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Hong Kong Day 4 May 2014

Day 4 at Hong Kong was just a simple shopping day for us.
We went to Times Square, Sogo and many high tall building which
was shopping malls to walk around and shop around.
But all the shopping malls are full of branded shops 
which we don't really walk around at all

We passed by a small cafe which look old yet clean and full of Hong Kong cafe style
Yes ! Finally found this double layer milk pudding like that.
It taste super super yummy !
You must try if you travel at Hong Kong. 

Nah, I am so clever to took picture on their menu
as they listed out few address about their company branches.
remember to have a try on this
Is a good try ever in your life, I feel like wanna go back Hong Kong again
because of this milk =(

The waitress there was really not good in attitude by serving us
But it is normal to happen at Hong Kong
which I heard a lot of bad review about Hong Kong people
no offend about them but some of them who really not helpful at all
and show us a damn shit face that look like we trouble them a lot. damn it.

So do the waitress there,
we just asked cold or hot nicer
and she dont wanna answer and just keep asking
with impatient tone
to call us cold or hot la , different la what the hell of attitude.=.=

We finished asap as there was a lot of people waiting for seat outside the cafe.
and we continue to shop around.

My boy got what he want at Hong Kong-Mont Blanc Wallet
But actually the price is same as Malaysia,
I just told him to buy if he like as we will not willing to buy if we back to Msia.
Nah, he was showing off his mont blanc plastic bag.

Guess what? we came back to the yesterday vegetarian restaurant again !
Zhong Hua Vegetarian Restaurant as we were really satisfied their food
and many of the food inside menu we wanna tried it.
But when we rushed to there, 
we had missed the time of having half price of the bill.
But nevermind, it does not stop us from having a nice late lunch though.

We ordered a bowl of sharkfin soup and a plate of "bread cheese pineapple fried rice"
I am a girl that MUST HAVE SOUP AROUND for me to have
IF the menu did provide the soup I really craving for.
I am soup lover seriously. hehe

The red color liquid is vinegar for sharkfin soup, special right ??
and you see the cheeseeeeeeeeeee, yummy !!!!!!
awwwwwwww, I feel hungry now. LOL

After the late lunch, we walked around almost whole Hong Kong shopping mall.
Just kidding , but for me , I think I had walk almost 10 shopping malls in 1 day.
Mostly was go in awhile and come out
But we were lucky that the day was SOGO SALES DAY,
so we entered SOGO and grab something cheap since it had BIG SALES OFFER.
and yea , I bought a very very nice and cute bag which
many of my friends did praise it when I brought out.

We went back to our room and put down our shopping bags
and come out again for a relaxing walk 
and took picture with some unique icon somehow like Panda ??
or Robot Panda ? which behind us.

Romantic lighing inside the shopping mall.

Okay, the purpose of taking this picture is because we wanna show you
how high and how long the escalator we took
you can saw it behind us. so high !
It freaks me out and it have almost 5 floors of height
this is for those people who wanna straight away up to the more higher floor instead of
taking one floor by one floor
It really convenient, Malaysia should consider to have this also.xixi

Since it was the last night at Hong Kong,
we went to try out the Hong Kong famous dish-WANTAN MEE
although we can have it in Malaysia but I think somehow
Hong Kong has its own style.

This time we did not enter any Vegetarian restaurant as it was late midnight
and many of the restaurants were closed.
We entered those Hongkong style restaurant and have this WANTAN MEE
their noodles are very QQ , means elastic kind of meaning like that
where Taiwanese like to say it.
We had informed the waiter to give us a plain noodles with vegetables one
so here it come. I felt super normal
and the taste was like very very normal,
just the noodles, special though. 

After noodles, we headed to a dessert shop which they open until midnight 2am
I was impressed when I saw the shop was full of customers
although that time was 11pm already. 

But we were very disappointed with their dessert,
I m proud to be Malaysian as I found out Malaysia dessert is much more nicer than it.
and somemore it was so pricey with this 2 small bowl of dessert. sigh

The next day of morning was the day for us to leave Hong Kong
so I purposely wake up early in the morning 
and check whether anything for me to shop at SASA, Bonjour, etc

My boy was sleep like a piggy so I walked out by myself
and I think it is too early for them as that time was 8am morning.
So I went to McD and ordered breakfast for me and him
I felt MCD breakfast at Hong Kong is better
as they provide the burgers that we can eat. =)

He has his wallet and so do I, 
showing off my kate spade wallet which bought at Hong Kong
cost around RM700.

How we go back?
We took bus at a station which the bus will straight away reach the airport directly 
so you can see that it is very convenient to reach airport,

The flight delayed for 20 mins so we had our starbucks and facebooking
at the airport terminal there.
By the way, this was my first time to have flight delay in my life.
Good experience I think. LOL

Overall in this trip, we had spent around RM7000 for this trip
This trip is not luxury kind but we did shop a lot of cosmetic stuff indeed.
I had bought SK2 facial treatment with very good price
compare to Malaysia here
If you did interested, find me and PM me at FB ,
I will give you a good price.

Hong Kong is a nice trip to shopping
but you have to get ready on expenses
as the expenses at there is super high that out of my expected.
Nice memory by the way.


Stay tuned for my upcoming super outdated post
Bangkok Day 2

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