Thursday, July 26, 2018

Melbourne 6d5n Road Trip : Get in touch with the Nature of Melbourne

The second day in Melbourne, checking out from the lovely host of stay
We continue headed to our next destination - The Puffing Billy
It took 1 hours and 30 mins drive from Philip Island to reach here.

We have bought the train ticket via online and it cost around RM183 per person
The things that made Puffing Billy become a famous tourist spot is just because the tourists are allowed to put their legs out of the train and hanging the legs freely outside of the train.

But somehow, there is an accident happened a month before we go.
A car crashed into the Puffing Billy train and caused a tourist lost his legs due to the crash.
That day onward, the government of the local has banned this culture of putting the legs out.

If we knew this matter before we go, we won't take Puffing Billy as part of our itinerary 
Banning the legs out has totally cause Puffing Billy lost a lot of tourists to come 
But I understood of what the govern concern, therefore, we just can accept this rule and moving on as we planned. The wasted part was, we were unable to enjoy putting the leg out during the journey.

The speed of the train is super slow, it took quite some time to reach a destination
You must plan well on the time if you are heading to next destination or else it might hard for you to rush back as their train speed is slow. 
If I would, I will spare the time out and explore the station of the train stopped.
There are several restaurants and bites for tourists to buy and shop when you reached. 

There is a part of the journey which is quite interesting
The wooden bridge
Can you imagine that the train is surrounded by the trees and matching the woods color with the wooden bridge,
soooo pretty.  

The price of the train ticket is too expensive for me and I can't put my leg out
It is not value for the money at all,
the whole journey I just sit inside the train and looking at the scenery and those houses.
Seems like the price of ticket is not match with the worth. 

We came back to the initial station where we departed since morning.
We had our lunch at station nearby and found a cozy cafe to take our lunch. 
My eggs benedict is delicious. 

After having our lunch, we drove 40 minutes further to Yara Valley
Yara Valley is a place that famous in vine plantation
A place that you will find many vineyards here and you don't even know which wine yard to enter.
I think vineyards is a must visit places if you visit Melbourne as the scenery is awesome.

The plantation of grape-bearing vines covered the entire of the hills 
You can imagine the wine production is huge at here.

There are many vineyard in Yara Valley as I said.
We chose Domaine Chandon wineries among the others as it considered famous in Yara Valley.

Red wine or White wine?

I picked the white wine, 
The wine cost penny, you have to pay for a glass of wine,
They provide wine testing for public too which charge AUD 45 per person
I dont think I am a good wine drinker, so a glass of wine is enough for me. 

By the way, it feels great when you are drinking the wine with the grape vine plantation as your view.

The wineries closes at 5pm, make sure you reach earlier or else you have to drink with rush as they busy preparing to close. 

We have late check in on this day after we had our wine sipping at Domaine Chandon, 
But thank god that we found the home stay before the sky turn dark.
It is quite hard to find the location of the home stay as there is no signboard provided and any remarkable logo to remember.
But somehow, 
This is the best home stay among the all in my Melbourne Trip.

For more info about this homestay, check my itinerary at here.
The home stay is located within Yara Valley,
If you plan to visit vineyard at Yara Valley, you can consider about this property.
It is not matter about new or modern, this home stay is cozy cottage house,
the main reason I satisfied was the facilities, the toiletries and the full kitchen equipment

Of course, the house is super clean too. 
I enjoy cooking very much at overseas, especially winter time or cool weather.
This house, the host provide everything in the kitchen that I felt impressed. 
That's why, a chef always praise the kitchen with full equipment instead of nice design. 

We went to the nearest town to buy ingredients for dinner
It is not far from our stay, around 10 minutes drive either.
The dinner for second day. 

The next day morning, we checked out early in the morning and headed to our next destination
Mt Buller

We stopped by at a town along the journey and captured this picture. 

We drove 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Mt Buller,
It is not the right time to come up here as no snow at all,
we saw some misleading info from the website and end up we wasted a day at here
but anyhow, the scenery is awesome still.

It was like a dead city, no one at here except the people who operates business 
or manage the place stay here. 
The weather is cool but not as cool as Philip Islands. 

We had our lunch at this peaceful place and seriously, my mind never felt so peaceful until I reached here. The main reason is there is not much population at here and it is super quiet.
But thank god that the cafe still open else we were going to starve for the whole afternoon. 

We drove another 3 hours and 30 minutes drive back to Melbourne City in the evening. 
The lesson learned about Mt Buller was, never come here during other season except for winter season. 

Stay tuned for the next post in Melbourne City.

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