Thursday, March 7, 2013

Langkawi Trip

Sorry for the super duper late post here ,
but I hope readers would still stay here and continue to read my blog.

Recently Uni life makes me crazy and stress,
assignment and exam come once in a time ,
I have no time to spend on blogging ,
tomorrow I will have my midterm exam ,
but I still come in and update my blog ,
so please continue be my readers =)

If you DID see my FB status and photos ,
you will definitely know that I went to Langkawi during Chinese New Year.
This was my first time went to Langkawi and 
I went with my boy and his family.
hoho , sounds interesting right.

We have 24 family members here to Langkawi trip,
so they booked a BIG BUS to reach the jetty at KEDAH ,
I just know the way go and back , I just keep sleeping and sleeping ,
no matter inside the bus or inside the ferry. LOL

When we reached there , it almost evening already. 
So, the first day was passed by sitting bus and ferry.
The next day ...

We celebrate our valentine at Langkawi Island. 

At the sharp 12am of Valentine day ,
he gave me a big surprise that make me touched and cry.
I never expect he will give me valentine present ,
because he keep call me not to buy anything to each other ,
just save the money and go for travel next time ,
But I love it , muaaaahahahaa.

We went to Geo Forest Park to have our day.
The boat that fetch 8 person in a boat and visit 3 places
cost around RM 200++ SO EXPENSIVE.
But honestly , I like to sit this fast speed boat and smell the sea water. LOL

This trip was full of kids joining us too .

Such a nice scenery.

Pictures explain everything 

You can know which hotel we stay by looking this picture. hahhaah

Hope that we can travel more places in the coming future , my dear,
I fall in love to travel since I travel with you.

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