Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Vegetarian: Babe Japas Fun Dining

Its been quite a long time that I never update my food post already.
Forgive me for being busy with my own career for the past few months.
Babe Japas Fun Dining is a fusion of Japan and Western which you will never forget this restaurant after the night, despite the food, their view, their creativity on serving the food, 
is unforgettable thou. 

From the picture I took, can you see the behind 2 white color stacks ?
It is a towel ! No doubt, they poured the hot water on that 2 white stuffs and the white stuffs expand to become a towel. The first impression, I already gave them a good start of expectation. 

The two tubes above the image were soup. 
YES, they put the soup into the tube
and they want us to guess the soup was made from what. 
I guessed correctly but no present for reward, just kidding.

Next, they served the starter.
Jelly kind of Mochi matching with seaweed and the sushi with aloe vera on top of it,
I am vegetarian and they serve vegetarian like what I have been served to. 
So, the sushi with aloe vera is a new thing to me. WOW.
It taste delicious !

 The next course is similar to Chawanmushi,
But it taste so yummy and special that I cant describe by words. 
The texture is so smooth and softy.

The texture of this is almost similar to aloe vera
but I remember it is not aloe vera, 
I forgot what ingredient made this...

The bowl had impressed me,
it is made of ice, the ice bowl.
and yes, the dish is cold one. 

The night view from here is extremely awesome
and it is not hot at all as they provide air conditioner even it was outdoor dinning.
You will love it if you like to enjoy your dinner with perfect night view. Trust me.

I love the salty white sauce from this dish, 
the sauce is somehow like cheese which taste salty
but perfect match to the ingredients

This is my super favourite dish !
Truffle pasta
It taste so delicious that I am still craving for this.

The dessert is quite simple yet light in taste, 
which will not let me feel greasy after having so many courses.
A dessert is the perfect ending out of all the courses,
a good dessert will make you remember the dishes of everything you have eaten.

Stay Tuned for more of my vegetarian fine dining post soon
or Travel post maybe?

I gotta be more active. gosh. 


  1. a poor guy must have paid a fortune for your free dinner where u can blog about it after. brilliant

  2. why do you think is a poor guy ? because you are poor as well? i think so.


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