Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Japan 6 Days Trip: Budget Summary & Itinerary

Budget Summary (PER PERSON) :

Return Flight
RM908  (Including luggage check in)

Pasmo Card

Metro Line 3 Days Pass

Return Bus to Mt Fuji
RM75 + RM80

Mt Fuji 2 Days Pass ( Bus+Ropeway+Ferry)

Bus to Haneda Airport

RM120 (Roughly) x 6 days = RM780

Airbnb Homestay
RM750 (5 nights)

Total Budget RM3116 (Excluding Shopping Expenses)

Seriously, shopping in Tokyo used a lot of money especially Malaysia currency is so low now.
Be wise when you spent in Tokyo and bring more cash if you wish to shop in Tokyo

That's all for my whole Japan Trip , hope you guys enjoy reading it and get the info you want. 
See you guys soon for more post.

Itinerary :

Day 1: Haneda Airport > Okubo Homestay

Day 2: Asakusa Sensoji Temple > Tokyo Skytree

Day 3: Hakone Day Trip > Mount Fuji

Day 4: Shinjuku > Meiji Shrine > Shibuya Crossing > BAPE Store

Day 5: Tokyo Imeperial Palace > Takeshita Street > Akihabara

Day 6: Tokyo Station > Shinjuku Station > Odakyu Department Store > Haneda Airport

Japan Trip Day 6: Tokyo Station > Shinjuku Station > Odakyu Department Store > Haneda Airport

The last day in Japan was feeling like so emo and down 
as you know you are going back to the country that is not as good as the country that you travel in

My breakfast was kinda awesome on the last day 
(We ate bread and yogurt every morning for the past 5 days as our breakfast)
We bought sushi at the day before and keep inside the fridge for the next day breakfast
(Our homestay provided a medium size fridge)

I don't realized the sushi is good until I ate it 
Look !

The Tamago egg is thicker than the rice !
I never eat this kind of sushi before .
what I can say is : It is awesome delicious and the Tamago taste is so yummy !
I don't think Malaysia has this kind of sushi where the egg has bigger portion than the rice.
Hmm ?

The last day is the most headache part in Japan as you know I am carrying a 20kg weight of luggage along with me since we have checked out from our homestay
The most emo part was some of the stations did not have lift or escalator to go up or down
so I need to carry the super heavy luggage up and down
Many people passed by and saw me carry the luggage one step by one step,
They did offer their help for me or else I don't know how I m going to carry the luggage up and down so many times. LOL

We took to Shinjuku station and we bought the bus ticket to Haneda airport
We took Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal which cost 1230 yen per person
Then we stored our luggage at nearby luggage locker which cost 500 yen for 8 hours per locker
(Remember to prepare 5 of 100 yen for the locker)

After stored the luggage, I was like set to be FREEEE !
We headed to our last destination to visit which is Tokyo Station
The building doesnt look like Japan style at all and many tourists took picture with it 

I heard Tokyo Station is a place which full of food
so we had our lunch inside the Tokyo station

This was my N time to eat the food facing the wall during this Japan trip 
Their culture. LOL

Back to Shinjuku station, I bought Pablo inside the station 
It is quite hard to find as you know Shinjuku station is super big !
I asked many local people only can get to here at last.

Then we went to Odakyu Department Store to shop for food since we still have time before departing to airport.
Odakyu Department Store entrance is inside Shinjuku Station also, 
we went to their food street to hunt for food bringing back to Malaysia
Odakyu is like a food heaven, my mom and I obsessed by their food !

So many types of TAMAGO !
Don't worry, I have bought it and ate it !

My mom bought the sandwich with AVOCADO inside. 
So healthy LOL

My mom bought strawberry back to Malaysia also
The strawberry looks juicy and delicious 
and they are HUGE in size.

White color Strawberry is expensive like hell
around RM80 each
I don't even want to buy at all when I saw the sky price.

Okay, is time to leave Shinjuku Station and queue up at the bus terminal
The bus came in punctual time, be sure you reach earlier or else you gonna miss it.

My little Pablo 
Omg , I missed the cake so much.

I realised that my leg looks smaller after this 6 days of trip
I guessed it was because we keep walking when we travel
the calorie burnt a lot. haha

The airport is a place to hunt too.
There is a food street which full of Japan culture.

I can even take picture inside the airport.

Start loving to use vending machine to order the food.
It is so convenient and fun !
Fun?? Yes, it is new and fun for Malaysian like us. haha

Even you ordered the food by vending machine dy, you still have to queue for the place to sit.

This is the first time I felt in love with fried tofu 
the taste is so delicious and it is cannot be compare with Malaysia one
This taste so good !

My mom's dinner. She said this is delicious.

In Japan, you can see the vending machine everywhere
even inside the train station

Remember to buy ROYCE at the airport
It cost so cheap !
Malaysia selling RM60 per box and it selling around RM30 per box,
The price difference is too much !
I bought it at last. haha

Their flavour is too many !
I can't even see so many choices in Malaysia also.
So happy to shop at here , the duty free shop inside the airport.

My flight was 12am and I reached Malaysia was at the next day of 7am,
It was 7 hours flight and I slept like a pig inside the flight
and went to the toilet for once and didnt eat anything at all for the 7 hours
is like our sleeping time, no appetite to eat at all.

