Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Vegetarian:Ben's Publika

Had my dinner at Ben's restaurant during August, 
and I was too busy on career which I do not hace time to update my food article

So let me introduce what I have try at Ben's restaurant.
The service at Ben's is not as good as Ante Kitchen,
we called waiter but they did not focus on us, they just busy standing at a corner and chatting.
We have to call many times or wave our hands obviously to get their attention

I have ordered Mushroom soup, 
I love this type of mushroom soup which is not made of mushroom powder
They blend the mushroom into tiny pieces and cook it become mushroom soup
It taste different compare to others restaurant did, 
it mushroom soup taste heavier at here.

As I always do,
ordered Carbonara with mushroom only.
I don't think this is the best Carbonara I have 
it taste normal and not cheesy at all.
I like cheesy carbonara.

While my friend ordered seafood Aglio Olio which come with a lil spicy taste from the pepper I guessed.

I ordered hot lemon tea and end up they served me lemon tea with teapot.
It is really good in present well infront of me, 
but somehow I can't even make a nice lemon tea taste by myself. LOL
I still prefer the bar tender did this for me before serve to me.

That's my day at Ben's night

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