Thursday, August 15, 2019

Seoul Trip Day 5 : Common Underground Container/ Coexmall Starfield Library/ Express Bus Terminal Underground/ Duex Amis

The last day in Seoul, we decided to for a leisure city day.
So we started from visiting Common Underground Container, 
but never expect it was quite far after we exit from the nearest subway.
The reason we choose to reach earliest for this attraction is because common underground container is a place which famous with photo taking with the blue container,
so to avoid waiting for photo taking session for certain background, coming earlier is the best solution to avoid people appearing in your pretty photo.

We walked along this empty street, full with night bars.
These shops were closed at morning and therefore the whole street could be a best instashot place.
But sorry for making this kind of face in this picture, Idk why I fail to bring the feel out hahahah

How to go to Common Underground Container?
Alight at Konkuk Station, Exit 6

It is quite difficult to find the right way to walk to the container, 
even we ask the local people, they also can't tell us the correct way,
so the best is, recognize the night bars along the street and you will know you are at the right way.
Don't rely on google maps, it failed to guide me.

After asking few locals, finally there was one of them know the way to container.
Thank god.

But somehow we were wrong, 
the container is closed and we can't go into the place as we have to wait for opening hour.
So, we had our early brunch before get back to here again,

We went to a ramen restaurant nearby to have our light brunch,
I had ordered Ramen with Kimchi and Seaweed.

Back to the container after early lunch, 
we started our photo taking marathon. 

Request others tourists to help both of us take a nice picture at Blue container. 

And, the Fila shirts at here have more choices and sizes compared to Myeongdong, 
End up I came out with this. 

Next, we headed to Starfield Library at Coexmall
The library is considered as an attraction for tourists too.
You will know why after you scroll down to the pictures below. 
It is located inside the Starfield Coexmall.

How to reach Coexmall Starfield Library ?
Take subway to Samseong Station and Exit 6.
Just follow the sign to get to the mall and you will see the library.

When I enter into this library, I was like : WOW ! The book rack !

The book rack is magnificent.
A place that has expand's one horizons. 
It is definitely worth for a visit.

We have walked around the Starfield mall, the basement is food heaven territory,
but everything selling at here is expensive, most probably is because of this mall is categorized as branded mall, just like Pavilion and Starhill at Kuala Lumpur. 

I bought a tart for a try, it cost RM8. WTF
But the yellow part is very soft and smooth to slurp into your mouth, 
I can't find this quality of tart in Malaysia ! Delicious.

We went to Express Bus Terminal Underground too, 
don't get confused with the bus terminal wording, 
it is actually a shopping mall which is located underground, 
selling varieties of clothes, like Bukit Bintang at Kuala Lumpur.

I did not buy anything at here as the price is not cheap too,
one piece of blouse selling RM100 and above, 
with unpopular brand but honestly, the cloth's quality is good actually. 

How to reach Express Bus Terminal Underground?
Subway to Express Bus Terminal station and Exit 8

Spotted a nice background after we came out from the underground shopping
Took it casually and the outcome was nice.

At last stop, we went to have the most expensive dessert in our life.
a piece of strawberry cake cost around RM40, excluding the tea.
But, the cafe is full of people and no doubt, the cake is freaking nice.

Deux Amis
22 Palpan-gil, Palpan-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Go for a try if you are a dessert lover or you wonder what makes it so expensive, 
try it and you will know.

Okay, wrapped up my Seoul post and going to update another blog post soon !
Thanks for always reading me.

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