Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Abi Bali Resort and Spa @ Jimbaran Bali

Today, I am going to recommend the hotel which I stayed in Bali
Normally I won't purposely come out with a blog writing about the accommodation I stayed
unless the hotel attracted me or the hotel which is value for price. 

Abi Bali Resort and Spa did attracted me with their outdoor toilet and dressing room.
The meaning of Outdoor is not exposing to others but we can see the blue sky, 
feel the sun shines on our skin and the windy weather which come by nature.

Abi Bali Resort is situated at Jimbaran of Bali,
Jimbaran is a place totally different with Legian street,
Along the Legian street, you can saw a row of bars,shops and restaurants
but in Jimbaran, there is no such street but they did have a row of sunset view seafood restaurant for dinner.
There is nothing to walk for.

It is mostly a honeymoon place which full of 5 stars hotels and Villas here
Abi Bali Resort is one of them and consider below the market price which I can booked it under my budget.

I have booked RM250 for Junior Suite Room which exclude service tax those.
Total up is RM290 including those taxes from AGODA.
I took cab to reach my hotel and the receptionist is friendly,
they served drinks for us while we were doing check in procedures

When we opened the door, Chew was shouting WOW, SO BIG.
He never expect the size of the room is such that big.
The size of the bathroom and dressing room is same size with our bedroom.LOL

No doubt, the bed is super big too.

Abi Bali did well in their pool sharing management, 
Example like outside pool will only be share by my room and the upper floor room,
means total 2 rooms of users can use this pool only,
Others room users have their own pool sharing too just same like us.
This is great u know as the pool will be quiet and more hygiene also.

Our room is facing the pool by looking through our Glazing door

The bathroom which attracted me ! Outdoor nature sunshine light source and nature wind without air-con.

Dressing room which is beside the outdoor bath room. 
I was so scared to brush my teeth alone at night and go to pee alone as the wind cause the leaves to brush each other and causing those sound like TIGER GOING TO COME OUT that kind of feeling.

Everything is awesome.

BIG refrigerator we have.

There are many TV channels for us which we can just stay in hotel room to enjoy our TV life.

Bathtub session and with their super nice bathrobes.
Normally bathrobe is in white color but this is so special, Bali feel.

I love Bali culture so much.

Abi Bali Resort also is super near to the AYANA ROCK BAR which is 5 minutes car distance to reach there.
Ayana Rock bar is a place which must come for sunset view in Jimbaran.

That's all about Abi Bali I know, 
do not hesitate to ask me about it if you have any question
By the way
Thanks for viewing my blog.xoxo

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