Friday, May 1, 2015

Vegetarians: The Social @ Publika

I had my dinner at Publika yesterday,
I actually aim for another restaurant to dine in
But somehow we did not expect we have to reserve table before we walk in
as we walked in, the waitress had told us the reservation table was full.
Oh Gosh, lesson learned !
I will reserve a table for next round and blog about the food at there
since it was full, definitely is a good choice to have a try.

So, we tried another restaurant which was full of people too
But this time, we got a seat luckily =)
The environment is more to romantic style with the dim light setting
But somehow the crowded had make the whole situation become happy hour surrounding
The working people ate at here in a group with their working attire along on them.
So, I chose this restaurant is because of the customer amount too. 

The cakes look delicious by the way,
I have pick the brownies for my dessert choice after meal. 

Orange juice and beer. 
My friend ordered beer and I choose orange juice for myself.

Check in the place for dinner before my meal been served. 

My friend had ordered Pad Thai for his dinner
The taste is similiar with thailand one
But the noodles seems like a lil bit harder compare to Thailand Pad Thai

My favorite pasta : Spagetti Carbonara 
with creamy cheese and mushroom 
The menu written with bacon or with beef
You just need to inform the waiter to serve mushroom only
if you are vegetarian like me.  

The Carbonara is delicious and made my day !
I even can finish the whole plate without sated with it
(sometimes we easily satiated with these pasta food)
Definitely recommend the pasta here 9/10 for me. 
The price is cost RM28 for this. 

Next is dessert time !
I chose the brownie as my dessert 
The waiter took the brownie and melted the top of the brownie with some kind of fire
Then served it with a scoop of vanilla flavor ice-cream 
which is kinda match like a couple. 
Rated 5/10

I will come again for my carbonara if I not yet discover the better one 
Thanks for reading !

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