Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dessert: Haraju Cube @ Empire Damansara

Recently, I saw quite a number of posts about this little one.
This piece of square thingy looks yummy when I saw several number of pictures
shared by those popular instagrammer 
Therefore, here I am,
to have a try on this little one. 

How to go to Harajucube ?
Well, the location of this cafe is not easy to find
if you were like me which did not survey properly for the location
and start the journey straight away to Empire Damansara. 
You might have to ask the person there or 
you have to find properly for this cafe.

It situated at the 2nd floor at Empire Damansara which located above a mamak stall.
There is no any Haraju cube Big board showing 
Indeed, we found out when we saw the Haraju cube name on the glass on it.
and I just yell: That's is it !!

I have queue for around 15mins to get my turn to have my seat inside here
The staff was super friendly and he cheered everyone who were here.
Besides, the staff will teach you how to cut this bread 
if they knew you are the first time customer for them.

The ordered service is by self walking to the counter to order it,
I have ordered the famous milk and the best seller dessert. 
It cost me 2 items around RM40+ 
I can't say it is expensive as the portion for this is really BIG one.
I suggest 4 person to eat this together 
if not, you gonna waste it as it is too much for 2 person. 

It looks delicious when the dessert reached infront us. 

The portion is too big for 2 person as I said..
unless you emptied your stomach before you come. 

Honestly, I don't really feel any special about this
I m not purposely wanna criticize or what,
but I felt greasy when I ate the 3rd to 4th of the bread inside it. 

You might think that maybe this kind of desert always considered as greasy food
But somehow, I have tried the toast at Bangkok before
and we did not feel greasy at all by eating finish the toast.
So, I think Haraju cube for me is considered as okay only for the bread part. 

 But the Haraju milk is totally awesome in taste !
I saw some people might say that the milk is too sweet indeed
I think you have to drink the milk with the cup containing ice one
to reduce the sweetness of the milk
and that's how the taste of milk is just awesome and special for me !

If you ask me to try for the bread again, 
I would definitely say NO to the bread
as I felt greasy after that 

But for the milk,
is a big YES for me to come again for it. 

It is a nice try to have a dessert like this
U can have a try too if you like new food
Make sure you are patient enough for the queue.

Haraju Cube
103, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7733 5973
Today 11:00am - 12:00am

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