Friday, August 10, 2018

Melbourne 6d5n Road Trip : Exploring the Melbourne City

The day after visiting the wrong season timing of  Mount Buller,
we drove back to Melbourne City directly from Mount Buller
I am feeling gratitude to my friend who drove for so many hours for return trip
and never complaint a word at all
It is quite touching but feeling guilty as I just sleep inside the car during the whole journey. lol

The sunset in Melbourne is so pretty.

We checked in to YHA Hostel on the day we came down from Mount Buller
It is quite a last minute put off plane for Mount Buller
But thank god that I have been very familiar to YHA during New Zealand trip,
thats why I never worried about the staying YHA in Melbourne
The rate per night is AUD 80 per room and Melbourne YHA is quite happening and crowded compared to YHA in Auckland City. 

For Parking,
There is no parking provided for YHA guest, so what we did was, 
we parked those parking where is belong to public parking which allowed for parking overnight for free but you have to take your car before 7am on the next day or else you will get fine. 

We are quite lucky that we still have eggs, rice and mushroom powder along with us which we bought since the day before at Healesville Town. 
We cooked with everything we have for our simple and light dinner. 
Dont worry about the seasoning parts, YHA Kitchen provides seasoning in the kitchen. 

Having a walk in the city after having our dinner, 
I was quite regret on did not show up at the Victoria Market which open on every Wednesday night.
Remember to visit the market when it is Wednesday in Melbourne City. 

The Tram
I heard it is free and I should have a try to be the tram passenger on the next visit.

Night City View in Melbourne

Since we have to take our car before the time strike to 7am, 
we have a quick breakfast at 7-Eleven which is next to YHA a few steps away,

Eating breakfast in 7-eleven of Melbourne city.

Morning View of Melbourne City

The first place we going to explore in Melbourne City:
Brighton Bathing Boxes, the 82 rainbow-coloured bathing boxes, provided a colorful backdrop, has become a tourist spot attraction for photo-taking. 

 It is just 20 minutes of driving distance to Bathing Boxes from the main city.

Spotted these little creatures' discipline ,
flying in a line following their leader to the destination. LOL

Okay, I can't admit that the picture below is IMBA,
Look at the sunshine behind me,
there is no photoshop touch up in every picture I post
The shine in the picture is by god made nature, beautify the whole picture.

This dog is TALL.
The local love to bring their lovely dogs to come here for beach walk.
You can see different types of dogs playing different types of games, 
running here and there with their host at the beach.
What a lovely scenery at Brighton Beach. awww.

Back to the city after taking hundreds of pictures at Brighton Beach with the colourful bathing boxes.
First, let me take a picture before I cross the road to Hoiser Lane

Hoiser Lane, a lane or pedestrian that those aerosol-wielding artists from around the world have left their creatives at here. 

There is a hidden shop along the lane, it sells SWAG theme items from head to toes. 
The shop is quite big and you definitely will love it if you love swag.

The back lane of the Hoiser Lane,
there were few people lounging around at the back lane
I wonder, are they the one of them who mark the wall.
But anyhow, I did enjoy the day in this artistic lane.

My Carbo Lunch in Melbourne
I can't imagine how the local can eat pasta every single day
I felt bored with Carbonara already on the 4th day in Melbourne > <

St Patrick Cathedral, a historic and beautiful building which situated in the center of Melbourne city, opposite to Federation Square, one of the landmark in the city.

You should visit it and you will definitely feeling amazed with the building structure and design. 
I never see such building like this in Asia before, even in New Zealand. 
That's create Melbourne city.

St Paul Cathedral, a home church for the Anglican and located on Melbourne's busiest intersection.

State Library of Victoria, the oldest public library in Australia and is a magnificent building with the amazing heritage interior design.

The reason I upload this picture is because of the pigeons. LOL
Honestly, lots of pigeons and their faeces outside the library.
I am quite impress with those students who studying outside the library,
they don't bothered about the risk of pigeons faeces at all BUT I DO MIND, seriously.

The beautiful heritage interior design of the library.

QV Mall,  a mall just right next to the public library, you just need to cross a small road between the buildings and you will reach the mall within few steps.

I have visited a sneakers shop in the mall which I called it as SNEAKERS HEAVEN
I guessed sneaker lovers will scream when they saw this.

Surprisingly, spotted Paparich in Melbourne!
Too bad that I have had my lunch or else I will get a try on the food in Paparich
since I missed Malaysia food so much

Flinder Street Railway, is a railway station on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets in Melbourne. A heritage railway station along the busy road in Melbourne

It is quite hard to take picture with the tram and the building in one shot, as the traffic is super busy and the people was crossing the road here and there.
But thank god that my friend captured it successfully ! :D

I met a friend in Melbourne, he brought me to dinner at Chinatown.
Till now, I still miss the soup and noodles of the bowl. It taste soooo yummy.
I have queued for 20 minutes with him to get the seat but the queue is worth.

My mushroom and noodles Ma La Spice soup is delicious !

Dragon Hotpot, 一麻一辣 

I am going to post the last feed of Melbourne Trip on coming two weeks
Stay Tuned !

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