Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vegetarians: BREWYARD @ SS15/4 Subang Jaya

 On Sunday, have walked in to this cafe to have my lunch
It is easy to search, I just need to type BREWYARD in the GPS WAZE apps, it brought me to here straight away,it is convenient nowadays. 

The serene ambiance had attracted many students to walk in and have their late lunch with friends and families. Of course, it is so comfortable to have meal at here.  

 The customers considered full that day when I was there. The environment is nice and comfortable to sit for long hour. 

The order is self order at the cashier counter, and the staff will give u a lucky number to put on your table. I had ordered my orange juice for that afternoon, 

The staff is friendly and willing to alter the menu for me as I am a vegetarian. That's why the salmon is replaced with mushroom. hehe
Creamy Smoke Salmon Spagetti, replace to mushroom as requested for vegetarian
The poached egg is the extra bonus for the whole dish, The juicy mushroom also a bonus to this dish, Although it is not belong to carbonara type but the white creamy match with the poached egg taste so good and the portion is quite big too. Recommend to try this if you love creamy spagetti
Rated : 8/10

This is special to us as I think only Malaysia available on this
Curry Mayo Pasta Chicken , replace to mushroom as I requested again.

Some people might think that curry mayo taste better as it have the heavy nice smell of curry that seduce people to eat it. But the curry taste is not as heavy as what I thought, it have the nice smell but the curry taste is too light to me, I would suggest the curry should apply more to bring out the title of topic of the dish, 
I think it is not my liking type, I would rated 5/10

That day all the cakes on the dessert displayed were having 50% discount, the cakes were selling fast that day because of the big discount and we ordered brownie which cost RM13 and after discount should be RM6.50. 
They will oven the brownies and add on the vanilla ice cream before serve to you. But the brownie taste not really nice and too salty I think, I can't finish it as I can taste salty and too sweet too.
Not really like the brownie at there.
Rated 3/10

I never try the latte at there but I guessed it seems popular in latte as many customers orders latte at this cafe, You can have a try if you are there in one day. 

Thanks for reading !

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