Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hong Kong Trip Day 1 May 2014

Hello reader !
I went to Hong Kong during May 2014
A trip for me to have fun after a stressful uni life

My boy, such a lovely man, always bring me to travel 
wanna know why we always travel?
PM me for details, earn for travel =)

There was some reason that I can't tell out who I go with.
But now I can expose as the case was over

We choose AIRASIA again for this trip.
The flight we bought is RM560+ for two person. 
We bought in low fare period thats why we get a good good price. =)


Once we reached Hong Kong Airport, we took Hong Kong bus to the Mong Kok

PS : There are many buses provided outside airport, just check out with the place 
you heading at the notice board and go queue at the bus stop. 

We not yet bought any octopus card that time,
but the bus driver receive cash too, 
so no worry on that =)

When we reach Mong Kok, we cant find our stay for more than 30 minutes,
Mong Kok is a busy city which all surrounded by tall buildings
and we didnt even know which building we stay.
We are not staying hotel but home stay 

Luckily one uncle bring us to find and thank god we found it at last.
We booked our home stay from
This website is only available for home stay rent which convenient tourist
who need budget accommodation.

The reason to choose budget type home stay is because
at Hong Kong is a busy city, 
we will spend the time at outside more than inside homestay
Besides, Hong Kong stay is not cheap at all 
so budget home stay which is clean and nice is suitable enough.

After check in, we start exploring Hong Kong city, 
Hong Kong is convenient enough, everywhere can be reach 
by taking train or bus.

Ths picture taken in MRT station

Something call 7-11 like that which we bought sim card at here.

City of Hong Kong

Everywhere is shopping mall
and everywhere full of Branded shops. LOL

Why I took below picture with Giorgio Armani ???
Reason is because the place I stood there , 
the whole building is this BRAND only
Damn , this was the first time I got shocked because of this.

At night , we met my boy's friend who stayed at Hong Kong.
She brought us to Arena Star for viewing the music light.

All people were waiting for the musical lighting show.
Hmm, nothing special for me
and I felt quite boring , LOL

Remember the statue behind us ??
Always appeared at Hong Kong Awards

Ugly face of me with Hong Kong night view.

AWWWW, we took picture with Jackie Chan Hang Mark =.=

Andy Lau too !

Bruce Lee, Hi !

They are such a lovely couple,
They brought us to dinner for vegetarian 
Somemore, they treated us for dinner, 
we felt blessing =)
The above picture I have to show you although I look fat LOL
you know why ?
It is funny the book store hanging the board with

I think he get pissed off and annoyed everyday by the tourists like us.

Okay, thats all for Day 1 Hong Kong Trip, 

Stay tuned for Day 2 =)

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