Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dip n Dip- A Taste will make you :)

Since many of my friends asked me about this cafe, 
so I will blog about this cafe for my post today
Dip n Dip.

If you asked me, how I know about this cafe ?
I would answer you , 
I impressed by their long queue customers willing waiting for it.
My boy and I were curious about this cafe 
since there is so many people willing to queue up and wait to try,
so we tried it too like others.

This shop opened from 12pm to 12am ,
after we had our dinner, 
we went to have a try for this.
As like others, we queue up to wait for our turn to try it.

We queue up like almost half an hour
and finally WE GOT IT !

My boy was headache when looking through the menu.

This cafe was like a MUST GO CAFE,
so we took a picture for this memorable place

Outfit of the day.
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Oh ya,
Many friends asked me about the price at there too,
 I can said that the price is not cheap at all.
We ordered these only and ended up we paid around RM48.40.

Brownie Crepe ( RM28.50)

Hot Chocolate Drink ( RM15.50)

I love the chocolate taste so much,
and you might get addicted and wish to come again to taste it.
Oh ya, you can take away too if you don't want have a long queue at there.

Where is this cafe located ?

It is located at Bangsar Baru, Jalan Telawi.
If you can't find this cafe, 
you can ask the people around there,
I bet they knew this cafe since this cafe is so famous nowadays.

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