Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bangkok Trip 2014- Day 1

Sorry for the super late update on my latest trip - Bangkok Trip
Many readers might wondering why I wanna post an article about Bangkok again since I had posted and went before last year.
Well, every year we go will gain different experience and feeling, 
Just like this time, I had change some schedule of the trip compare to last year one.
So, let's start my journey.

Thanks for my Boy who always bring me for vacation every year, 
without him, I might not have a single chance to fly everytime.

Hand Carry Luggage is a must to bring whenever u go to Bangkok for shopping purpose.
Love this luggage so much as it is super nice, easy to rotate,lightweight and many functions as well.

Ready to go- On the Airplane.
We found that there are few passengers sit for this plane to Bangkok
I think many had cancel or change their schedule due to the issues happening in Bangkok

This time, we booked back the same hotel like last year
Nantra Sukhumvit 39 Hotel 
We are not in love with their hotel but it is the most near to BTS station Hotel,
that's why we choose back this instead of others.
Besides, the overall of it is nice and clean,
Surrounding of the hotel is a Japanese Street which there is a lot of things to shop for.

This time , I am healthy enough to shop in Bangkok
Still remember last year I had a very high fever when travelling in Bangkok.

First location to go is Asiatique

Picture taken meanwhile we were waiting for the boat to come..

How to go to Asiatique ?
Take BTS to Saphan Thaksin Station and take the free shuttle boat service
Note: Take the exit 2 at Saphan Taksin BTS Station to reach the boat service there.

The queue is long but is is worth to wait since Asiatique is nice !

How to spend your time while waiting for the boat to come?
Well, there is only 1 suggestion for you 
which is take picture as many as you can

The sky was getting dark 
Let's took a picture of EMO FACE before we can't capture any clear scene after that.

Asiatique is a modern yet small village which is popular enough to let tourists or locals to visit it.
There are many things to do, see , shop around at there
But What I had saw was there is a lot of Japanese restaurants at there.

We had our dinner inside one of the restaurant in Asiatique

The restaurant is full of eaters !
We have to wait 5 mins before we can get our seats.

Finally !

We ordered Foo Yong Egg, Tomyam White Soup( Super nice), Fried Mixed Vegetables

My boy said the rice in Thailand is very nice !
He ordered 3 bowls of rice on that day, =.=
The people at there get shocked since he keep asked for the rice for three times.

Big Ferry Wheel with us 

Feel like wasting time to sit on this ..LOL

Asiatique pictures on that day

Met Mr Husky at Asiatique !
He is so BIG and SHY !

This is the first day for our Bangkok Trip ,
Stay Tuned for Day 2 ya, xoxo

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