Monday, August 12, 2013

Penang Trip 2013 Bf Mummy Birthday Celebration Day 1

When my blog become a travel blog ?
I found that I just blog about my travel life since last year,
I guessed it is a good thing to share about indeed. 

So I went to Penang with my boy's family to celebrate her mom's birthday.
I had struggled for this trip for almost 2 weeks whether go or not go
because my period fall on that day and I have test on Monday after the Penang trip.
But end up, I go 
and I want to thanks to my boy, I never regret to go.

The first day of Penang trip, 
we woke up on 530am and have our breakfast on 7am. 
Started our journey in the early morning that make us feel sleepy and continue our dream inside the car.
Except the driver who have to sacrifice his sleeping time and make sure we are safe to Penang.

It is not a good sign for me that day
because to what I predict ,
My period came on the first day too !
End up I can't even enjoy the famous cendol and cold drinks at there.

The first day at Penang is like a starter, 
we had our lunch at there , 
queue up for the famous cendol no matter how long the queue are,
Jam for 2 hours to reach the KEK LOK SI Temple,
Had our dinner and bought cinema ticket for the night.
and at last , 
the main point come, 

Check in .

 I can't imagine that the accommodation we stayed is so great.
Thanks for Crystal and Viinc for spending so much time on survey on it,
This is a residence, it cost RM1500 per night for us.
There is 4 rooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, laundry and balcony.

The residence provide infinity pool, gym room, sauna room, splash pool and Jacuzzi 
You will feel that it is worth for RM1500 per night when you enjoy the whole facility within it.

I love how the architect design for this pool.

The view before enter to the lobby, means the carpark view.

The living room.

The corridor 

The kitchen

Jacuzzi in master bedroom


took picture with my boy's sister =)


 Remember this , H residence 
The best for me so far,
I appreciated so much. 

Stay tuned for Day 2 , more to go.

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