Monday, May 11, 2015

Mad About Coco @ Publika

 If you came to Publika,
you must know that Publika is famous of food and dessert heaven
Salon du Chocolate is one of the list of it inside dessert cafe
But today, let me introduce about another chocolate cafe
The pinkish surrounding definitely melts every girl customer
Retro style of tables and floor tiles brought the feel of going back to the past.
Of course, Mad about coco symbol man also belong to Retro hairstyle.

Mad about Coco symbolized man - Hair bomb with black spectacles
Chocolate with marshmallow where I found it is cute 
where they use pink bowl to replace the cup for chocolate drink.

Which combination of milk with chocolate cube

The chocolate will melt in the milk later on. 

Once the chocolate cube fully melt in the milk
The chocolate flavor of the drink presented.

Chocolate banana crepe
The chocolate taste is almost same like Dip & Dip Crepe taste
But somehow,
this is special because of the banana mixed with the chocolate 
and the peanut butter within the crepe 

I would like to prefer banana more than peanut butter to match with chocolate 
Since Peanut butter taste quite heavy 
Should match with something taste which is light enough just like banana
so that will emphasizing the taste of chocolate more on this. 

The total price for this 3 orders is RM50+
It is cheaper than the cost to spend in Dip & Dip
But somehow, different title and different menu
although the main title about this 2 cafes are chocolate 
But still, each of them has their own specificity to attract customer.


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