Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Acme Bar & Coffee @ Troika

If you wonder to have a nice atmosphere with city view for your dinner 
You can try Troika 
Today I would like to write a review about the dessert 
so, I will introduce to you about this cafe
Normally, people do called it ABC  

The picture was taken by me
any picture took inside in this cafe is so artistic and like professional. LOL
Look at the picture taken by me
The design concept inside this cafe is belongs to heavy metal style
with old fashion lighting and mirrors to match with it.
I just can say : WOW.

The main dessert for today
Sizzling Brownie with Oreo Ice Cream
How they make the chocolate boiled?
They just need to pour the chocolate into the super hot pan
which created so called sizzling chocolate 
By the way, I am chocolate lover, I in love with it !

Next, we ordered this appetizing dessert which you would never feel greasy on it
even you keep eating until finish it.
Can try for it if you love macaroon type !

Beside dessert, we did ordered snacks also
This is suitable for vegetarian !
Mushroom Truffle Wonton 
The mushroom was smashed in pieces and wrapped in wonton shape
Fried it and match with Thai chili sauce
I like it since this is my first time to try the mushroom taste inside a wonton 

Oh ya, do remember to reserve a table for you come for lunch or dinner
in case it was full reservation if you choose to walk in.
they did provide western food like ribs, steak and pasta

Definitely love it !

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