Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Vegetarian:Ben's Publika

Had my dinner at Ben's restaurant during August, 
and I was too busy on career which I do not hace time to update my food article

So let me introduce what I have try at Ben's restaurant.
The service at Ben's is not as good as Ante Kitchen,
we called waiter but they did not focus on us, they just busy standing at a corner and chatting.
We have to call many times or wave our hands obviously to get their attention

I have ordered Mushroom soup, 
I love this type of mushroom soup which is not made of mushroom powder
They blend the mushroom into tiny pieces and cook it become mushroom soup
It taste different compare to others restaurant did, 
it mushroom soup taste heavier at here.

As I always do,
ordered Carbonara with mushroom only.
I don't think this is the best Carbonara I have 
it taste normal and not cheesy at all.
I like cheesy carbonara.

While my friend ordered seafood Aglio Olio which come with a lil spicy taste from the pepper I guessed.

I ordered hot lemon tea and end up they served me lemon tea with teapot.
It is really good in present well infront of me, 
but somehow I can't even make a nice lemon tea taste by myself. LOL
I still prefer the bar tender did this for me before serve to me.

That's my day at Ben's night

Monday, October 19, 2015

Vegetarians素食在鼎泰丰@PAVILION KL




他开心极了,那当然 !





所以啊,如果素食者来到PAVILION不想吃FOOD COURT里的素食杂饭的话


Din Tai Fung Restaurant
6.01.05, Level 6, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
168, Jln Bukit Bintang, 51000 K.L
Tel: 03-21188292

Friday, October 9, 2015

Bali Trip Day 4: Balangan Beach+Krishna Souvenir Shop+Lippo Mall+Airport

Hola, this is the last day we traveled at Bali,
We have managed to call Joe driver to fetch us to our destination we want
But however, he was been booked by others traveler that day,
so he managed his friend driver fetch us and the price rate is still same,
so good !
Before we headed to the beach that I requested, 
we had our lovely breakfast at resort first,

This is the first time I have my breakfast with Menu order type instead of buffet.
They only allowed to order 1 dish from the menu for each person
This is somehow I felt not satisfying with it and how if we were not full at all
and if we want to order more, we have to pay for the second dish.LOL

Before the main dish served, they served us fried aubergine and fruits.
The drinks served which you requested.

I had ordered egg Benedict which it really served like those what cafe served,
presentable and looks delicious.

We ordered fried rice too as we afraid we were not full enough if we just eat bread and toast.

Early morning, I had my bathtub session before we checked out this room
The sunshine and windy weather did really help on relaxation during bathtub session.

The driver came on 12pm, so we left our luggage at there and headed to our beach
I have do a lot of surveys that Balangan beach is a nice beach for surfing but not swimming.
It is because the beach full of rocks which might hurts our leg when we stepped on it.
But it is worth to come and you see such a beautiful scenery.

Balangan beach is near to Jimbaran,
we just need 25 minutes car distance to reach from our resort.
The driver fetch us to the top cliff here to take picture before having our sunbath.

Told driver to meet after 2 hours and here we go !

Rocky beach but a lot of couples came here to have wedding photo shooting

Many surfers surf at here and this beach is more quiet and peace than others beach as 
there is lesser tourists at here, and lesser bargainer and seller too
which I can sleep at here without any disturbs by them.

He going to surf again after he learnt an hour of lesson at Legian Beach.

While I enjoy my beach day at here , nice view, nice sea, and nice sky !

I got tanned so much !
But is worth for it.

Before heading to airport, we still got an hour of time free,
so driver brought us to buy souvenir at Krishna Souvenir Soap which is much more cheaper
than the shop at Legian street,
and he brought us to Lippo mall too which is 5 minutes distance from the airport.

We had our tea time at Comic Diner at Lippo mall, 
since there are having buy 1 free 1 promotion,
we ordered a pancake and free one more pan cake which we later gave to our driver.

Their pancake is yummy but we cant eat much.

Everything on the table is super fat food.
Let's finish it and start diet after it. LOL

That's the end of my Bali trip.
Driver recommended : Wechat ID: Penjor26
Expenses used at Bali: RM1500 for 2 person including :
Driver for 3 days : RM350
Massage and Spa for 2 days: RM340

Others expenses : 
Air ticket : RM290 per person
Hotels stayed : RM120 per night J4 hotel , RM290 per night ar Abi Bali

Thanks for reading my blog!

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