That's all for my 6 days of Japan Trip,
I will summarized my budget and my itinary in the coming post.
Stay tuned ya.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Japan Trip Day 5: Tokyo Imeperial Palace > Takeshita Street > Akihabara

On the fifth day, we went to Tokyo Imperial Palace for sighseeing first

There are few ways to reach here by the metro:

• To Sakashita-mon Gate
  from subway Chiyoda Line Nijubashi-mae Station (Exit 6): 15-minute walk
  from subway Mita Line Otemachi Station (Exit D2): 15-minute walk
  from JR Line Tokyo Station (Marunouchi Central Exit): 20-minute walk

• To Kikyo-mon Gate
  from subway Chiyoda Line Nijubashi-mae Station (Exit 6): 10-minute walk
  from subway Mita Line Otemachi Station (Exit D2): 10-minute walk
  from JR Line Tokyo Station (Marunouchi Central Exit): 15-minute walk

• To Ote-mon Gate
  from subway Each Line Otemachi Station (Exit C13a): 5-minute walk
  from subway Chiyoda Line Nijubashi-mae Station (Exit 6): 10-minute walk
  from JR Line Tokyo Station (Marunouchi North Exit): 15-minute walk

• To Hirakawa-mon Gate
  from subway Tozai Line Takebashi Station (Exit 1a): 5-minute walk

• To Kita-hanebashi-mon Gate
  from subway Tozai Line Takebashi Station (Exit 1a): 5-minute walk

Since I have bought the 3 days pass of metro subway
so we took the subway line to Otemachi Station which is only 5 mins walk to reach the destination.

After come out from exit C13a, you just need to cross the road to the opposite side 
and you will reach the entrance gate of Tokyo Imperial Palace. 

There is a peaceful lake outside of the Palace and the ducklings were adorable.

This picture is obviously showing that it was winter season as the trees look bald. LOL

Here we are at the entrance gate of the palace
Don't worry about the entrance fees,
There is no charges for the entrance.

The palace is huge and they planted different kinds of tress and flowers inside here
It is so happy when you found a trees with blooming flowers during the winter season
I can't miss the chance of taking pic with all these awesome plants thou

What is this ? Oh , is mandarin orange !

A big nice field for the kids to run??
I think it is wonderful to picnic at here with your loved ones

The magneficient walls 
How they build this by the way??

After visiting Tokyo Imperial Palace,
we took JR Line to reach Harajuku station
(If you are using subway metro, you have to stop at Meiji Shrine Station and walk a quite long distance to reach the Takeshita street)

That day was Sunday and the street was like FULLLL of people

Did you notice a restaurant beside the Takeshita street sign ?
Yes we ate our lunch at YOSHINOYA restaurant
This restaurant is quite popular in Tokyo as I noticed this restaurant at somewhere else too

Yoshinoya menu is mainly for meat lover I guessed
So I ordered side dish like Miso Soup, a bowl of rice, Kimuchi and Tamago to become lunch of my day, it cost around 300 yen like this as I share the rice with my mom
It is considered super duper cheap already to have lunch in Tokyo by paying 300 yen  LOL

Next we started our window shopping mood to the Takeshita Street
Takeshita street is a place full of cosplay and fashion items 
Besides, I didn't see much of the cosplayer walking on the street at all
I just see some of them but I expect a lot of cosplayers will walk on the street initially

There is a pharmacy at the left side of the shop rows which sell extremely cheap compare to the previous pharmacy we shop before
It is near to the entrance there and it is situated at the left side
Do visit it to buy a cheaper price of item as we have compared many shops
and this pharmacy is the cheapest

The street sells a lot of dessert crepe with different brand of shop name
I still prefer Thailand Pancake rather than this 
That pancake taste much better

If you can't find any Anello bags in Tokyo
Come to Takeshita street, you will see almost every shops are selling ANELLO
So my advice is

After ramen for so many days, we tried UDON at the restaurant which inside the SHINJUKU station 
It taste soooooo nice !
OMG, I forgot what their name already but trust me there is not much restaurant along the walkway
and this is the only restaurant selling UDON
We had our dinner at here before heading to AKIHABARA

From Shinjuku to Akihabara

To get to Akihabara from Shinjuku JR Station, board the JR Chuo Line headed for Tōkyō. Next, switch to the JR Sobu Line at JR Ochanomizu station. Be sure to check where the trains are headed. The Chuo Line has orange trains and the Sobu Line has yellow trains.
Trains: JR Chuo Line and JR Sobu Line
Change Trains At: JR Ochanomizu Station
Fare: 165 yen
Time: About 12 minutes

Akihabara is a must go place in Tokyo as you will discover a lot of technology items that you never seen before in Malaysia
We came during the night so we can't really explore all of the shops actually
But we did not expect to buy anything from here as our country currency is sucks like waste paper
so we just explore the place and discover their new technology

There is a place that attracts customer to enter their shop to spin the balls or play their machine
Too bad that Malaysia don't have any shops like this
It looks fun !

We can see a lot of strange things at here
just like I saw 3 karts riding on the road at Akihabara
and they are wearing super cute outfit riding the karts
These attract a lot of eyes looking at them when they are waiting for the traffic light to turn green

We entered a shop that has 6 storeys level and different categories of technology sold at each floor
Like the ground level selling phones, cables and powerbanks
while first floor selling cameras and DSLR

Their printer is so small and light and square in size
This is the latest printer that selling in Japan
You know Japan always faster than us.

This is the scanner

Go up to the highest floor, there is variety of groceries selling at here
even the toilet bowl also selling at here
Their toilet bowl is quite popular even China people also came here to buy their toilet bowl
just because their toilet bowl provide warm seated when you sit on it

You know , we need this very much during winter time so that you will enjoy the warm of your butt inside the toilet LOL

If you are finding the hair dryer which will smoothen the hair from Panasonic brand,
this floor is selling everythings that we need 
Just the matter of money stop us from buying, damn it Malaysia.

Even branded purse also selling at here LOL

Never see this kind of motor before 
and the girls are riding the motor !
Their motors are like gaming type motor but they are riding on the road !
Is a new thing for me you know, I was like:

I will come out with an itinerary and summary of my budget soon  for the whole Japan Trip
Do stay tuned for my coming post ya

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