Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BFF Advanced Birthday Dating

I have many June baby friends around me ,
which include my BF and BFF ,
My BFF birthday is coming soon so I will never give up on dating her,
I date her on last Friday which both of us were free that day 

You know , although we were bestie ,
but we were hardly come out and chit chat with each other, 
normally anything sad or happy ,
I will direct call or sms her through phones 
our time schedule is hardly to match with ,
She is Ktarian and I am Utarian,
our timetable and sembreak time is upside down. 

So , I appreciated the day I out with her <3 p="">

We went to Pavilion and had our lunch that day.
Sushi Tei 

 I told her to order anything that she like as long as she want to eat , 
and don't care about the price ,
but you know , 
we are girls !
We even can't finish our main dish  ! LOL

I think we had too much thing to talk 
I talked with her inside the car non-stop 
and back to my house also non-stop 

We took few photos that day due to no camera man 
and I was rush to home too ,
sorry about that my dear.

I will never ever forget you this bestie .
Happy 21st Birthday sweetie , 
May god and angels blessed you this sweet-hearted friend

 Random Outfit today :

Denim Jeans Top with Black Short today =)


  1. hello can i have ur fb contact im interested in the double eyelid surgery ^^

  2. I contacted you using PM but because no mutual friend it goes to (Other) messages de inbox..can u pls check..thx ya


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