Friday, September 25, 2015

Bali Trip Day 3 : Legian Beach + Abi Bali Resort & Spa + Ayana Rock Bar

Itinerary Day 3:
  • Shopping at Matahari Department Store in Kuta
  • Sunbath and visit the best surfing place at Legian Beach
  • Checked in to Abi Bali Resort & Spa at Jimbaran
  • Having sunset view at Ayana Rock Bar
  • Dinner at Fat Chow Restaurant, The best Asian Fusion in Jimbaran

The third day In Bali can be said that is the most leisure day in Bali for both of us
As I did not hire driver on this day, I choose to try this day for leisure and free.
This day, we checked out from our J4 hotel and we headed to Matahari Department Store
to shop for our souvenirs. As expected, Bali is a place full of its own style and culture, 
the souvenir mostly are made of wood and the soap always made of their famous scent of flower
We bought a lot of body care items like bath salt, lotion and soap, as their prices are so cheap and value for money. We took cab to reach there from our hotel, REMEMBER to sit Bluebird taxi as it runs meter while others taxi in others color will charge u not in meter which is more expensive.

After shopping , its time to have beach time again !
This time we tried Legian Beach as I have read blog saying Legian is cleaner than Kuta, 
So, I decided to come here for relax.

Legian beach has been commercialize which many locals people will approach to you and this did make me feeling irritating and annoying !
U know, I m not good in refuse people,
Therefore, I have been spent around RM100 at the beach for those approach =(

Chew saw there was surfing lesson at Legian Beach and the price cost RM45 for one hour
after we had negotiate with him, so he took this lesson and there he go for the surfing lesson. 

The surfing lesson did provide long sleeve swimming shirt for him and provide surfing board too.

This was his first time to try surfing lesson, thats why he was so excited !

There he go, for surfing lesson. 

One hour later, he become like this. LOL

and one more hours later, he turn to be like this ........

He was totally exhausted , hahhahaha.

While he was surfing, many people approached to me as I mentioned just now,
and this Nenek keep offer me for massage,
No matter how many times I refuse, she insisted to stand beside me and make me uncomfortable
Therefore, I accept her offer and let her massage,
The offer is expensive, 1 hour massage charge RM30. 

Along the Legian beach, you can find a lot RM25 price with same offer

Time for me to photoshoot with the Legian beach

After Legian beach, we back to our J4 hotel which been checked out to wash ourselves and took our luggage to check in at next hotel.

We paid around RM30 for the taxi from Legian street to Jimbaran hotel we booked.
It took around 45 minutes to reach Jimbaran from Legian street,
The resort we stayed is Abi Bali Resort and Spa,
Jimbaran is a peace and quiet place where most traveler stayed here for honeymoon as the accommodation at here are mostly Villa which we can stay whole day inside villa for fun.

I had booked Junior Suite room this time for the last day in Bali, 
The price cost RM210 per night but when the tax included, it cost RM290,
Big difference right ?
The size of the room is 88 s.q.m, it is consider big as normal deluxe room only 44 s.q.m which the price is cheaper than Junior suite around RM30, so I picked Junior suite room.

This is how my room looks like,
I just can say the bathroom which is outdoor one amazed me.
The bed is super big too and the dressing room which is belong to outdoor too.

The refrigerator 

The television 

The dressing room

This is how the bathrobe looks like in this room. The bathrobe also in Bali style right ? 

At 3.30pm, we told the hotel receptionist to book a cab for us as we were heading to Ayana Rock Bar which its driving distance from Abi Bali resort to Ayana Rock Bar is 5 minutes only.
I found out this bar by blogger recommended and what I surprise was,
Ayana is actually a hotel which is in 5 stars rate and this building is big !
The rate of staying in Ayana is RM1300 per night ! It has few layer by layer swimming pools and few restaurants inside which are chinese and western and the rock bar is their famous bar to view the sunset.

We reached on sharp 4pm just the time they opened , I followed the instruction of the blogger recommend as it is hard to get a nice seat though. But I came here in low season, therefore, the tourists numbers is not like what I thought and we have found a nice place. But 4pm is really a hard time to wait for the sunset as the sun is too hot which shine on us like BARBEQUE PEOPLE.

Luckily AYANA ROCK BAR did provide umbrella for us.

The scary sun which was melting us.

The view is nice as it is built on the cliff and during peak season, 
the sea water will splashed up ! But the time I came is low season as the wave is not as big as last month
So, the water did not splash up =(

Honestly, Ayana Rock bar is super big !
Every part of sunset view is different by the seat u chose.

Each person have to order drink and the price is quite expensive.
We did ordered snack as below as I saw many blogger ordered this too which served with 3 type of sauce to dip. 

They provide free snack for us too at each table.

4pm is a hot day to sustain especially we are facing the hot sun.

Thats why, umbrella is an important criteria for saving our skin color.

Around 5pm, we can start taking picture as the sun is no longer fierce like just now.
It is going to set about one more hour.

Let us enjoy our photo shoot session 

The sun set finally , 
So beautiful and romantic

The sun set is so nice

That's the end  of the day

We took a cab again from Ayana Hotel and we went to Fat Chow restaurant to have our light dinner.
The price is not cheap at all but the environment of the restaurant worth for the price.
We ordered FRIED RICE cook with vege which was the only choice for us in the menu

That's all for our 3rd day in Bali ,
Spend our whole night inside the Big room hotel to rest.

Stay tuned for the last day in Bali !

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