Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bangkok Trip 2014- Day 2

Day 2 in Bangkok, meet a friendly dog along the way to MRT
She is so shy but I love her friendly welcome =)

Mr Cheeze with this cute friend. 

We went to Chatuchak during day 2 in Bangkok
a place that must go if you like to shop and spend on something 
Many things you want can bought at here,
there is too many category of items to shop for.
and of course, I never miss the chance of entering the pet zone area

It is hard for me to find the pet zone area
If you ask me where to find, well
I just can tell you keep find until u find it, 
it is like a maze in Chatuchak, 
I keep telling myself that I must find the pet zone
and end up I did it !

The whole street is about the pet !
there is a lot pet food and accessories selling at here
Puppy also selling at here too. 
Look at me, picking up snacks for my pet Bobby 
She loves the snacks so so much once I gave her to eat. 

After Chatuchak , we went to Siam Paragon for our lunch
no vegetarian stall inside the food court, 
so we ordered mixed rice which we just choose the green one.

Selfie before we start our lunch. 

Met him at the Paragon Mall, 
so Cheeze took picture with him =)

Then , went to Siam Center to meet the famous cafe
Mr John's Orphanage 
This dessert cafe is hot and famous which we still need to queue up
when waiting for the seats. 

A lot of bear inside the cafe, 
so we just pick a bear randomly for a picture.

Girls heaven !!!
I am going to melt when I saw so many cakes infront of me. 

We got our seats finally !

My chocolate and my chocolate cake !
Love the environment
but the beverage and the cake were too sweet for me. 
I m going to get diabetes if I come here everyday. hehe

What a satisfying look !

Look at the cup ! so BIG .

Funny and cute picture which I love it.

After dessert, went back to our stay to dress well for the dinner time
we have dated out our Bangkok friend to dinner with us
what a great memory that everytime we came Bangkok
we definitely will call him out =)
and after dinner
they brought us here -Route 66

Route 66 is special to me
as it is an outdoor clubbing and everyone dance so high.
Their toilet was so special that there is a guy singing in the middle of the stage 
and the girls sitting around him and listen inside TOILET !!
There has 3 category of Route 66, 
Thailand song clubbing , slow tempo pub , and English song Clubbing.
That's why we choose outdoor for this English song one .

Get the alcohol home as we cant finish it
and the alcohol cost so cheap in Bangkok

Miss them a lot, 
definitely will see them soon when I came back to Bangkok. xoxo

Route 66 nearby did not have any MRT to take with
It is better to take cab to reach here,

Day 2 in Bangkok end here, 
let's moving on for Bangkok Day 3


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  2. That's so cool! I want to travel to Asia!


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