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2014 Phuket Trip Oct Day 2

Sorry for long delay again for my phuket post hehe

The second day in Phuket - Tour Day 
Still remember the day I post that we had bought travel tour package
at the day we arrive Phuket?
That's the day we will go to there.

Ready to go with my bikini.

But first, lets finish my breakfast at my five star rate hotel as they provide satisfying buffet.
Check out the environment of the restaurant
Facing the pool and have a nice sun shine facing to us.

I think we are the earliest customer for them today
as we woke quite early just because we have to go to tour on time.
That's why the restaurant don't have any customer yet.

Love the sun shine !!

Super long pool which consider as this hotel significance facilities for them.

I am hungry I am hungry
and I am craving for BREAKFAST , WRAOOOoooo,
Looking fierce huh

My breakfast today that chose by him 
I m too lazy to walk around as vegetarian nothing much to choose for. LOL

After having a great yummy satisfying breakfast, 
the tour guide came just on time and looking for us.

During the journey to the jetty, I think we had sit for 2 hours to reach the jetty. =.=
We felt like wasting our time that we missed our morning sunshine at the beach
But we can't do anything as the jetty is that far/ Sigh.
Unlike Krabi, just a few metre away from our hotel to reach the jetty. 

The first island we reach , I forgot the name
But nothing special on this beach
The sea is not blue at all, but yellow color
which I consider as super normal scenario in Malaysia. LOL

So we just spent our time at this beach by snapping photo.

The seat we are sitting comfortably in the picture charging us 100THB
Wtf, we just sit for 15 minutes then we have to go for another island
but they charged us with that price. Good business brain though.

Taking nap at the beach is such a wonderful thing in my life.
Calm and Relax by listening to the sea-beating sound.
Cheer !

The wave of the sea at this island is not strong at all.
I did took a lot of pictures at here
Let's go through my picture before we talk about next island I am heading to.

After the first island, we went to Phang Nga Bay for the next one.
My messy hair look when the wind keep beating on my face just because
the boat is quite fast heading to our destination.

Phang Nga Bay is a famous scenary to visit if we came to Phuket.
Every tour guide will definitely introduce you about this as it is really pretty awesome.

Both of us were quite disappointed on the package we bought.
I think we had bought the wrong one 
or I should say like this
We had bought the one that not we want for.

We planned to buy the tour package which provide self canoeing 
but seems like we had misunderstood the tour package seller meaning
which he provide us the package that those tour guide canoeing for us. LOL
But there's benefit too,
we can snap a lot of pictures again.,.hehe

Look at the below picture,
behind of me is how my big boat look like.
We eat lunch and tea time , toilet. all inside the boat.
Nice experience thou ..haha

Took picture at Phang Nga Bay
The shape of the rock mountain here is super extraordinary
which you would say "WOW" when you saw it.

Next is Bat Cave , that the monkeys stay outside of the cave.
Look at the monkey, he is good in swimming 
and he is coming to the people who taking bananas. Clever boy.

Taking picture with him while he is eating banana which given by the tour guide behind me.

Oops, he is going to finish his banana, Time to leave this canoe, he was thinking that. I bet.

Naughty tour guide that show his rabbit fingers behind me. 

We are standing on a slippery rock
which I was so scare anytime I might fall down when the sea wave beating on my legs.

Last island - James Bond Island
Nothing nice to see at here
Can you see the mountain behind me ?
the special one ?
we called it James Bond Island =.= I felt speechless by the way.

Overall , there are too much commercial stall selling souvenirs on this island
end up, I felt like the nature mood and feeling were spoiled
by the seller who keep shouting to attract customer. sigh

Lets enjoy our crazy pictures 

Look at the mountain behind him !!
Can you see the super straight line cut of it ?
That must be cause by Ultraman when he fighting with the monster !

Haha , just kidding 
I think lightning strike on the top of it and cut it which fell to the ground at last
The straight line of this mountain had attract many tourists curious on it too including me !
What a natural phenomenon. !

After the last island, while they fetching us back to the jetty
They entertained us by dancing and singing on the boat.
Everyone did look enjoyable !
Oh ya, I think there are around 80% of the tourists on the boat are Mat Salleh.
Only 20% are Chinese and India people. 
So, I think I had experience a quite western style on this whole tour that day. 

When we back to Kata Town already was 8pm something
which we were so so so hungry.
Therefore, we had our dinner at Kata Town 
instead of going to Patong Town as Kata Town have a lot of nice restaurant too.

Thats all for the Day 2 Tour Trip.
Nice experience and exploring view to me as we close to nature god.


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