Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 Phuket Trip Oct Day 1

Hey readers !
Its the turn now for my Phuket Trip to share out through here.
I was quite excited with my coming Phuket Trip before I went there.
But there was something happen which change my mood on this trip.

But anyhow, I did enjoy my trip once I saw my nature mother god beach.
You have no idea how much I love to enjoy myself at the beach.
But you are going to to know how by reading my Phuket Trip part by part.

Ready to fly with AIR ASIA AIR FLIGHT.
RM200+ for Phuket Return Flight. 

Phuket is a big island which there are many small town situated in different part
So, the hotel we stayed is situated at KATA BEACH AREA
so we have to took 1 hour of car journey to reach our destination 
from Phuket Airport.

I chose to rent a car in this whole trip
The reason is because we have to drive from Kata Beach to Patong Beach
which we had planned before we go
Patong is the most happening town in Phuket
while Kata is more likely to be like calm and peace town.

The car journey from Patong to Kata town take around 20 minutes
We did consider about we might drink in the pub at Patong
and have to find transportation go back to Kata at the late night.
It is quite pricey if we take Tuk Tuk at midnight. 

Here come a analysis for you :

Advantage of renting a car
1. Can go whenever you want
2. More safety assure as the road from Patong to Kata is quite steep
3.No time limited for us to travel around as we can drink and party at Patong at late night.
4. Super Convenience as we can drop by at 7-eleven anytime 
5. No worry on buying a lot of stuffs especially after shopping, bike cant do that as not enough space.

Disadvantage of renting a car
1. Expensive rental
2.Expensive Petrol
3.Hard to find parking at Patong

My driver, look smart ya.

Happy mood on after I reached Phuket..
On the way heading to Kata town to check in.

Before reaching Kata Town, we will pass through Patong town 
since Kata is located further than Patong.
So both of us decided to have our late lunch at Patong town

I forgot to captured the name of this restaurant at Patong
But I wanna share that,
the white tomyam soup is the best among the best that I had tried at here

The restaurant is situated beside a restaurant named Orchid.
It is opened by Indian Owner but the food did provide Thai food too.
I m craving now once I saw the white tomyam picture.

In Thailand, we never worry of the meal 
because they can customize vegetarian food for us
which we always welcomed by them anytime.

Happy and satisfying late lunch !

After late lunch, we continue our journey to Kata Town
Along the whole journey,
we have Thailand music entertaining us inside the car. LOL
Once we reach Kata Town, 
we were frustrated on finding our hotel as the town is small and packed.
The hotels all located side by side or else inside a narrow street.

We can't find our hotel although we are using GPS.
But luckily Google Map let us found it.
Thank god.

a 5 star rate resort which we love their cleanliness, politeness, good facilities. 

Ready to go, he is fetching us to our room with our luggage.

The specification of this hotel including their BIG and LONG pool.

The pool is super long which is between the room of the guest. 

Since we had used up our time for the first day more on driving.
So, the first thing to do is to SWIM and relax. 
My New bikini ! PM me if you interested. 
I am selling different kinds of Bikini. 

The wooden concept of the hotel room 
which makes people close to nature surrounding

After swim, time to pampering myself in a hot Bathtub. 

The first day in Phuket, 
we went to rent a bike to travel around the town, costing 200thb
We also bought the travel package for next day too
Kata Town is a small and peace town
The people at here are more likely prefer to enjoy the beach rather than nightlife

The dinner at Kata Town cost the same at Patong
But, we had our dinner that day at Kata Town.

Everytime came to Thailand, 
definitely will order Coconut drink as their coconut drink taste better than Malaysia.

Pineapple fried rice, coconut milk shake, coconut drink, 
Pad thai, Green curry vegetable, Coconut milk soup 
SLurrrrpp !

That's all for my first day in Phuket, simple and easy.
Stay tuned for the next day In Phuket.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Bangkok Trip 2014- Day 3&4

On the third day at Bangkok , we went to Chinatown.
Everytime I came to visit Bangkok, 
Chinatown is a must place for me to go as 
there is a small street inside those hiding shops
The street is long enough and narrow,
the people there are super crowded
which we can't walk normally but we have to squeeze inside the crowd

I love to walk along the street
because of restock my products which addicted by my customers.

