Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hong Kong Day 4 May 2014

Day 4 at Hong Kong was just a simple shopping day for us.
We went to Times Square, Sogo and many high tall building which
was shopping malls to walk around and shop around.
But all the shopping malls are full of branded shops 
which we don't really walk around at all

We passed by a small cafe which look old yet clean and full of Hong Kong cafe style
Yes ! Finally found this double layer milk pudding like that.
It taste super super yummy !
You must try if you travel at Hong Kong. 

Nah, I am so clever to took picture on their menu
as they listed out few address about their company branches.
remember to have a try on this
Is a good try ever in your life, I feel like wanna go back Hong Kong again
because of this milk =(

The waitress there was really not good in attitude by serving us
But it is normal to happen at Hong Kong
which I heard a lot of bad review about Hong Kong people
no offend about them but some of them who really not helpful at all
and show us a damn shit face that look like we trouble them a lot. damn it.

So do the waitress there,
we just asked cold or hot nicer
and she dont wanna answer and just keep asking
with impatient tone
to call us cold or hot la , different la what the hell of attitude.=.=

We finished asap as there was a lot of people waiting for seat outside the cafe.
and we continue to shop around.

My boy got what he want at Hong Kong-Mont Blanc Wallet
But actually the price is same as Malaysia,
I just told him to buy if he like as we will not willing to buy if we back to Msia.
Nah, he was showing off his mont blanc plastic bag.

Guess what? we came back to the yesterday vegetarian restaurant again !
Zhong Hua Vegetarian Restaurant as we were really satisfied their food
and many of the food inside menu we wanna tried it.
But when we rushed to there, 
we had missed the time of having half price of the bill.
But nevermind, it does not stop us from having a nice late lunch though.

We ordered a bowl of sharkfin soup and a plate of "bread cheese pineapple fried rice"
I am a girl that MUST HAVE SOUP AROUND for me to have
IF the menu did provide the soup I really craving for.
I am soup lover seriously. hehe

The red color liquid is vinegar for sharkfin soup, special right ??
and you see the cheeseeeeeeeeeee, yummy !!!!!!
awwwwwwww, I feel hungry now. LOL

After the late lunch, we walked around almost whole Hong Kong shopping mall.
Just kidding , but for me , I think I had walk almost 10 shopping malls in 1 day.
Mostly was go in awhile and come out
But we were lucky that the day was SOGO SALES DAY,
so we entered SOGO and grab something cheap since it had BIG SALES OFFER.
and yea , I bought a very very nice and cute bag which
many of my friends did praise it when I brought out.

We went back to our room and put down our shopping bags
and come out again for a relaxing walk 
and took picture with some unique icon somehow like Panda ??
or Robot Panda ? which behind us.

Romantic lighing inside the shopping mall.

Okay, the purpose of taking this picture is because we wanna show you
how high and how long the escalator we took
you can saw it behind us. so high !
It freaks me out and it have almost 5 floors of height
this is for those people who wanna straight away up to the more higher floor instead of
taking one floor by one floor
It really convenient, Malaysia should consider to have this also.xixi

Since it was the last night at Hong Kong,
we went to try out the Hong Kong famous dish-WANTAN MEE
although we can have it in Malaysia but I think somehow
Hong Kong has its own style.

This time we did not enter any Vegetarian restaurant as it was late midnight
and many of the restaurants were closed.
We entered those Hongkong style restaurant and have this WANTAN MEE
their noodles are very QQ , means elastic kind of meaning like that
where Taiwanese like to say it.
We had informed the waiter to give us a plain noodles with vegetables one
so here it come. I felt super normal
and the taste was like very very normal,
just the noodles, special though. 

After noodles, we headed to a dessert shop which they open until midnight 2am
I was impressed when I saw the shop was full of customers
although that time was 11pm already. 

But we were very disappointed with their dessert,
I m proud to be Malaysian as I found out Malaysia dessert is much more nicer than it.
and somemore it was so pricey with this 2 small bowl of dessert. sigh

The next day of morning was the day for us to leave Hong Kong
so I purposely wake up early in the morning 
and check whether anything for me to shop at SASA, Bonjour, etc

My boy was sleep like a piggy so I walked out by myself
and I think it is too early for them as that time was 8am morning.
So I went to McD and ordered breakfast for me and him
I felt MCD breakfast at Hong Kong is better
as they provide the burgers that we can eat. =)

He has his wallet and so do I, 
showing off my kate spade wallet which bought at Hong Kong
cost around RM700.

