Monday, March 23, 2015

Phuket Trip: Explore the pretty islands Raya Island

The second day at Phuket,
Don't expect the restaurants open early in the morning
Luckily there is 24hrs Mc Donald at Phuket
where we can took our breakfast before going to islands.

You can choose to buy breakfast buffet in the hotel
but this time, we choose to eat at outside
since the breakfast buffet included was quite pricey and the food not attracted.

The McD breakfast for 2 person cost 330baht 
A wow to me when I saw the bill
but anyhow , just spend during your trip.

While waiting for the tour guide to fetch us at the lobby of the hotel


The package we bought for this island trip was 110 baht per person
which I think was reasonable as they provide us speed boat for this trip.

The first island to arrive -CORAL ISLAND
The water is considered nice and many tourists were there
which brought up to crowded and packed to the beach at here.

The beach were full of tourists, Oh my God !
Too crowded and too packed !
But it didnt affect our mood on vacation !

Swimming at coral island sea 
where the sea water is likely more to green in color.
The trip included does not provide snorkeling at here
But I saw others tour did so.

After Coral Island,
Next activity - SNORKELING in the middle of the sea
Overall, there was very few coral alive at here
and the coral was dull in color
Nothing much to amaze me 
Feeling disappointed with the snorkeling part.

Thank god that the last island did not failed me
The best ever island I have ever saw at Phuket

The sea is crystal blue in color
which I never thought Phuket do have such a nice beach!

I believe you agreed its beautiful also by looking on my picture !
Look at the crystal clear blue sea with the white clear fine sand !
Super match ever !

Before we swim at this island, 
we followed the tour guide by sitting in this lorry truck 
which letting us exposed under the sun for few minutes
to reach the restaurant where we had our lunch that day.

The lunch considered so so as usual,
we had already predicted the "deliciousness" of the food
as every time we followed this type of trip,
we never had a delicious and yummy lunch at all
Their food and taste was not nice at all.

After our lunch, 
it time for us to sleep !
Yeah, renting umbrella and carpet from the local seller with 200baht
This is called : Life

Love the color of the sea so so much !
Thats why we keep taking tons of pictures.

After the tour, dress up myself and went to have my dinner
at my favourite restaurant.
Indian Family House
which their white tomyam soup is the best taste I have ever tried.

Dinner time.

Thanks for reading my articles.
Have a nice meal.

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