Friday, August 24, 2018

Melbourne 6d5n Road Trip : The Great Ocean Road

A day before we leave Melbourne, we visited
The Great Ocean Road, the world most scenic coastal drives.

Our city view stay with 2 bedrooms, situated at Docklands.
We stay for 2 nights at here, the city view is amazingly beautiful.
For more information about this stay, check my Melbourne Itinerary

We have bought bread and eggs groceries at supermarket which is 7 minutes walking distance from our stay. The homestay is quite convenient as there are few restaurants and pharmacy below the building.

I have made egg-soak-into-the-bread-with-sugar as our breakfast before we departed to Great Ocean.
I never made this before in my life, I learned it from my mom but I never try to make this.
My mom always made this egg-bread (whatever the name is) for me as my breakfast since I was young, I tried it finally in Melbourne.

Thank god that I didn't fail it, the dish can be finish at last. LOL

Back to the topic, we took 3 hours drive to reach the Great Ocean Road
 But you can't miss this place if you visit Melbourne
It is a must visit place in Melbourne. The cool breeze in the air of the Great Ocean Road had waken me up after being slept for 3 hours inside the car.

The first attraction we stopped by was:

Lord Arch Gorge
A favorite stop-off point along the Great Ocean Road, the sheer size of the cliffs and the narrow opening out to the sea amazed everyone.

Walk down a few flights of staircases down to the beach, you will realized that the view of the openings between the cliffs look slightly different in different angles. Interesting.

Continued our journey to the next destination along the Great Ocean Road

The Twelve Apostles 
a combination of 12 apostles - limestone pillars stacks off the shore has made the site a famous spot attraction for tourists. There are 8 pillars left instead of 12 even though it is called as 12 apostles. I think I should visit Melbourne earlier before that as the ninth apostles collapsed since year 2005. 

It left 8 pillars now, don't miss it before the apostles getting lesser year by year. I think I am still the lucky one that still able to see the remaining 8 apostles, sound sad but grateful with what I saw. It took an hour to walk along the walkway to see the pillars in different angles. Of course, we have used majority of time taking the pictures and take turn waiting for the perfect spot of picture taking. The pictures outcome are the proof, no tanned no gain, we stood under the sun for hours to take the best shot of pictures and yes I got tanned because of this gain, yet it is worth thou.

Walk along the walkway to the end of it and you will see the another side of the amazing view.
There are another 2 pillars on the left side of us. Honestly, this is the most extraordinary nature god-made creation that I ever seen. The most memorable day in my Melbourne trip too.

As the day was late after we have finished the walkway of The 12 Apostles, we decided to head back to Melbourne after taking our lunch.
Yes. Carbonara again, besides Carbonara, it is quite hard to find a dish that is suitable for vegetarian. (The restaurant serves variety type of meat burger and steaks)

3 hours of drive return back to Melbourne, we stopped by at a mall which is near to our stay, bought everything that we want before we departed on the next day. In fact, Korea quality of FILA brand is totally different with Australia quality, yet, the shirts are authentic too. Some people may doubt on the authenticity and the quality, especially when they saw the tag of the shirts which written made in china, in fact,  the Fila brand in Australia is authentic. Korea FILA will be super pricey compared to Australia one, but both are authentic, which was clarified by the Australia local.

The last meal and last cook in Melbourne,
I think I have tried my best to cook everything we have bought instead of wasting the ingredients. 

The breakfast on the day we checked out and headed to airport.
Australia strawberry is cheap thou.

Okay, I think I am done with my Melbourne Post and if you ask me that Melbourne or New Zealand again, I will still pick New Zealand as my favorite spot to travel since I am a scenery lover rather than a city lover. Stay tuned on my blog for upcoming Bitch post, oops, should be Beach post. 

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