Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Vegetarian Fine Dining at Marble 8 on 56

Many people might questioned about what do a vegetarian eat at a steakhouse place
What can they eat?

Well, I'm quite happy to choose myself to be a vegetarian
but I m not a vegetarian which is super clean that even the cooking utensil also need to make sure is it clean or not (means the cooking utensil must not use to cook any meat at all)
I am not under that kind of category,
so I just define myself as casual vegetarian 

Well, a table with nice view must be reserve first before you come.
A glass of red wine is a must to match with the starry night view

Marble 8 's starter bread comes along with 4 types of sauces to spread on.
I was quite impressed with their so called chili color of sauce
but they matched perfectly with the bread thou, especially the "belacan" taste. 
I can't describe how it taste like but it doesn't taste weird at all.

I just love to enjoy sipping wine while looking at the menu and thinking of what to eat for my main course later, hmmm.

The steakhouse free us a complimentary appetizer 
I was quite touched that the waiter know I am a vegetarian since I have ordered vegetarian main course so he served a vegetarian burger with mushroom for me.
I was quite happy that he still remember that my menu is different with usual one.

The mini mushroom burger

I have ordered an appetizer which vegetarian can eat too.

Zucchini Parmigiana

Honestly, this appetizer is super yummy,
I never expect a vegetarian appetizer can be so delicious 
and it totally out of my expectation.
I am definitely going to have this dish again 

My vegetarian main course


The sauce is unlike usual pasta sauce I tasted before,
the sauce is somehow like those chinese food soy sauce that kind of taste
Anyhow, I just wanna sum up in one word : awesome.

The dessert for that night was
Dark chocolate fondant with raspberry purée and conunut gelato

I think the dessert part is almost same to every fine dining restaurant
It is not too special yet too simple,
but this dessert is kinda over sugar to my taste bud.

My OOTN taking picture reflection in their washroom
That's all for the dinner that night
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