy with it as the taste of the food is nice and above average level. 

Before I end, 

I may want to say, 
protect the nature, 
you deserve more with the natural gorgeous view.

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Cebu, Blue Water Sumilon Itinerary 6D5N Part 1

The above picture is not edited and it was taken originally by me,
same as what I saw with my own eyes.
Yes, the sea color is differentiate with 6 tones of blue from darkest to the lightest blue.
I screamed excitedly and I can't taking off my eyes away from this picture, no, is the fantastic view.

Oh wait, before we get to reach here,
I am gonna to tell you,

How to reach Oslob from Cebu City.
Yes, the sea is taken at Oslob, Blue Water Sumilon
Nice Place Pay for a Price, don't you agree ?

Picture Source From:

Flight Transfer:
From Malaysia fly to Cebu took 4 hours

Car Transfer:
Cebu Airport to Cebu City took 30 minutes
Cebu City to Oslob took 3 hours 30 minutes

My dear, that's not the final yet, 
If you want to enjoy the view as picture I took,
you should stay at Blue Water Sumilon Resort,
A private island where the sea is fabulously blue blue and blue.

Boat Transfer: 
Oslob to Blue Water Sumilon Island took 15 minutes 

Basically, we cant reach the island on the first day due to the low tide of the sea at the evening. 
Thus, the resort managed a hotel for us at  Cebu City on the first day when we landed. 
( We supposing to stay at the island on the first day and realized we couldn't reach on first day after we have paid) 

For the compensation of the first day stay, the resort has include:
Cebu City 5 star Hotel Suite Room
Car Transfer from airport to city hotel
Car Transfer from city hotel to Oslob 
Provide Dinner and Breakfast 

First Day in Cebu City

Upon reaching Cebu Mactan Airport,  we were picked up by their local driver which is arranged by the hotel management as mentioned above.
The arrangement is good as the driver didn't pick up anyone else except us at the airport
(at Boracay, the driver waited the car to be occupied full before start the journey)

30 mins distance to reach the city of Cebu, a city which is not develop yet
The bus, the shops , the road and the facilities at here seems like you were back to 1990's.

We reached the hotel in the evening and we went out for a walk before we had out dinner.
The hotel receptionist reminded us to be extra alert and be careful on your belongings.
Once I stepped out from the hotel, I realized that why she has to remind us.

The place is dirty along the road, the vehicles and motors were busying on the road, making noise and air pollution. The people were looking at you and your attire, feeling uneasy under that circumstances by hugging your belongings close to your chest. They sit on the floor outside the shops laughing and talking loudly, ignoring the passerby that passing in front of them.

Back to the hotel for our dinner and this is how their vegetarian set was.

Appetizer- Potato soup. 

Main course- Salad

Dessert- Philippine local pudding. 

The taste of the food was average but I was stunned when I realized the salad was my main course of the day. Anyway, the pudding is love.

Second Day in Cebu

The morning breakfast of the hotel inspired me to eat more as I can since after yesterday night incident, I worried my dinner for second day is salad again so I decided to eat full for morning breakfast since their breakfast taste awesome. LOL

It was 6am in the morning and the sky was totally bright.
It was super different with the sky in Malaysia.  

Okay, checking out and heading to the beach after my egg-for-life breakfast.

 Grab a chance to take a picture before the others get up to the car
Okay, the whole journey took 3 hours and 30 minutes and I was sleeping like a pig
since I woke up at 6am today for the lovely breakfast.

After 2 hours and 30 minutes of journey,
I can see the blue color of nature connecting from the sky to the sea.
For the next 1 hour of journey, the blue sea will be next to you along the road.

We did not stay in Oslob as mentioned above,
we stay on an private island, BLUE WATER SUMILON ISLAND
The driver brought us to the company jetty and we were served like a king.
We were served with welcome drinks and waited in an air-conditioner room with a TV showing the rules and activities on that island. They will called us to open our luggage for checking purpose to make sure we did not bring any food and snack to the island. But in fact, they checked one of our bags and the maggi cups were stored in another luggage which were not checked. Oops.
I was lucky enough. 

I cant wait to take picture with the blue even though I am going to a more bluish sea.
The blue color is so nice that is different  from dark blue to light blue.

The boat has a schedule time on each day and here we go !

Okay, I think I should stop here and going to post for next post soon.
Stay tuned for my next post about the super blue sea island.

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