Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hong Kong Trip-Day 2 May2014

The next morning for day 2 Hong Kong Trip,
we went to Ocean Park for whole day trip.
It is very convenient to buy Ocean Park ticket through online nowadays
You just click into website and buy it from any tour you wish to
The tour will send to your house address the ticket you bought
before you start to fly to Hong Kong.

It is easy to reach Ocean Park , 
ask the counter about which station to stop for Ocean Park
she will guide you and once you reach the station
There is bus provided to direct go to Ocean Park.
You will reach there around 15 minute.

Ocean Park is huge theme park which we really cant finish to visit every single place or theme 
in one day

We went there just in time is not a good sunny day
the sky went dark and it was going to rain soon.

We watch Dolphin show of course
A must watch show that my mom strongly recommend.
This was my first time watch dolphin in real. 
They are adorable !!!
The sea lion too !!

The sea lion waving hand to the audience

we played roller coaster more than show viewing 
Both of us like extreme activities huh.

As I said, when it started to rain heavily ,
we went to a restaurant inside Ocean Park to have our meal.

 Both of us learn a great experience from this bill below.
HKD632 !!!!! 2 white rice with roti canai and vegetable curry
with 1 bottle of orange juice cost HKD632 !!!
It was cost like RM300++ 
We felt so innocent as we were vegetarian and no choice
but we have to eat like this with this sky price.

Innocent look with the bill 

Look at our dish , It was so plain and cost RM150+ PER DISH. 
This was my first time to eat so expensive dishes with so simple 
and normal tasting lunch ..hmmp ! 
Feeling grumpy by the way about this matter.

Because of raining heavily at that moment, 
we went to visit those indoor activities
Oh ya, we visited Jellyfish,
They are transparent so any color of light applied on them
They look different color. LOL

The rain took almost 1 hour to finish.
so we took a nice cool weather walk and picture after the rain.

Hello Hong Kong City with the sea.

Rain stop, 
so lets move on to the roller coaster game again !
extreme gamer we are !

Taking picture while having long queue for Roller Coaster

After that we entered indoor room which we were freezed inside there
The temperature inside was like 10 degree which I was freezing inside there

The penguins were so cute !

Taking picture with penguin in close distance !

When we come out from the room , 
our camera lens turn blur 
which come out the effect of above picture. haha

Hello sea lion !

Before we end our trip at here
we went to last visit - PANDA 

Can you see Panda was eating behind us ?
By the way, u can see that the sky is getting dark inside the picture.

After Panda , the sky had turn dark.
we sat at outdoor to wait for the Water Light Show.
The show is quite awesome as they create it by coming out a story.
The real fire appeared on the water surface did amazed us. 
We can feel the hot too
My boy's shirt was wet that time because of heavy rain 
but because of that fire came out, 
his shirt dried immediately
Can you imagine how hot it is ??

After the show end, we leave ocean park by walking across the road to take bus.
The bus is very small and the driver owned their bus themselves
so they charged us RM20 per person per ride.
We cant refuse, because this is the only way to go back to Mong Kok area.
So we ride the bus and back to our street to hunt for food.

Trip advisor app is really a good app to help me to search for Vegetarian restaurant
around Hong kong area
I had search a vegetarian restaurant at Mong Kok area 
It took us around 10 mins walking distance to find it.
Trip advisor will guide you the road to walk to via GPS

We had our steamboat at there
different taste of steamboat at Hong Kong area
You have no idea on it that they provide peanut sauce for us at here
I never try indeed as I can't imagine how the taste will be.

Okay, that's all for my DAY 2 at Hong Kong Trip/

Stay Tuned for Day 3 !

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