How we go back?
We took bus at a station which the bus will straight away reach the airport directly 
so you can see that it is very convenient to reach airport,

The flight delayed for 20 mins so we had our starbucks and facebooking
at the airport terminal there.
By the way, this was my first time to have flight delay in my life.
Good experience I think. LOL

Overall in this trip, we had spent around RM7000 for this trip
This trip is not luxury kind but we did shop a lot of cosmetic stuff indeed.
I had bought SK2 facial treatment with very good price
compare to Malaysia here
If you did interested, find me and PM me at FB ,
I will give you a good price.

Hong Kong is a nice trip to shopping
but you have to get ready on expenses
as the expenses at there is super high that out of my expected.
Nice memory by the way.


Stay tuned for my upcoming super outdated post
Bangkok Day 2

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hong Kong Trip Day 3 May 2014

Day 3 at Hong Kong,
we woke up considered late as we were so tired about yesterday
of whole day trip at Ocean Park.

We visited Hong Kong most famous temple
which everyone believe it as they said it really fulfilled 
human wishes.
Well, so we were here. 

How to go to Wong Tai Sin temple??
Take MRT to Wong Tai Sin station 
and exit B2 , walk around 3 mins and you will reach here.

This temple was full of people visiting it
and mostly what I saw there included local people came here to pray too.
You can imagine the crowd as you saw my picture above, WOW

It was hard to get a nice picture with QI LIN 
as many people around me and waiting for their turn to take picture with it.

Don't you think QI LIN is cute ??
We took a happy photo with it. 
But feeling bad that we took with its mouth instead of its whole face. 

Guess what ? 
My zodiac -Monkey. 

His zodiac is cow, 
no wonder he is so stubborn and never care about others ! 
Now I know ! 

When I looked back at this pictures, 
I felt envy on my figure. 
I am so fat now , OMG !

To suit with the title of the board on top of it,
he act like a bookworm. LOL
KONG DAO MEN is belongs to Kong Zi who was a great teacher during the past.

With QI LIN again. 

Okay, should take picture with WONG TAI SIN as everyone prayed him
Local people told us that last time ,
they allowed people to enter to the temple hall
but due to too many of prayers,
they inhibited people from entering anymore.

But anyhow,
as long as we are sincere, kind and honest
God will always around you.

Everyone wanna bet a luck to get tips from WONG TAI SIN
so do us
We tried like everyone does. LOL

But we never go for further request for explanation as 
they charge a lot and mainly they do this for commercial
not for helping , I wont go for it since they are just thinking of earning instead of helping.

Its Lunch time again,
we use trip advisor again to search and hunt for vegetarian restaurant
and I wanna proud myself that I found this restaurant !!!
It was so so so so yummy and the price is affordable !
Every table was full and we have to share table with others customers.
But never mind, you will know that is very normal case happen in Hong Kong restaurant.

The name of this restaurant was "ZHONG HUA VEGE RESTAURANT"
find it in trip advisor, it will guide you the way to reach there.
It need to take you 5 mins walk from MRT station.

2 person of us ordered 3 dishes,
you know why ?
Lunch time they offered half price of the bill !

We ordered a bowl of snake soup , of course is Vegetarian !!
a plate of small pizza and a dish with tofu one.
The dish was delicious and yummy. 
we have to finish it all if not they will fine us with original price of the bill.

After having a super satisfying lunch, 
we headed to The Peak.

We have to walk 10 mins distance walk to reach the peak station
and you see, there was so many people queuing up for the train to come and
go up to THE PEAK.

You will wonder why have to go THE PEAK,
The Peak is located at the top of the hills which 
we can see the whole Hong Kong view at there.
Besides, Madame Tussauds also located at top there.

Check out the queue behind us. Crazy queue.

We did not enter Madame Tussauds as we were not interested on this kind of exhibition
something like museum, doraemon exhibition.
Yea, we will get bored in there.
So we choose to walk around and breathe in the cool air at THE PEAK.

Taking picture with Bruce Lee as he stood outside the counter of
Madame Tussauds.

Nice view of whole Hong Kong

Shops everywhere inside the peak and of course
with the Hong Kong View

What a nice scenery with full Hong Kong view

When came to night, we sat at the coffee shop and chose a nice seat
which facing the whole Hong Kong view and sipping our chocolate drink.

