Monday, June 10, 2013

Johor Trip After Melaka

I know when I said out , 
There is a bit ridiculous ,
but I still wanna tell here ,

Friends ! Still remember the last post I post about Melaka Trip?
Well , I back from Melaka Trip was on Monday
and I went to Johor on Wednesday,
I know the trip I went was too pack and till
even my babyrainy also asked : HUH ??

Okay , time is precious ,
The only time to go to Johor was on that day so
I have to go although I know it is too rush and pack for me.
I still remember that day I still not yet recover from flu.
Besides , that day I woke up on 5am morning 
and went to the Salak Selatan Train Station to take bus with the 2 guys.
3 of us went to Johor to meet her , our friend.

Yeah , took picture with her and buried guy.

Along the journey to Johor,
I just can tell you that , 
I just keep on sleeping in the bus no matter what happened outside there ,
I was too tired and I know when I reached Johor,
I must be awake so that I can enjoyed my trip fully.

So, I recharged my battery inside the bus.
This journey took 4 hours to reach
and yeah I slept 4 hours I guessed.

My friend brought us to the DESARU Seaside to play ,
and the main point is she was driving and bringing us to there,
The journey took 1 hour and her car is in MANUAL type ,
so 3 of us were freaking scare and worry about ...
Okay , I don't wanna continue already ,
I just know that whole journey ,
I not dare to close my eyes, hahahhahaha.

By using WAZE GPS , we reached there safely !
and enjoyed the best fun ever at Johor ,
I love beach. Do you ?

The beach is clean compare to Port Dickson one ,
so this time I enjoyed as much as I could at the seaside ,
I love sea so much,
just there is not much clean beach for me to have fun with in Malaysia.
Agree ?

Funny and speechless when I saw they did this. 
Look at the stick !

 The rain came too sudden and we ran back to the toilet like kids ,
thats the end of the day at the sea side .
Before we back , I saw UBAH Bird up the tree at the sea side ,

I was so excited and shouted UBAH UBAH UBAH.
The bird is look exactly same as the picture for DAP Ubah Bird Logo on the Facebook !
I thought I wont see this bird in my whole life ,
and I never thought that I saw it , aww , so proud of myself to be UBAH fans. lol

At night , her house open BBQ party ,
we enjoyed our dinner and drink drank drunk,
the fellow was obviously drunk , and he don't know we were taking picture. 

I drank few cups of alcohol and felt a little bit tipsy that the surrounding was moving, 
Thanks for the alcohol ,
I had a very good sleep that night , =D

The next day , we went for a sweet breakfast 
and back to KL at noon time.

The whole journey was very rush but it was memorable for me 
which that was my first time overnight at my friend's house.


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