Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Vegetarian French Dinner at Maison Française

I have never been to a French restaurant to dine in before at KL area
Thank god, my friend brought me to a French restaurant that he wish to try with.
That's the day I know about French food, Maison Française

I never know Maison Française is a proper dining restaurant until I reached there
but thank god I wore a proper attire that day.

For vegetarian like me,
you dont need to waste time to check what we can eat inside the menu.
We just only can eat the bread and dessert at here,
Nah, just kidding !
Let me show you how I have my French Vegetarian Dinner at Maison Française

Just tell the manager that you are vegetarian
and they will make a proper vegetarian french meal for you.
But of course, the manager will explain to you what the chef going to prepare for you before the chef started to cook for you.

Let me show you what they prepared for me that night
The food is awesome and is quite different with Italian food honestly
Although it looks the same, but the taste is dissimilar. 

I can't mention the name of the food as all the food is made by the chef which is not inside the menu.
I just can roughly explain what is the food taste like and I am squeezing my brain juice to refresh back on that day. 

They did serve bread  and butter for you as same as others Italian restaurant did to keep you content before the main course being served.
Their bread is super nice ! I still remember that I told myself that I must try their high tea one day just because their bread tastes shooooo niceeeeeeee.

My friend ordered a bowl of soup for each of us and mine is specially made which is non meat included.

The soup is cream-like taste and is considered light. I forgot what is the soup made from but it is definitely not a common mushroom soup that you always saw on the menu in major Italian restaurants.

Next will be an appetizer before the main being served.
I love this course as the food is cook with creamy sauce and the noodles size is similar to linguine You will never feel satisfied after you finish eating this. 

My main course : Creamy Penne with vegetables

Did you realize that the food that they served for me is all related to creamy type ?
I did ask for carbonara type of pasta and I guessed they are quite attentive when I was asking for the custom made food. 

Dessert is the only one that cherish our day.
Never miss their dessert here since they serve great in doing pastry

Le Souffle au votre choix/Vanilla soufflé

Valrhona dark chocolate and pistachio lava cake, vanilla ice cream

The dessert is great ! Lava cake is normal and common in others restaurant too.
But I still can't resist the ultimate taste of warm chocolate lava cake mixing with the icy cold ice cream giving me the hot and cold hit in my mouth.

You should try a french dining someday at here too
Maybe you will like it. I bet. 

Maison Francaise
Address: 5 Jalan Changkat Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2144 1474
Hours: Monday to Sunday DAILY: 11.00am – 11.30pm 

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