After having a good time with Hong Kong view,
time to leave The Peak by taking and queuing for the Peak Tram again to go down back to city.

We did not have our dinner at that night as both of us were full 
so we headed to Lan Kwai Fong straight away.

I was craving for a place like disco, club like that to enjoy with.
But I get disappointed as all of them were pubs and bars which
I was not really attracted by their song.
Seriously, I chose to club not because of their drink or crowd.
It was because the music, I love EDM music by the way.

So we just took picture around 
and went back to out sweet stay to sleep.

time to end this 
and stay tuned for the last post for Hong Kong Trip Day 5

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hong Kong Trip-Day 2 May2014

The next morning for day 2 Hong Kong Trip,
we went to Ocean Park for whole day trip.
It is very convenient to buy Ocean Park ticket through online nowadays
You just click into website and buy it from any tour you wish to
The tour will send to your house address the ticket you bought
before you start to fly to Hong Kong.

It is easy to reach Ocean Park , 
ask the counter about which station to stop for Ocean Park
she will guide you and once you reach the station
There is bus provided to direct go to Ocean Park.
You will reach there around 15 minute.

Ocean Park is huge theme park which we really cant finish to visit every single place or theme 
in one day

We went there just in time is not a good sunny day
the sky went dark and it was going to rain soon.

We watch Dolphin show of course
A must watch show that my mom strongly recommend.
This was my first time watch dolphin in real. 
They are adorable !!!
The sea lion too !!

The sea lion waving hand to the audience

we played roller coaster more than show viewing 
Both of us like extreme activities huh.

As I said, when it started to rain heavily ,
we went to a restaurant inside Ocean Park to have our meal.

 Both of us learn a great experience from this bill below.
HKD632 !!!!! 2 white rice with roti canai and vegetable curry
with 1 bottle of orange juice cost HKD632 !!!
It was cost like RM300++ 
We felt so innocent as we were vegetarian and no choice
but we have to eat like this with this sky price.

Innocent look with the bill 

Look at our dish , It was so plain and cost RM150+ PER DISH. 
This was my first time to eat so expensive dishes with so simple 
and normal tasting lunch ..hmmp ! 
Feeling grumpy by the way about this matter.

Because of raining heavily at that moment, 
we went to visit those indoor activities
Oh ya, we visited Jellyfish,
They are transparent so any color of light applied on them
They look different color. LOL

The rain took almost 1 hour to finish.
so we took a nice cool weather walk and picture after the rain.

Hello Hong Kong City with the sea.

Rain stop, 
so lets move on to the roller coaster game again !
extreme gamer we are !

Taking picture while having long queue for Roller Coaster

After that we entered indoor room which we were freezed inside there
The temperature inside was like 10 degree which I was freezing inside there

The penguins were so cute !

Taking picture with penguin in close distance !

When we come out from the room , 
our camera lens turn blur 
which come out the effect of above picture. haha

Hello sea lion !

Before we end our trip at here
we went to last visit - PANDA 

Can you see Panda was eating behind us ?
By the way, u can see that the sky is getting dark inside the picture.

After Panda , the sky had turn dark.
we sat at outdoor to wait for the Water Light Show.
The show is quite awesome as they create it by coming out a story.
The real fire appeared on the water surface did amazed us. 
We can feel the hot too
My boy's shirt was wet that time because of heavy rain 
but because of that fire came out, 
his shirt dried immediately
Can you imagine how hot it is ??

After the show end, we leave ocean park by walking across the road to take bus.
The bus is very small and the driver owned their bus themselves
so they charged us RM20 per person per ride.
We cant refuse, because this is the only way to go back to Mong Kok area.
So we ride the bus and back to our street to hunt for food.

Trip advisor app is really a good app to help me to search for Vegetarian restaurant
around Hong kong area
I had search a vegetarian restaurant at Mong Kok area 
It took us around 10 mins walking distance to find it.
Trip advisor will guide you the road to walk to via GPS

We had our steamboat at there
different taste of steamboat at Hong Kong area
You have no idea on it that they provide peanut sauce for us at here
I never try indeed as I can't imagine how the taste will be.

Okay, that's all for my DAY 2 at Hong Kong Trip/

Stay Tuned for Day 3 !

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