Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ossoto Spa December 7

If you followed my FB , 
I guessed you might know that I went to enjoy my day at Ossoto Spa.
I had waited for this day to come for ages years ago
But my babe and I have too many jobs to do with,
that's why we delayed until December only come to this place.

Many people had asked me about Ossoto Spa details,
Now, I would like to explain for you the facilities and details inside it.

By right you know that we can't take picture at there
But somehow, my blog will be dull if no pictures attached with
so , I had took some pictures from Google Image there to attract you.

First question ,
How to go to Ossoto Spa ?
You can use waze GPS by typing Ossoto Spa, it will guide you to reach the destination exactly.
U must know that there is no any board written about Ossoto Spa on the building,
therefore you must know that the building is red in color and 
once you enter the building, take the lift to fifth floor.

If you took public transport , just called Ossoto Spa counter to inform them to fetch you
at any KL Bukit Bintang area. It is so convenient !

We came on Friday, 
but still, many people came too on that day.

I love the locker design, and their inner design which allowed us to put our shoes 
inside a drawer.

The staffs there will serve us like a Queen and they will call you to change to the clothes they provide.
Even bra and panties also,
I wondered why they design the bra like that,
It is so difficult to tied it since we have to tied at our back

It is so sexy when we showed our SEMI TRANSPARENT bra and panties
to others before we go to Jacuzzi LOL

Breakfast  before we start our life.

My pretty babe LOKE LI YIN.

With our friends too, Tommy and Kelvin 
Say hi to them.=)

We were happy to enjoy breakfast at here

Oh ya, I forgot to specified the price and what package included at Ossoto Spa.
Ladies - RM68
Men - RM88

You will wonder why men are much more expensive that ladies ?
Well, the facilities for men ARE MORE AND BETTER than ladies 
What package included in this price ??

3 Meals, teabreak , snack, drinks, movie, internet, pingpong, gym, 
jacuzzi, steam, sauna, fishspa 

I just can tell you that, this is worth.

Don't feel like doing any gym at here ,
because we were relax on enjoying these facilities,
gym is the only one that make us more tiring.

Lunch dinner menu is the same but trust me 
you can't finish the Menu choices at here in one day. hahahaa
The food is okay for me , well, they can custom made for vegetarian like me , hehe

Remember to do the steam spa if you want to have a smootha and moisturize skin ,
We did it and we saw the difference !
Massage, Facial and Salon provided at here also 
but you need to pay for it. =(

That's all for my day ,
When you wanna going with me again babe ?

Find me if you want to go, 
I want to go again soon =) xoxo


  1. I've tried E2 Spa...but Ossoto looks more grand..should try this..thanks for the write up.

    1. E2 not so suitable for ladies... lol

  2. what abt the car park fees charges? hour/ entry?

  3. The carpark fees charge RM20 for whole day.

  4. I would like to ask did you stay over and was it very crowded? Any seats left for sleeping or fully occupied? I'm planning to go next Friday but worried that it would be crowded. Thank you! :)


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