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Seoul Trip Day 1 : Haneul Park/ N Seoul Tower/ Myeongdong Shopping Street

This was my first time visit Seoul. I am quite exciting for this trip as I heard there are many things can buy and shop for girls. 
I visited on 21st November 2018.

I bought the ticket on March 2018 , when Mas Airline was having 30% promotion.
I bought RM1300 for return flight, including meal and baggage.
The reason I chose Mas was because it was a 7 hours flight.
We need meal and entertainment,
but I was unlucky as the screen TV of my seat cannot be function. :(
So, I sleep for the whole flight journey. 

Our flight was midnight flight, so we reached Seoul at another day of 6am.

What to do once you reach Seoul Incheon Airport?
Once we reached the airport, we bought T-money card at any mart there which similar to 7-11 in Malaysia. T money card is like touch and go that you need it to take bus and train. 

How to go to the Seoul city from Incheon Airport?
We took Arex train (4500 KW) which stop by every station ( since we still can't check in the homestay in the early morning , we took a cheaper cost train ) from airport to the city,

That day was weekday and we stood for 1 hour inside the train 
which from airport to our Airbnb homestay subway station, as the working people squeeze like a sandwich inside the subway. 

Where we stay in Seoul?
Our homestay is near to Mapo-gu Station, the price is super affordable, around RM1200 for the 5 nights. For homestay info, I will put along with Seoul Itinerary for coming post.
This homestay I am quite impressed with, as the host provide everything that you never think of. 
Like, sanitary pads, make up remover, lotion, and a lots more !

The host provide a lot of skin care and body care items on the three layer rack.

The kitchen is full of equipment too, 
electric stove, oven, fridge, frying pan, pot...etc
I really would rate this homestay as my best stay ever so far, she provide everything that we couldn't imagine with. far more than our expectation.

The bathroom is spacious, don't underestimate the shower. 
The water is hot enough and the water pressure is big too.
The only thing that trouble you was, you have to hold the shower robe to rinse off when you are taking bath,
or unless your height is shorter than the shower robe position. LOL

We slept for 2 hours before we started our Seoul explore.
( Cant really sleep enough during the 7 hours flight)

The first place that we gonna explore is Haneul Park

How to go to Haneul Park?
Take to World Cup Stadium Station (Seoul Subway Line 6.) Take Exit 1. 
From Exit 1, walk towards the parking lot area for 10 minutes. Then, take a shuttle van from the parking lot area (3000 KW) to reach Haneul Park.

We are lucky enough that we still able to see the maple leaves outside the World Cup Stadium Station
I think I am going to plan a trip to Seoul again for autumn season.
The scenery was extremely beautiful and memorable.

We have asked the local on which direction to reach the parking area for Haneul Park,
The local was friendly enough to guide you if they understand English.

This is the shuttle that I mention just now to go up to the Haneul Park.
We need to buy the ticket at the ticket counter and queue up to wait for the shuttle to come.

No doubt, Haneul Park is a must come place if you like natural scenery and photogenic !
But of course, since Haneul Park is located on top of a small hill, 
the temperature is lower and cooler.
We both were suffering by the strong and freezing wind tapping on our face. 

So, end up I have to wear a mask to avoid my face from freezing and numb.

The view of Haneul Park

The natural.

After Haneul Park, we plan to head to our next exploration- Namsan Seoul Tower,
Before we continued, we had our lundin (lunch-dinner) at 4pm,
nearby Chungmuro Station. 

Our first meal in Seoul !

How to go to Namsan Seoul Tower?
Take to Chungmuro Station, Exit 2. From the Exit, ride the Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus No. 2 and drop off at N Seoul Tower. From the drop off point, walk towards the tower.

We spent RM20 of entrance ticket which bought from Klook website to visit the Observatory Desk
Honestly, I think you can save the RM20 if you are not really into city view. 
We can see the city view outside the tower also, just the only matter is not as high as observatory desk.

Since we are near to Myeongdong shopping street,
we decided to walk for a while before we back to our stay.

How to go to Myeongdong Shopping Street?
Myeongdong Station, Exit 5, 6, 7, or 8; stop at Euljiro 1 (ij-ga) Station, Exit 5 or 6

Myeongdong is a shopping heaven to girls, 
the shops repeated the same brand in the same row,
I guess their competence is high at here.
Along the street, there are many food stalls which selling food just like night market.
You can't find these food in Malaysia. Worth to come.

Since we were too full to have our dinner,
we bought egg-bread at Myeongdong and make it as our light dinner.

Stay tuned for the next day in Seoul.

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