There are a lot of stocks which selling wholesale at there.
If you don't like to shop and squeeze inside the crowd.
You better dont go as it really make me irritated. 

After Chinatown,
we went to Siam Paragon to have our dessert
which is AFTER YOU cafe
This cafe is popular as it sells French toast with special topping and flavor

We queue for 10 minutes to get our seats finally.

All of the seats are FULL FULL FULL.
and people were enjoying their sweetness. 

Finally, our toast came !!
The taste was super awesome 
and love the ice cream on the top
which bringing up the coldness to this hot french toast.
The hot and cold of the toast and ice cream 
will definitely make you fell in love with it.

Overall, we went to Siam square to shop for our clothes and shoes.
I bought a lot of clothes inside Siam Square
and I found that the quality of the clothes and shoes at here
is much different with Platinum or Chatuchak.
The quality is much better at here.
Will definitely come back to shop at here next time !

Last day before we depart back to Malaysia
we went to HEALTH LAND for massage.
HEALTH LAND is a big bungalow house
which welcoming guests to massage at here.
The price at here is same as the price we found along the shops in bangkok.

We came here is because of our Bangkok friend introduce this for us.
There are many branches of HEALTH LAND in Bangkok
You just have to take a cab and call him to bring you to the nearest one.

Big and Spacious area at the counter there.

There are too many guests which we have to wait for around 5 mins for our turn.

So, we have a picture session by ourselves.

I gonna praise myself by taking this effect on him
Nice lighting !!

After 2 hr massage, we just took a cab and rush back to our hotel
and left BANGKOK at noon. 

That's all for my Bangkok Trip.

Stay Tuned for my PHUKET TRIP
lots of Bikini to come !

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bangkok Trip 2014- Day 2

Day 2 in Bangkok, meet a friendly dog along the way to MRT
She is so shy but I love her friendly welcome =)

Mr Cheeze with this cute friend. 

We went to Chatuchak during day 2 in Bangkok
a place that must go if you like to shop and spend on something 
Many things you want can bought at here,
there is too many category of items to shop for.
and of course, I never miss the chance of entering the pet zone area

It is hard for me to find the pet zone area
If you ask me where to find, well
I just can tell you keep find until u find it, 
it is like a maze in Chatuchak, 
I keep telling myself that I must find the pet zone
and end up I did it !

The whole street is about the pet !
there is a lot pet food and accessories selling at here
Puppy also selling at here too. 
Look at me, picking up snacks for my pet Bobby 
She loves the snacks so so much once I gave her to eat. 

After Chatuchak , we went to Siam Paragon for our lunch
no vegetarian stall inside the food court, 
so we ordered mixed rice which we just choose the green one.

Selfie before we start our lunch. 

Met him at the Paragon Mall, 
so Cheeze took picture with him =)

Then , went to Siam Center to meet the famous cafe
Mr John's Orphanage 
This dessert cafe is hot and famous which we still need to queue up
when waiting for the seats. 

A lot of bear inside the cafe, 
so we just pick a bear randomly for a picture.

Girls heaven !!!
I am going to melt when I saw so many cakes infront of me. 

We got our seats finally !

My chocolate and my chocolate cake !
Love the environment
but the beverage and the cake were too sweet for me. 
I m going to get diabetes if I come here everyday. hehe

What a satisfying look !

Look at the cup ! so BIG .

Funny and cute picture which I love it.

After dessert, went back to our stay to dress well for the dinner time
we have dated out our Bangkok friend to dinner with us
what a great memory that everytime we came Bangkok
we definitely will call him out =)
and after dinner
they brought us here -Route 66

Route 66 is special to me
as it is an outdoor clubbing and everyone dance so high.
Their toilet was so special that there is a guy singing in the middle of the stage 
and the girls sitting around him and listen inside TOILET !!
There has 3 category of Route 66, 
Thailand song clubbing , slow tempo pub , and English song Clubbing.
That's why we choose outdoor for this English song one .

Get the alcohol home as we cant finish it
and the alcohol cost so cheap in Bangkok

Miss them a lot, 
definitely will see them soon when I came back to Bangkok. xoxo

Route 66 nearby did not have any MRT to take with
It is better to take cab to reach here,

Day 2 in Bangkok end here, 
let's moving on for Bangkok Day 3

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