Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Penang Trip 2013 Bf Mummy Birthday Celebration Day 2

 Day 2

Due to comfortableness of our accommodation ,
we slept late and end up we have to enjoy our "BRUNCH"
After the brunch , 
we headed to the first station- UBAH BIRD ON THE WATER.

Take picture with my boy before we meet our UBAH bird.

Family picture with my boy's family. 

Cute bird , UBAH !

Let me take picture with Ubah to show how supportive I am to UBAH. 

 Take picture with pretty =)

After facing the hot sunny weather , 
its time for us to cool down our hot skin indeed. 
We went to First Avenue shopping mall to have a walk. 

Starsbuck - Best chilling ever. 

Finished chilling at shopping mall , 
we went back to accommodation to enjoy fully the facilities provided at there.
Too bad because of my period came, 
I can't swim and enjoy the jacuzzi with them , awwwwwww !
But I did enjoy the sauna indeed, sweat a lot !
I hope my fats burn easily by this so I wont shout for fat again , xixi

At night , we had our dinner at here
Harvest Times Cafe
The best western food ever.  

Again , thanks for crystal and viinc for introduce us this nice restaurant to have our dinner.
Don't worry , vegetarian provided at here. 

 Ready to celebrate our dinner night !

The design of this cafe is not like Malaysia type cafe 
Western country design concept indeed. 

Sip water, wash my throat and prepare to dinner !

Actually , the purpose of coming to this cafe is because we wanna celebrate birthday
for my boy's mom. Happy Birthday to her !
May wish her healthy always, laugh always and everything go smooth everyday !
This picture took when she open her present that gave by her sons. 
and you can see that her sons open their mouth which seems to say WOW !
She looked happy and touched when opened it. Glad to see her to smile.

Happy Birthday Mummy ! We Love you =)

Family photo before we called it a day =)

Thanks for everything that they planned and created such a nice trip for all of us , 
I was thank god that I never miss such a nice trip with them ,
and yet I get a closer relationship with them ,
Thanks to my boy for inviting me to go. 
Appreciated so so much.



Give me something before u leave.

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