Sunday, December 21, 2014

Honest Review About Lavish Spa, Fahrenheit KL

Since everyone addicted on spa recently including me, 
I will blog about the spa which it open recently
and becoming a hot trend which everyone compare it with Ossoto.

With my curiosity and the mood to relax,
I decided to go for a try at Lavish Spa with my loved one Rainy.

Firstly when we reached Fahrenheit mall, 
We hardly find the way to reach Lavish Spa
as it situated at 5th floor while the shopping mall lift only available until 4th floor.

My recommend to you, go to the receptionist of the mall
and ask directly the lift location to reach to Lavish Spa.

When I came out from the lift, I can't find any sign or direction guided to reach Lavish Spa.
We keep stunning at there about 3 minutes, looking everywhere to find the way.
At last, we decided to ask the people passed by and they show us the direction.
We have to walk a long distance in  a Condo type of corridor 
and thank god, we had reached our destination !

The first impression of their receptionist to me is fast and efficient
but the whole area is so small compare to Ossoto. 
and I was quite disappointed when I found out
each of the facilities in spa is located in room by room.

Means that, I can't just wrap a towel only from spa area to my locker area
as once we step out from woman spa, we are in public area !
Inside the locker room, I can't change my outfit comfortably as their changing room 
can't close the curtain fully which others girls can see what we are changing
especially the locker did reflect the image of us !
End up I have to take the shirts to go to woman spa to change 
since woman spa did provide changing room.
So inconvenience !

The outfit they provide is not in comfortable way
especially the pant, I hear others girl did request for bigger size 
because of the pant's size is too small which we can't wear comfortably.

There is only one staff working inside the locker room, 
She can't even fulfill every customer need in her efficient way
probably because of lack of staff with her.

Time to breakfast once we change our outfit.

When we reach their cafeteria, I found that the area is too small, 
air-conditioning is bad which we feel hot !
The staff at there is not friendly at all and not well trained. 

When I sit down inside cafeteria, both of us keep complaining about this spa.

The breakfast menu only provided all these.
Seriously, I felt I was served like a kid when I saw the scrambled egg and baked beans
was served with so small portion !
The breakfast had disappointed all of us. Sigh. 

Nice picture captured by my darling.

 Hmm, too much bad review about Lavish Spa huh?
I m just telling honestly.

But I wanna compliment about their spa they provide to woman,
it is much more better than OSSOTO spa.
The hot water jacuzzi did make me sweat a lot
and I did really feel my whole body is in a relax mode.

 Ossoto woman jacuzzi is not nice and relax at all.
Expecially the jacuzzi turbo is not strong enough.
Lavish Spa one is the best which I had experience among others.

However the make up dressing table is too near to the jacuzzi
which we feel super hot when we were blowing our hair.
End up, we feel irritated when we start sweating after bath.
I think this could be improve.
Besides, we can't put our handphone or cosmetic at the spa locker
Idk why, the staff called me to take along with all these thing 
with a small mini basket case they provided
Even I am doing spa, I have to bring along also =.=
I felt speechless with this.

Anyhow, I did enjoy my spa =)

 Having my soya drink at the cafe area,
the fruit juice charge extra if we order. remember this. 

About the Manicure and Pedicure,
Lavish Spa did promote it which RM28 only in their FB page.
When I go there and ask for price,
I found that it have to charge extra money if we want any design on our nail
RM28 only for PLAIN NAIL COLOR !
The design, stone, diamonds, drawing, have to charge differently. 

Massage charge is charge quite expensive compare to OSSOTO,
I tried 30 mins Shoulder Massage which cost RM58
but RM38 only for Ossoto with same duration- 30 mins
The massage charging at here is quite expensive.

By the way,
The Lunch and Dinner Ala Carte choice did appetizing us.
we did enjoy our meal as the food is delicious and yummy !
Remember to have Tomyam noodles if you are TOMYAM lover.
By the way, vegetarian like me have to order the chef 
by reminding them not to put the meat or onion into the meal. That's easy.

I hope my article do help you . Enjoy the day.

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