Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Vegetarian Japanese Dinner at The Tokyo Restaurant

I bet you have heard about this restaurant
their famous cheese cake is the best seller that everyone willing to queue for it
This was my second time visit back this restaurant again
but I wish to try their main course for my dinner before the cheese cake is serve.

I m kinda miss my face of last year XD
I look ugly now as I am fat and plump nowadays.
A must take picture wherever I was. 

Honestly, it is quite hard to have vegetarian at here
their menu is not available for vegetarian at all.
What I can do was have a request on excluding the meat for the pasta course.

Mentaiko Pasta (RM25)  without any meat. XD
The pasta is tasteless, I mean it do have the taste of salt only. LOL
Not recommend Vegetarian to order this at all.

Potesalad (RM14)  is much better 
You don't need to request any changes on this dish
They serve the potato chips as side dish and potato salad with poached egg on top of it. 
A big recommend for vegetarian to order this rather than the custom made pasta. lol

Japanese Fluffy Omelette 
This fluffy omelette should be serve as additional topping together with TTR Beef Curry
But I have request the waiter to change to a main course
That's why I not sure what is the price of this dish. 
But anyhow, you should try it if you never try Japan Fluffy Omelette before.

The main character always fall to their signature dish
6th Avenue Cheese Cake (RM18)
No doubt that their cheese cake melts every girl's heart and taste bud seriously.
It is fluffy and the cold whipped cream is the best match with it.

Classic Tiramisu (RM18)
Honestly, I am not a coffee lover and I don't even drink coffee at all.
Their tiramisu is too bitter with the coffee powder that I cant even finish it.
Every piece I put in my mouth, I will show a squeezing expression on my face which showing that I cant accept the heavy coffee taste on it.
If you are a coffee lover, you might love it. =)

The Tokyo Restaurant
The Table, Level 4
ISETAN The Japan Store KL
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

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