Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Vegetarians: Troika Sky Dining @ Strato Italian Tower B

 Had my dinner at Troika Strato Italian Tower B last few weeks ago
and I decided to post out as there are friends who asked me about it

Troika Sky Dining is a new try for me to have dinner at here
We had choose to eat at upstairs as the upstairs only provide vegetarian menu for us.
 The only challenging part for me is the spiral staircase 
which I have to use this staircase only can reach the up here

Thank god I m not wearing super high heels 
or else I might walk like a baby-started-to-learn-to-walk style

The food there cost RM40-60 per dish
It is affordable enough for everyone to try if you expect to have a dinner
with the budget of below RM200
and having a nice and romance restaurant, 
You can try this sky dining which every girl loves with fresh new restaurant.

I just walked in to here that day
so end up all the fantastic seat which can enjoy the skyview had already been reserved
So, what I suggest you is RESERVE A TABLE with SKY VIEW
before you enter here, or else you will be the second me. hahaha

 Lets try the appetizer !
Vegetarian Appetizer - Eggplant with the mushroom 

If you are eggplant lover or vegetarian ,
You must have a try on this !
The way they cook for the eggplant is looks like meat at the first sight
I was shocked when they served this 
especially when you saw the eggplant looks exactly like a meat !
But when you try, you will know that's how delicious with it !

After appetizer, waiting for my main course to serve !

Italian food for the Vegetarians 

Garganelli with tomatoes, basil, rocket, roast onions & toasted pine nuts

 Pappardelle with cheese and stewed mushrooms 

Besides this 2 choices, you can get more vegetarian choice from the waiter
she will tell you the menu of vegetarian dish. 

Try this on normal days instead of Valentine day 
as you know, 
crowded restaurant screwed the romance of environment.

Hope you know the information more from my blog.
Thank you and enjoy reading as well. 

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