Sunday, May 10, 2015

Vegetarians: Ante Kitchen & Bar @ Publika

Based on last post I mentioned about that I had missed the chance of having dinner
at one of the restaurant in Publika just because of we did not reserve any table at all
So, this time, we have reserved the table 1 week before we entered here,

Ante Kitchen & Bar 
A restaurant which full of western culture environment
where the menu more likely towards the Western trend
as their menu consist of words without any pictures like others restaurant menu did 
It was similar to those classy restaurant like Troika Strata Italiano 
which consist of Starter, Soup, Main, Pasta, Dessert, Snacks..etc

You can order wine at here too
If you wish to have romantic dinner, Ante Kitchen & Bar would be in the list of it.

Ready for my dinner night.

We had ordered Mushroom soup as our appetizer 
The mushroom pieces inside the soup amazed me 
This is the 2nd restaurant I found which the mushroom soup consist of mushroom pieces in it.
Normally, the mushroom soup is belong to white color or else without the mushroom pieces
Therefore, this considered special to me and it taste good which appetite us.
This mushroom soup is suitable for vegetarian.
I would like to rate it 8/10

Next, the starter served
Double Soft Poached Egg
This is the best starter I tried, it made my day
The poached egg which match with the cheese on the bread beneath it is awesome.
Egg Vegans should to try on this.
Rated 10/10

My main course 
Carbonara with creamy cheese and juicy mushroom
Do mention with the waiter to eliminate the bacon will do.
The pasta noodles are specially made by their own
which you never tried such noodles before
The first taste that came into my mind was SPECIAL
Every single bite to the pasta noodles was extremely enjoyable.
Rated 9/10

Many customers chose this too
Curry Cream Carbonara with Char Siew
*Not Vegan choice
The curry cream carbonara match with chinese food Char Siew
I bet you can't imagine how the taste was !
You can only find out when you have a try on this one day. 
Rated 9/10

The price for all the dishes above was RM108
I think the price is worth enough for the environment there and the meal served
Thanks for reading my blog!
Cheers !


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