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Singapore Trip: Back to childhood in Universal Studio 2014

This is the super outdated post which was I missed out to post it.
This is the post which was last year of my birthday celebration
I went to Singapore for celebration
A simple yet relax birthday celebration for me.

As you know, Singapore expenditure was quite high due to the currency difference
So we choose homestay for our accomodation
The apartment was found from Airbnb which I recommended my readers always.
The stay we chose was around Ochard road area
A 15mins walking distance will reach the railway station
Besides, the price was RM100+ per night, which was affordable enough.
The homestay is clean and nice,
make sure you read those reviews at Airbnb 
before you choose to book to avoid staying in a dissatisfaction room.

Singapore is a convenient in transportation, 
you just have to take MRT to reach every single place will do. 

The first night we explore the nightlife place- Clarke Quay
A place which full of bars and western restaurants
If you want to have a happening night life in club or pub, 
you might consider about Clarke Quay.

To reach Clarke Quay,
you just need to take MRT to Clarke Quay station will do.

We had our dinner at The Central shopping mall.
We can't find any vegetarian restaurant at here
so we had our meal inside food court 
and told the chef to exclude meat and onions garlic. 

Our dinner were..

Tomyam soup
Green curry vegetables 

Believe or not, 
we did not drink any alcohol in Clarke Quay that night
because of both of us were too sleepy as the long journey to Singapore.

The next day was the day we play full at Universal Studio 
Before we headed to there
we had our breakfast at Toast Box
Although Malaysia did have Toast box
But I still think that Singapore quality was much better, 

Even the environment also nicer than in Malaysia one. 

We took MRT to Universal Studio.
There was 2 route to reach there, make sure you take the short one,
Or else you have to sit for 1 hour instead of 15 minutes to reach.

How to go to Universal Studio by MRT??

Take North-East line or Circle line to HarbourFront station and take Exit E to VivoCity and proceed to level 3 to board the Sentosa Express.

So, the first thing to do inside Universal studio was taking pictures !

He told me Transformer game was the most awesome one inside Universal Studio
and I would say Yes before I ride the Mummy's one
The Mummy's one was the super thrill and scary ride ever in my life !
Maybe I look down on it and thought was some super slow riding game
end up out of my surprise , it did amazed me !

Recommended to play this if you like extreme ride !
You can't see how the ride look like at all even you go inside, 
You can't see it, you have to ride and only find out..

Beside Mummy's and Transformer,
If you want to have a windy and water sport ride,
Try Jurassic Park water ride ,
It was quite happy especially when you found out your shoes got wet
or your body got wet ! ha !

You know, I have queue for 1 hour to get on this ride,
such a long queue for me !

Next was THE SHREK dreamland world
I think the 6D movie moving chairs was quite fun 
especially the water spray on you in REAL. 

Nice weather though in this day !

The design was extremely beautiful 
which I thought I was like in the another world. 

Hello Boots ! 
Do you remember Boots in SHREK cartoon movie ?

You know, taking picture with Boots also need to queue up also
Such a crowded day for that day !

Madagascar game was quite mild 
I think it suitable for kids more.. LOL
so we take more pictures at here rather than playintg the games. 

Oh ya thats why there's not need queue at this area. LOL

Actually some ride was too much of people that we can't wait at all
as the closing time at here was 7pm
Not much time for us to play with since we came late also.
But we did played a lot of  games since 
some part of the games open till 7pm sharp.
Some closed at 6pm, you better check the time they closed before you play
so you won't missed out. 

 Took a lot of pictures at here,
Let's enjoy my pictures.

Lastly before we back, 
A must to take picture with this..
as this is the significant proof of showing you were here .haha

Having dinner at China Town street
There was a vegetarian restaurant in China Town here
You just need to ask the local here
they will you how to reach here

The restaurant was full of people
price was considered moderate and the taste was super delicious !
Love the taste here, thats explain why the restaurant was full of people.

 The third day before we back to Malaysia,
Had our lunch at REAL FOOD restaurant
A vegan restaurant which more to organic one.
I had ordered the TOMYAM noodles 
The taste was awesome which the spicy and sour taste is quite heavy.
But the taste was exactly what I preferred. 

I was happy girl !

Happy birthday to me also in past. LOL

That's all how I celebrated my birthday
no surprise, no romance, no big deal

Just a simple and relax trip.
Thanks for reading.

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