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Krabi with love 2013 Part II

Continue from Part I 
I found that I had missed out the first night dinner part,
so I continue my articles from here, 
As u know , 
we rent a motor scooter from our hotel so 
my boy brought me hanging around the whole Aonang area,
Aonang area is small and you can finish visiting all the shops in 3 days.

So, we passed by a row of seafood restaurant which they have same design structure.
Each of the restaurants are selling seafood,
showing out their seafood freshness outside their restaurant,
and both of us are non-meat eaters,
so we ignored the seafood and exploring vegetarian menu for us.

First day of dinner, we tried Bamboo Restaurant,
which we had the same thought that the food is not nice at all.

The opposite the whole restaurants are Vogue Resort,Mc Donald, Subway..etc
which we can window shopping after we had our meal.
We had our first day massage at there,
which cost around 200 baht per person.
I just felt so relax after massage =)

October is not a peak season in Krabi
due to rainy season cause.
That's why every shops are giving cheaper discount for tourists.

Back to second day of Krabi ,
I had posted a lot of photos about my first day tour to those islands.
Self-captured after back from the sea.

The second day of night,
we went to that row of restaurants again 
but we chose another restaurants to try again.

In Krabi, the waiters are friendly and followed what customer request to customize the food.
Unlike in Malaysia, whenever we say we don't want add garlic and onion, 
they showed their face like we-owe-their-money for many years.LOL

This time , we were satisfies on our food,
The tomyam with vegetables are cook with coconut milk
which are yummy and sweet !

We ordered Pad Thai with vegetables, Tomyam coconut milk with vegetables,
and fried rice with vegetables, 
all are good in taste !

Yummy Yummy !

It is a must to order coconut drink in Krabi.

Let me introduce the restaurant name which we are satisfied with- Racha Seafood Restaurant,
You can see that there are still many restaurant behind Racha Restaurant.

You can request to mix Tomyam with coconut milk just like what we did.

After dinner, we had a walk along the street.

My boy and I missed the Pancake so much,
so we decided drove to the stalls and buy pancake.

Taa daaa !

This time we request to add egg, cheeze and banana. 
It was soooooo delicious !

The third day of Krabi, we followed the tour again to go to Hong Islands Trip.
The package we bought is 600 baht per person

The islands we will go include :

Hong Island
Lading Island
Hong Lagoon
Daeng Island

Same like yesterday, we had our breakfast early in the morning
before we wait tour guide come to lobby to call us.

Our breakfast today.
The taste is nice but there is not much choices,

Started our journey on 8.30 am sharp !
The worst part was that day was rainy day !
We were so sad and worry that our tour might affected.

As I expected , one island get cancelled to snorkel due to the high tide of the sea on that day,
so we just snorkeling at 3 islands, 
but the time back to our hotel is still same as told which is 4pm. 
that means we can spent a longer time at the others 3 islands.

My snorkeling look. !

Snorkeling during rainy day at Hong Island,
Best island to me ever in Krabi.

Self-captured inside the sea !

Some people might curious about why I said that
Hong Island is the best island for me in Krabi ?
First, Hong Island is just like a protected area which you can see that
this island is hidden by all the cave around it.

Secondly, the water in Hong island belong to green color
which I love it so much.

Don't you think it is beautiful with this picture ?

We spent 2 hours at Hong island, which we have more time to enjoy our beach.
We snorkeling around the islands although there is not much thing to see beneath it.
But at least it does not have Poisonous Sea Urchin at here which I scare I stepped on it.

I get tanned because of Hong Island too,
having snorkeling for 2 hours which let the sun to have chance to shine on us.
We had our lunch at Hong Island too,
seriously I don't like to have lunch at here because this place is unlike Phi Phi Don,
which their table and chair is clean and far from the trees.
But in Hong Island,
the tables and chairs are located under the tree,
so, many BIG RED ANTS dropped on the table easily whenever the wind came.

Some more, the food they provide for us are just vegetables, 1 choices with white rice,
thats all =.=
I was speechless with their lunch provided for vegetarian LOL

After Hong island, we went Lading Island to snorkel.
The tour guide warned us to be more caution 
because this islands are very swallow although we swam to middle of the sea,
thats why there are many POISONOUS SEA URCHIN beneath down there,
When I heard this, I was like : Damn it, I scared !

We snorkeled  just a while after we saw there are a lot of SEA URCHIN down there,
Those SEA URCHIN look BIG and BLACK,
that scared the girls always.

Last island we went to is Daeng Island,
which is middle of the sea, 
there is no beach for us to stepped on,
we have to jump from the boat to start our snorkeling.

Felt so happy when I saw 2 Nemo fishes hiding at the bottom of the sea.
But because of the wind cause,
we can't snorkel too long at there.
End up we called a day after the last island visited.

That night, we had our dinner at RATCHA RESTAURANT again,
but because of the last night we stayed in Krabi,
we decided to enjoy our dinner by ordering more choices.

Look at the table ! These are what we ordered XD

Fried Rice with vegetables
Tomyum with coconut milk with vegetables
Pizza with tomatoes and cheese only
Pineapple baked fried rice with vegetables
Morning Glory
Coconut drink
Orange Juice

I felt so thankful for what I ate and enjoyed that day =)

That night, we backed to massage center again to enjoyed our massage session
This time , my boy got sunburn on his shoulder,
so I called him to tried the ALOE VERA MASSAGE which cost 300 baht
while I did not get serious sunburn like him,
so I chose AFTER BEACH MASSAGE, which cost 400 baht

Aloe vera is good to our skin especially we get sunburn
while after beach massage is the massage that they applied VITAMIN A cream on my body.
The thai girls called us to take off our clothes before get massage,
even my BRA also have to take off, 
EWWWWW, so shy to show my naked body to thai girl.LOL

Actually these 2 massage are almost the same,
they helped us apply the cream and massage few parts only,
I felt that TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE are more worth than it.
But the VITAMIN A cream do help me to reduce my leg scars a lot !
My scars get lighten after the next day I woke up.
Sooooooo effective you know !

Pity my boy who got sunburn =(
He kept complaining very pain whenever I accidentally touched his shoulder 
when we rode on a bike.

Before we departed to airport on the next day,
my boy and I woke up early in the morning ,
enjoyed our breakfast at the same place as usual,
and then went to SUBWAY shop to buy 2 burgers for our lunch at airport later.

Before we get to SUBWAY,
the town was raining cats and dogs !
end up we get wet when we back to hotel >.<

Oh ya,
how we go to airport ?
Still remember the tour package we bought ?
We bought airport transfer by Van also
which cost 150 baht for each person,
so the van came fetch us at the time the tour people told.

Having SUBWAY burger in the airport

Goodbye to Krabi ='(
I will miss you !

Back to Malaysia safely and had our tea time at OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE
while waiting his brother to fetch us back home.

This is how my life in KRABI , 
I enjoyed a lot so much,
Thank you to my boy that planned this trip for me,
without him ,
I might still like a frog inside the well,
don't know the world outside ,

Thanks to him who brought me to so many places,
and watching me to grow up. 

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