Sunday, May 26, 2013

Melaka Trip May 2013

Oops , I know I long time never been up here and cleaning the dust at here,
since February ago 
I left it and let it be like that ,
Feeling so guilty to my blog now , LOL

Recently , I am having my honeymoon semester break
so thats why I went for few trips and 
end up I have some ideas to talk about it at here. 
But happy time passed fast always ,
tomorrow I have to start my new semester again , awwww.

I went to Melacca again ,
When I told my friends about I am going to Melacca,
they will look at me with their big eye and say :
Again huh ??

A trip always a trip no matter how much time you been there ,
as long as you pack your shirts and leave your home 
and enjoy the trip as much as you can 
without thinking of busy life you are irritating with.

so , my boyf brought me to Melacca again since we really can't take out more days to go for
a farer place. =(
This shows that we are really busy nowadays. 
We are fighting for the future.
The future that we cannot predict
The future that we afraid because of the politics in Malaysia. LOL
So , Let's go !!

We know that Melacca Jonker Street does not have much vegetarian restaurants ,
Even at night , you can't find a vegetarian restaurant although Jonker Streets are full of food stalls.
But this time thanks to my Boyf , 
he brought me to Jonker street one of the cafe inside
which is GEOGRAPHER.

They provide only one choice for Vegetarian but..
better than nothing =D
 Cute couple likes to take pictures.

 My face expression is a lot , 
Let seeeeeee...

My best photographer.

Laugh awkwardly

Laugh like a SHIT .

We stop our crazy taking picture act when the food been served.
My Laksa =D Yummy ,
The noodles is made from brown rice , so healthy you know !
 Sunday Jonker Street walk is less people compare to Saturday ,
All of the tourists back since Monday have to work.

After dinner , we definitely think of dessert - Cendol 
Cendol is famous in Melacca because they use another type of sugar to made it.
Some can accept their taste and will love it,
but some people might not accept the rare taste of it. 

Oh ya !
We were so lucky this time ,
we found Vegetarian shop that we thought closed long time ago ,
it OPEN !!

We found that their operation hour is from 7am to 2pm and closed on Sunday,
thats why if we reached late to Melacca ,
we might not able to try it.
Their Bat Kut Teh is awesome , 
and I was craving for Vegetarian dim sum long time ago ,
This is so lucky =D

It was located behind street of Jonker main street ,
so you have to walk near to Cheng Ho temple there to find out. 

He looked so happy when he found a vegetarian shop =D
you know , whenever we found out a new vege shop ,
our heart was like.. oh Thank god , 
thank god for letting us have a great meal =D

Melacca Durian Cendol at Sam Shu Gong 
I guessed everyone know it if you been there,
Nice and special.

 Everywhere is part of our memories.

 Before going back ,
I was nagging to my boyf to call him to bring me to Mahkota Parade to have Nadeje cake ,
Miss the mille crepe cake so so much =D
As I say , not much people as Saturday always benefit to us.
Good Service and Good Environment.

When the cake reached , I showed my smile to the camera =D

I can't stop smiling , feel so happy that I can eat it.
 Original flavor is the best for me.

He look like a boss when he was sipping his tea , =)
does he ?

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