Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Singapore 2016: Gardens By The Bay

Sincere apologize for being late again
I got tonnes of jobs and appointments after back from Singapore

Let me share my photos which taken in the Garden by the Bay
Took picture with this mini cute plant !

The entry price for non residents will be SGD28
including Flower Dome and Cloud Forest
Gardents by the Bay concept is built in environment friendly purpose
Even the air conditioner provided inside the place also generated by 
their eco friendly system concept, such a genius right !

Wonderful place 

Desert Plant ??

Kind of Cactus species ??

Many guys like this, I don't know why
so I took this too and please tell me why

I love flowers !

Gigantic Aloe Vera ?

I can spent whole day inside here as this place is comfortable and cold 
I think the kids should come here for a visit as to know all type of plant species in this world

Since when star fish come out from the sea and become a plant ?
looks similiar right ???

I am flowers lover !
I enjoyed viewing all these flowers 
Let me share my love for you guys

Next is cloud forest,
It was freezing inside here
especially the waterfall like design
make the surrounding cooler

Nice view !

The ticket will include the skywalk too, it was kinda high here
so some of the people who phobia with heights might not dare to look down haha


Alright, will post about the next article about Singapore overall trip for you guys soon

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